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Ed Brodow: Green New Deal Is Collective Madness in Bloom

Ed Brodow: Green New Deal Is Collective Madness in Bloom
U.S. Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Democrat of New York, and U.S. Senator Ed Markey (R), Democrat of Massachusetts, speak during a press conference to announce Green New Deal legislation to promote clean energy programs outside the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C., February 7, 2019. (Saul Loeb/AFP/Getty Images)

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Mental illness is a condition that is normally applied to individuals. “She is psychotic.” “He is schizophrenic.” Under the right conditions, it can also apply to groups.

“We know from the sad experience of Nazi Germany or Khmer Rouge Cambodia,” says Winslow Meyers at Commondreams.com, “that it is possible for whole nations to become mentally ill, with horrendous consequences.”

Meyers is referring to what psychologists call “social psychosis” or “collective psychosis.”

We have a new example of collective madness in the “Democratic Socialist” wing of the Democratic Party.

Progressive Democrats have come out of the closet as “Democratic Socialists.” Their goal is a utopian society, a reprise of the Soviet Union with an American accent.  Every attempt at a socialist utopia has failed.

Socialism is a form of big government that rejects the rights of the individual. In every case, it has been accompanied by brutal totalitarianism: Russia under communism, China under Mao, Cuba, and now Venezuela. Ten of millions were murdered under Stalin and Mao. I shudder to think that the U.S. may be heading in the same direction.

The repeated failure of socialism ought to remove it from serious consideration. No such luck. Insanity has been defined as doing the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result.

This describes Bernie Sanders, a grumpy old cuss with a Brooklyn accent who has never held a real job but feels entitled to tell the rest of us that we should embrace socialism.

Fifty years ago, Sanders would have been laughed off the political stage. What has changed? Leftist professors in our colleges and universities have been indoctrinating young people in the notion that socialism is not merely workable but eminently desirable.

As a result, little Bernie Sanders clones are popping up all over the place.

The most charismatic of these Bernie clones is Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. She sings the same chorus as Bernie but without the crusty old white guy image. AOC is an attractive youthful Latina with incredible chutzpah. According to Wikipedia, chutzpah is a Yiddish word meaning “gall, brazen nerve, effrontery, incredible 'guts', presumption plus arrogance." That sums up AOC: arrogant, pathological, with no sense of personal responsibility.

Like her role model Sanders, the fact that AOC has no qualifications does not stop her from telling the rest of us how to behave. A 29-year-old former bartender, she managed to convince New York City voters to send her to Congress despite her ignorance of basic economics and lack of common sense.

After one month in Washington, she seems to be calling the shots in the Democratic Party with her demand for a “Green New Deal.”

Democratic senators Kamala Harris, Elizabeth Warren, and Cory Booker wasted no time buying into it. This is not the first time that a demagogue—a political leader who appeals to the desires and prejudices of voters instead of using rational argument—has been catapulted into power.

The Green New Deal includes: phasing out fossil fuels in ten years, replacing airplanes and cars with high-speed trains, a guaranteed income to people who are “unwilling” to work, healthcare for all, upgrading every building in America for energy efficiency, and an end to cow flatulence (no kidding).

Warning that climate change will end the world in 12 years (Al Gore mistakenly predicted the same thing in 2006), AOC has blamed conservatives for suggesting that she wants a massive government takeover.

"Obviously, it's not that,” she says, “because what we're trying to do is release the investments from the federal government to mobilize those resources across the country." Obviously, it is exactly that—a massive government takeover.

The ironic aspect of the Green New Deal is that it is in service of a monumental hoax known as global warming. The climate hysteria created by Al Gore and friends is based on faulty science. Studies have shown that humans contribute a mere three percent of the CO2 that is emitted into the atmosphere, hardly enough to cause global warming. In fact, many scientists have recognized the evidence that temperature causes CO2 to change and not the other way around.

In support of this conclusion is the Global Warming Petition Project, in which 31,000 physicists and physical chemists contend that “there is no convincing scientific evidence that human release of carbon dioxide, methane, or other greenhouse gases is causing or will, in the foreseeable future, cause catastrophic heating of the Earth’s atmosphere and disruption of the Earth’s climate.”

The global warming theory originated in the globalist aspirations of the U.N. “One has to free oneself from the illusion that international climate policy is environmental policy,” confessed German economist and UN official Ottmar Edenhofer.

“Climate policy has almost nothing to do anymore with environmental protection. The next world climate summit is actually an economy summit during which the distribution of the world’s resources will be negotiated.” In other words, bureaucrats at the U.N. want to take resources away from us and give them to third world countries. AOC is playing right into their hands.

The Green New Deal would have disastrous economic consequences, including the destruction of the U.S. economy and standard of living, and the loss of millions of jobs.

What do we get for this waste of time, money, and effort? Danish environmentalist Bjorn Lomborg has calculated that even if every nation in the world adheres to its climate change commitments by 2030, by the end of this century it will reduce the world’s temperatures by a mere 0.048°C or 1/20th of a degree Celsius. Ignorant of the facts, AOC is creating more hysteria—the blind leading the blind.

AOC’s proposal is the closest thing we have seen to madness in the political realm. “By the end of the Green New Deal resolution I was laughing so hard I nearly cried,” tweeted Kimberley Strassel of the Wall Street Journal. “If a bunch of GOPers plotted to forge a fake Democratic bill showing how bonkers the party is, they could not have done a better job.”

AOC has plenty of good company in the deranged department: Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi. The Democratic Party is gradually becoming a refuge for the disturbed and unstable. In the Democratic-controlled media, we have Rachel Maddow, Joe Scarborough, and others who are sliding into incoherence.

When you combine the Democratic Socialists with a voting population that swallows their message, it would appear that collective madness is taking hold of our political life. What is the next step in our political evolution? Perhaps a precocious five-year-old will head up the Democratic National Committee. I wouldn’t be surprised.

Ed Brodow (USMC Retired) is a political commentator, negotiation expert, and author of seven books including his latest, "Tyranny of the Minority: How The Left is Destroying America."

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When you combine the Democratic Socialists with a voting population that swallows their message, it would appear that collective madness is taking hold of our political life.
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Friday, 08 February 2019 07:42 AM
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