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'Peak Profits System' Will Defy Obama Crash (See Video)

The stock market has surged an unprecedented 140% since President Obama took office, but now new evidence has emerged with an irrefutable conclusion . . . Obama’s bull market is on the verge of a massive collapse.

“We are living in a fool’s paradise,” famed investor Jim Rogers tells Fox Business, and “it cannot go on.” Rogers warns that the stock market bubble will end soon, and when it does, “we will all pay a terrible price.”

Swiss investor Marc Faber agrees. He believes we are heading for a 1987-type crash that sent the market down 22 percent in a single day, commenting, “Eventually it will burst.”

Even billion-dollar investor Warren Buffett is rumored to be preparing for a crash. After all, the “Warren Buffett Indicator” (also known as the Total-Market-Cap-to-GDP Ratio) is breaching sell-alert status.

Several high net worth investors and money managers are therefore quietly moving their money out of the stock market before it is too late.

Exactly how bad will this inevitable crash be?

“U.S. stocks are now about 80 percent overvalued,” according to research by financial consultant Andrew Smithers, who was one of the few to warn about the tech bubble crash that hit in 1999.

Smithers’ research concludes that these crashes happen in patterns, and that we are now in the third biggest stock market bubble in U.S. history — meaning this next collapse will be worse than the 2008 collapse.

Several experts place the blame directly on those whose job it is to help prevent these bubbles from happening . . . specifically, the Federal Reserve.

Paul Farrell, an editor at MarketWatch, has called out former Federal Reserve Chairmen Ben Bernanke and Alan Greenspan for creating these bubbles. “Greenspan was rigid, dogmatic, ideological . . . the stock market he left behind crashed in 2008 with investors losing over $10 trillion in market cap, on top of the trillions lost earlier in 2000 during the middle of his tenure as Fed chairman.”

Farrell says that current Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen is following in the footsteps of her predecessors by creating yet another bubble. His warning: Prepare for another $10 trillion crash. “Put it on your calendar, a new bubble is certain to explode in Yellen’s face.”

How can Farrell be so sure?

Well, like Smithers, Farrell says these crashes happen in predictable patterns. “Capitalism is a bubble machine,” Farrell says. “It blows bubbles. Pretty bubbles that inevitably explode. Then the cycle repeats and repeats and repeats in a statistically predictable pattern.”

It’s these “statistically predictable patterns” that caught the eye of professional investor Michael Carr. During the height of the Cold War, Carr devised a “Peak Profits System” for avoiding major crashes while simultaneously making money on “invisible” stock market moves.

Carr believes his Peak Profits System is so accurate it could defy the impending “Obama Crash.”

“If you can identify these patterns, you can predict when these crashes will strike, move your money to safety, or, if you choose . . . you could make a ton of money even as the market crumbles,” explains Carr.

To understand how Carr identifies these patterns, you have to understand what he did behind closed doors during the Cold War. For nearly two decades, Carr held a top-secret post as an officer for Strategic Air Command, and his duty was to code the flight paths of nuclear missiles.

As you might imagine, this coding had to be 100% accurate. One miscalculation, and the nuclear missiles he coded could hit an ally instead of an enemy.

“Once the Cold War cooled down, I took my coding skillset to the stock market,” Carr says. “The $21 trillion stock market is an ocean of opportunity with hidden profit patterns everywhere. Even when the market crashes.”

As proof, Carr shows me a spreadsheet on his computer and quickly points out that in 2008, during the worst part of the last collapse, his Peak Profits System identified 29 winning stock trades (none were short positions or risky option bets).

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“The key is to get small wins, again and again. If you can get 1 percent a week, as my Peak Profits System is designed to do, that works out to about 52 percent in profits every year,” Carr tells me.

Recently, Carr sat down in an interview to explain how his Peak Profits System works and how anyone can use it to profit. “I’m not one to keep my Peak Profits System to myself. I used my coding ability during the Cold War to keep Americans safe. Today, I use it to help Americans prosper!”

Since the release of Carr’s video, thousands are now using his Peak Profits System to skim profits off seemingly invisible stock market patterns . . . and more importantly, they are using it as a warning system for the impending collapse.

Editor’s Note: Carr’s Peak Profit System Is Designed to Warn You of Any Market Crash and Get You 52 Percent Returns Per Year (See His Unaudited Track Record Here)

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