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Are Illegal Aliens Back in Obamacare?

By    |   Thursday, 11 March 2010 11:37 AM

There are three kinds of lies: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics.
— Benjamin Disraeli (1835-1881), British Prime Minister

President Barack Obama was talking about 30 million uninsured for a while last year, and then in the fall “when push came to shove,” the count dropped to 21 million uninsured. How was the new lower number reached? Perhaps by subtracting the U.S. Department of Homeland Security’s lowball estimate of 9.3 million undocumented immigrants (illegal aliens) residing in the United States.

At his recent healthcare summit with Republicans, however, the president reverted to the 30 million count of the uninsured, suggesting perhaps that illegal aliens are back in Obamacare.

Such flip-flops, as in his change from “healthcare reform” to “health insurance reform,” are a growing factor in the president’s plummeting national approval ratings. In addition, the ongoing fiscal chaos and soaring U.S. debt (upwards of $24 trillion) threaten his change-you-can-believe-in programs.

The Obama “stimulus” bill that fails to lower unemployment numbers, the pending cap-and-trade energy bill based on questionable science, and the not-so-free Obamacare bills that promise not-quite universal healthcare insurance are causing fiscal indigestion among the populace.

The president’s flip-flops, which may be explained by his limited political and business experience, cannot be ignored, as the liberal media tend to do.

The president is not the only one flip-flopping on the number of uninsured, a number that varies with the time of day and person asked, with estimates ranging from 20 million up to 50 million uninsured.

These guesstimates cannot withstand scrutiny, yet few dare question the numbers. Attempts to pinpoint the actual number of uninsured persons in the United States continue to be futile guesswork based on flawed or unreliable methodology that conforms to individual or organizational bias or agenda.

Charles Lane, writing recently in the PostPartisan section of The Washington Post, titled his column, “What Obama ‘let out’ about the uninsured." Lane concluded that insuring the uninsured was just one of the president’s rationales for healthcare reform.

Noting that the president considers healthcare reform a matter of social justice, Lane pondered, “Does it correspond to the facts?” Lane observed that the number of non-elderly uninsured in America is “harder to pin down than you might think,” and he is correct.

Whether the U.S. Census Bureau reports the number of uninsured or Joe Six-pack ballparks the number, they remain guesstimates.

Using the Homeland Security estimate of 9.3 million uninsured immigrants, Lane wrote, “ . . . not all of them are undocumented aliens, but clearly a lot of them are.” He is partly correct, but his numbers are low. A more realistic number for uninsured immigrants may well be closer to 30 million. There’s that 30 million again that the president currently uses for all uninsured.

Lane figures that roughly 20 million people are either presumed ineligible for universal coverage because they are in the country illegally or because they qualify for government aid under existing law. Lane cited Keith Hennessey, a former Bush administration economist, who said, “There are an estimated five million young “invincibles,” who choose not to be insured.”

In addition, Hennessey found that another 10.1 million individuals or families make three times the federal poverty level and thus are not considered to be uninsured. That leaves 10.6 million uninsured –– one-third of president Obama’s 30 million. Lane questions the count of those “left out” of insurance coverage, the implication being that someone is cooking the books.

Immigration legislation with amnesty for illegal aliens (thus making them eligible for healthcare) continues to be the president’s and the Democratic Party’s pathway to political control of local, state, and national offices –– revealing their postpartisan goals.

Standing in the way are U.S. citizen voters who do not want the Senate health insurance reform bill or the House bill. They want healthcare corrections but not at the risk of losing the best healthcare services in the world.

The Premier of Newfoundland and Labrador (Canada), Danny Williams, came to the United States for heart surgery in February 2010. This evoked a flood of comments by Canadians about the problems of government-run healthcare in their homeland.

Last year, 80 percent of Americans opposed providing healthcare coverage for illegal aliens. The Obama administration realizes that the American people are opposed to illegal aliens obtaining any benefits, let alone costly medical care as a handout that encourages more illegal immigration; yet the president desperately pushes the Obamacare bills.

His strategy is to avoid discussing or disclosing the actual number of uninsured and to deny that there would be coverage of illegal aliens –– not one dollar!

He can make this declaration, because the Obamigration bills, being ratcheted up by the administration, will grant amnesty to illegal aliens in the United States, rendering them legal residents. U.S. taxpayers thus have no way of knowing what Obamacare will actually cost and who will be covered.

President Obama’s campaign for change was well designed to move the United States from a proud history as a republic to a Washington-run progressive autocracy. If health insurance reform is the keystone of his postpartisan (end of the two-party system) change, that would explain his flip-flops, such as reinserting undocumented immigrants in the uninsured count.

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There are three kinds of lies: Lies, Damned Lies, and Statistics. Benjamin Disraeli (1835-1881), British Prime Minister President Barack Obama was talking about 30 million uninsured for a while last year, and then in the fall when push came to shove, the count...
Thursday, 11 March 2010 11:37 AM
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