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NMX*Dividend Machine Reviews and Subscriber Testimonials


Made $1.2 Million

I followed Bill's advice and . . . that portfolio has appreciated by over $1.2 million in the past 3 years. What I like best: Bill's refusal to follow the herd. And the price . . . $99 for a profit of $1.2 million!

F. S. from Dallas, TX.
Member since 1/26/10

$7,000 Profits in 6 Months
I followed Bill’s advice to buy Halliburton and already have a $5,000 gain on a $12,000 investment in about 6 months . . . I can feel comfortable that Bill has done the diligent work to make sure that not only am I buying into companies with a solid future but also that I am buying in at a good entry price. I am a busy professional and don't have a lot of time to do my own research — Bill does it for me.

Robert W. from Rogers, AZ
Member since 3/5/2012

Made $120,000
I followed Bill’s advice to restructure my entire portfolio and have gained over 40% ($120,000) in two-and-a-half years. What I like best about the Dividend Machine is a conservative strategy that reflects the investment strategy of my father and grandfather. I don't worry about buying and selling (trading). I INVEST!

James C. from Ridgeland, MS
Member since 6/25/2010


46.1% Returns for This Millionaire
My cumulative Total Return since beginning in February of 2011 to follow your recommendations is 46.1%. I manage $10 million in investment funds that include myself and my wife, as well as two of my sons.

Tom N. from Fort Worth, TX
Member since 1/27/2011

Batting 1,000

I've been using the Dividend Machine for 2 years now and every time I have followed Bill's advice, I'm batting 1,000 . . . I have doubled my dividend income in the last 18 months. If I am ever in Cleveland, I would like to buy him dinner at his favorite eatery and talk shop . . . What I like best about the Dividend Machine is it’s easy to understand and Bill gets right to the point without a lot of Wall Street gibberish.

Joseph L. from Loveland, CO
Member since 12/18/2012


Exploring the Great Southwest
Been off exploring the great Southwest, using many of the profits made through the Dividend Machine. Thank you for this sound, down-to-earth advice. Wish you'd come along years ago and published this timely, accurate, and informative newsletter. Oh well, at least you're here now giving GREAT recommendations.

Jim M. from Chico, CA
Member since 1/24/2012

Following You Since 2010
I've been following your advice since 2010 and have done very well. Now when stocks go down, I don't chicken out and sell, but often just buy more to come back up to the original investment amount in terms of dollars.

Frank O. from Wellington, FL
Member since 2/4/2011

Paid off a House!
I made enough the first year to pay off my granddaughter’s house in 10 months only using the dividends paid back to me.

Bernard E. from Bremen, IN
Member since 10/2/11

Bill Does the Work for Me!
I don’t have to be an expert. I rely on the Dividend Machine to do the research and analysis that I don’t have the skills or the time to do . . . The Dividend Machine lets me be in control of my own destiny by relying on unbiased, expert advice.

Mary B. from Atlanta, GA
Member since 1/13/2011


Overcame My Fears, Made $11,000!
I have invested a total of $39,000 slowly over the past 20 months and the investments are now worth over $50,000. The advice Bill gives follows logic and common sense, and is well worth the annual subscription rate . . . Thank you Bill for helping a guy who knew nothing about investing in the stock market overcome his fears and do very well.

David C. from Santa Clarita, CA
Member since 7/04/2011


Beer with Bill
For me it’s Bill's personality coming through — a practical blue-collar kind of guy someone that I trust, believe in, and who knows what he is doing! Someone that I would enjoy sitting down and having a beer with . . . maybe a teaching moment about stocks or chat about baseball and Topps baseball cards.

James H. from West Allis, WI
Member since 2/26/2011


Close to 50% Total Return
I picked up your newsletter two-and-a-half to three years ago . . . and I started following the Dividend Machine model. My first 3 stocks were MO, ABT and JNJ. In approximately 2 years, my returns are 38%, 51%, and 65%, this does not include the reinvested dividends . . . overall my retirement portfolio is up 40% and that does not include the reinvested dividends which is approximately another 7%, for close to 50% return.

A. Sean L. from San Marcos, CA
Member since 4/6/2010


31% Gains for a Novice Investor
I'm up 31% over the last one year and nine months . . . I am a very inexperienced investor and following Bill's advice has turned out well for me.

Joseph Mayer from Indian Harbor Beach, FL
Member since 6/14/2011


Beat My Husband’s Stock Adviser

I've utilized the Dividend Machine for my portfolio and I am very pleased with the results. I compare my bottom line with the stock adviser that is in charge of my husband's 401(k) and I'm doing a lot better.

Nancy R. from Pleasonton, CA
Member since 8/3/2010

Simple, Easy
What I like best about the Dividend Machine is . . . Your logic. So simple to follow, and easy to keep up with your weekly updates.

Warren R. from Houston, TX
Member since 8/3/2010

$4,000 Gains
I followed Bill’s advice to buy Altria . . . and I'm showing an unrealized gain of over $4,000.

Mary S. from Westlake, Ohio
Member since 7/3/2010

36% Returns Over 2 years
I started buying stocks in the conservative portfolio about 2 years ago. Up about 36% all total.

Rich R. from Kent, WA
Member since 9/15/2011

Love Seeing the Dividends Roll In
I knew nothing about investing before I found Bill Spetrino. I am a true fan, a believer in the Dividend Machine, and just being a part of it makes me very, very happy when I go to sleep at night. I love seeing the dividends roll in and get reinvested. My portfolio is up 21% as of this email, and that is great! He keeps me confident when he touches base on stocks that are not doing well in our portfolio — it makes me believe that he is really in tune with our holdings and does not overlook anything — or just make suggestions and walk away. He keeps his eyes on our Machine! I bought Bank of America when it was really, really down and am up 128.029%!

Jason S. from Irvine, CA
Member since 6/12/2010


Couldn’t Be More Pleased
87% of my IRA are stock picks from the Dividend Machine portfolios . . . I couldn't be more pleased with the results. I'll just mention 4 which represent my highest returns to date . . . WFC 50.82%, ABBV 50.60%, BAC 46.22%, and SVU 45.58%. I even got my neighbor to subscribe.

Carl S. from Lititz, PA
Member since 8/14/2010

Pocketed 121% Gains
Supervalu has given me a 121% return!

Gary Speck from Hawthorne, CA
Member since 10/19/2012

I've been a member of the newsletter since the beginning of this year and have done much better following Bill's recommendations than by listening to all the noise. I was also a member of the newsletter several years ago but was drawn away by the lure of higher dividends on other letters and lists. I quickly found out that a high dividend doesn't look as good when your stake in the company depreciates by 20%!

Mark T. from Quincy, IL
Member since 10/9/2010

Bill’s Advice Won!
I follow Bill’s advice and buy all the stocks he recommends . . . and I was using him against another adviser I had. Bill’s advice won.

Chuck A. from Encinitas, CA
Member since 7/12/2011

Up 30%
I owned most all of the stocks you recommended over the last two years and my portfolio is up over 30% in that time frame.

Nicholas C. from Arizona City, AZ
Member since 9/25/09

Gains of 43%, 13%, and 47%
I bought BAC at $9.05 and I am up 43%, HLF at $38.24 and I am up 13%, and SVU at $4.37 and I am up 47%.

Bruce C. from Stillwell, KS
Member since 8/22/2011

Our Secret Weapon
The Dividend Machine is our secret weapon and Bill's advice is excellent . . . What else is there to ask for? Solid picks, impeccable timing, and the certainty of the research! The absolute best decision I have made for my family!

Michael B. from Grayslake,
Member since 9/16/2011

The Best Financial Newsletter!
Bill, you have the best of the financial newsletters . . . and I subscribe to many. I like your simplistic approach — getting good stocks with a recommended buy price.

James B. from Stuart, FL
Subscriber since 10/18/2010

26.9% Gains
I have an average gain of 26.9% without considering dividends.

Mel D. from Kapolei, HI
Member since 2/24/2011


Double-Digit Yearly Gains!
I followed Bill's advice for the last two years and achieved double-digit yearly gains plus dividends!!!

Gene F. from Winter Springs, FL
Member since 1/17/2013

Beat the Market by 50%
In my first year of investing, I am up 18.78%, and around 21.3% annualized. This beats the market gain by about 50%, and the compounding effect of the dividends has really not kicked in yet. So I'm happy so far.

Douglas F. from Des Moines, IA
Member since 3/16/2012

30% No-Risk Gains
I got in BAC at around $7 and yesterday it closed at $13.02 . . . incredible. My portfolio is up 30% in 2 years — and I don’t feel at risk.

Glenn F. from Brookfield, CT
Member since 2/7/2011

80 Years Old and Making Money
Total portfolio is up about 30% over 2 years . . . I would like to say that I am 80 years old, so I don't have a lot of time to build a very large portfolio. But using your insights and recommendations, I have been able to turn $30,000 into $42,000.

Jim G. from Coppell, TX
Member since 5/14/2011

Made 24% on $4,000
I only had $4,000 to start with, so I listened to Bill and diversified between the conservative, aggressive, and international portfolios; less than two years later, I'm up more than 24%!

Gary G. from Greenwood, IN
Member since 1/28/2011

Guaranteed Income Stream
As a 65-year-old conservative investor, I had the good fortune to follow your advice . . . I'm a retired Army officer . . . my final retirement is not going to be anytime soon, but is 'guaranteed' by a dividend income stream above all else that will grant my wife and children care-free lives.

Michael H. from Rye, NH
Member since April 12, 2013

14% and 50% Gains
I followed your advice to buy Apple and it has increased by 14%. I followed your advice to buy Super Value and it too has increased in value by almost 50%. What I like best about the Dividend Machine is you tell us exactly what to buy and at what price and not a penny over that price.

Debbie H. from St. Charles, IL
Member since 10/1/2012

$10,000 Gains and Growing
Right now my Unrealized Gain is $10,000 . . . You're straightforward, easy to understand, decent, honest, and I love your monthly newsletters!

Evelyn C. from Santa Monica, CA
Member since 5/25/2010


Totally Impressed
My conservative portfolio is up 10% while the aggressive is up an impressive 28%! That doesn't include any dividends! I am totally impressed!! After subscribing to many newsletters, this is the first one to actually show positive returns!!

Rich K. from Mount Laurel, NJ
Member since 2/13/2012

Thrilled with My Results
Overall, I am thrilled with my results. The bottom line is that I made no money, and probably even lost a little, in the previous 10 years with a different newsletter. After starting with Bill, my investment account is up nicely and I have a nice flow of dividends coming in.

Leonard K. from Neptune, NJ
Member since 12/23/2010

Enjoying the Income Stream
I followed Bill’s advice to buy a number of stocks . . . about 50% of my total portfolio . . . and have done very well, exceeding the Dow and enjoying a regular stream of dividends which I re-invest.

Edward L. from West Bloomfield, MI
Member since 8/26/2010

Keep It Up!
I followed Bill’s advice to buy JPM and LMT in 2012 and now have 45.9% and 23.9% return, respectively. Bill's advice in 2011 for JNJ has resulted in a 35.1% return . . . Keep up the good work of identifying stocks of value, so I can retire early. Thank you Bill and Dividend Machine.

Lawrence L. from Houston, TX
Member since 9/26/2011

Enthusiastic about My Investments
86% winners! . . . I'm enthusiastic about my investments that I have bought at Bill's recommendation, and am pleased with the weekly updates

Will M. from Virginia Beach, VA
Member since 2/22/2013

Wish I Knew About This Years Ago
I wish I had known about this years ago! I have found this the most helpful newsletter ever.
The first year I had a 12% gain between dividends and stock prices.

Lorraine N. from Milford, PA
Member since 3/4/2011

I Took Control
I recently took control of my own 401(k) portfolio . . . my Dividend Machine has a Projected Weighted Average Return of 22.9% What I like best about the Dividend Machine is the peace of mind Bill's investment suggestions provide . . . I wouldn't change a thing. I know a good thing when I see it.

Paul J. from Dedham, MA
Member since 9/15/2011

20% Gains In One Year
I have had about a 20% gain this year.
Larry P. from Temple, TX
Member since 8/3/2010

25% Gains in 2 Years
Our portfolio is up over 25% in just two years
Marty P. from Durham, NC
Member since 6/27/2011

Exciting at 91 Years of Age
I followed Bill's advice and bought ORI, AAPL and INTC, all in 2013, and all are now significantly higher plus paying good dividends . . . Bill Spetrino's picks are well thought out and his reasoning well-presented so, even though I know the final responsibility lies with me (and I do my own research accordingly) my confidence on Bill's suggestions is very high. At 91 years of age, it's been an exciting change and my choices of companies like JNJ, AFL and MO got me off to a great start. Now, adding the Dividend Machine to my continuing education is the frosting on the cake.

Carl P. from Peoria, IL
Member since 12/31/2012

Thank You!
I can't ask more of Bill, I only have to thank him.

Angelo R. from Ancona, Italy
Member since 8/6/2012

My Sanity Check
I always go to the Dividend Machine as a sanity check and backup. I really follow your "Buy at or under" column.

Robert S. from Parker, CO
Member since 5/20/2011

First Time Making Money
I am making money following a newsletter for the first time in over 25 years.

Jay S. from Sycamore, IL
Member since 2/14/2013

In-Depth Analysis
Ultimately, I have had a 24% return. What I like best about the Dividend Machine is that Bill gets right to the point, provides in-depth analysis and logical reasoning to his recommendations.

Earle Smith from Alexandria, VA.

Member since 9/12/2009

300% Winner
I bought 800 shares at . . . an average price of about $1.90, current price is at $6.60 . . . when and how much should I sell when I've realized a 300% gain?

Mary R. from Fenton, MI
Member since 3/24/2011

I Am Amazed
How could I possibly need anything else? I have tried many methods of investment over the years and have had dismal results. Since following your directions, I have been amazed. I have attended classes on investment to try to learn how to manage our little amount, but have learned far more from you! In the year and a half, since I have been following your advice, our account is up 28%!

Virginia W. from Matthews, NC
Member since 5/26/2010

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