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NMX*Dividend Machine – Bill Spetrino Predicts Dow 60,000

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As the editor of the NMX*Dividend Machine newsletter, there is one question I get asked more than any other: What happens if the stock market tanks tomorrow? What if it drops 50% or more this year?

It’s a great question.

I personally don't worry. Look, I know America has its problems. But it's easy to focus on the negative. The reality is, we are on the edge of an unprecedented stock market rally.

In fact, I just sent a private email to some of my close friends titled "It's time to go all in."

What I provided in that email was pretty controversial. But it's hard to argue with the cold, hard facts.

I even pinpointed the exact day when I believe it will all unfold, and five rock-solid reasons for this massive 12-year stock market rally. However, for this conversation, let's just focus on one of those reasons.

Most people who received my email focused on one chart in particular! Here is that exact chart:


I think it really clarifies things.

You see, stocks tend to trade in 15-year cycles. And we are about to break out of one of those cycles.

There are multiple versions of this chart. But this one is my favorite because it goes all the way back to 1896.

You will notice that there are four bull market periods. The average return of these periods is 399%, and the average bull market cycle is about 12 years.

You will also notice that there are four bear-market periods, lasting about 17 years on average. The returns during these years are pretty much flat.

Now notice that there is a major dip in the middle of these flat periods. I call these "mid-cycle dips." After these dips, the market trends flat for a few years before starting another massive bull market rally.

We hit that mid-cycle dip in 2009.

And right now we are in a rebuilding phase.

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Sure, there will be some gyrations, but history shows us that the worst is behind us, and a major bull market will start forming very soon.

Now, as mentioned, the average bull market cycle has lasted for about 12 years and returned 399%.

It’s an amazing chart, and solid proof that we are on the verge of a major bull market.

To be blunt, I think 399% is a conservative estimate. I believe we will see this monumental bull market using four other unquestionable pieces of evidence. And to warn you . . . some of these facts break every rule you know about investing.

But facts are facts.

This next rally could be the largest of them all, even larger than the last bull market that delivered returns of 1,003%.

If a person is "positioned correctly" . . . they could double or even triple those returns. So we are talking about returns of 2,000 to 3,000 percent!

Consider this: Last year, 10 stocks accounted for 88% of the growth of the S&P 500.
So the remaining 490 stocks . . . well, if an investor had focused on those stocks, he or she wouldn’t have seen any growth at all, really.

This is often referred to as a "stock pickers market."

So while I do believe we are on the verge of this major stock market rally, right now you have to be very careful about which stocks you buy.

You might be saying to yourself, “That’s great, Bill — did you own any of the 10 stocks that accounted for the 88% growth in the S&P 500?”

The answer is yes.

Eight of them were in my model portfolio.

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Here is one more reason why you shouldn't be worried about a massive stock market collapse: the first rule of investing.

Buy companies that are warhorse stocks.

These stocks have already survived during the worst of times and will continue to thrive. Remember, a stock's price might fluctuate with the market, but its core business doesn't.
Look, if the stock market drops 20%, that doesn't mean the company's business dwindles 20%.

In fact, I personally love it when stocks tank because I can buy my favorite companies on clearance.

So if stocks pull back, well, you have a cushion.

Here’s what I tell anyone who wants to know how to start building their own portfolio of “warhorse stocks.”

First of all, start small, and build confidence.

Secondly, you should still stay diversified. Don't put all your money in high-yielding stocks.

Third, watch “Absolute Financial Security” and discover five additional undeniable facts as to why we are on the verge of this 12-year bull market rally that will hand out 399% returns.

You will find out my methodology — my entire 18-point proprietary system for investing — how I construct my “Dividend Machine."

I named my system the “Dividend Machine" because it literally becomes a machine that pays me.

And this machine never breaks down. It never falters. It always runs. It always pays.
And as for the performance, it's second to none. Since launching The Dividend Machine newsletter in April of 2009, during the worst market since the Great Depression, the model portfolio has posted eye-popping profits of 97.9%.

And far more importantly, The Dividend Machine portfolio keeps pumping out cash like clockwork.

In fact, an independent rating agency, Hulbert Financial, ranked The Dividend Machine #1 out of the hundreds of newsletters that are published.

And my tens of thousands of subscribers have been raving. Just listen to what a few have had to say:

Coherent and Prudent
"I have read all the monthly publications, some multiple times, and believe this service to be the most coherent and prudent one available . . . Bill provides a very reasonable and sound strategy to investing for the long term." — David K. from Oregon

Safe Returns
"If you are looking for safe double-digit returns, follow the advice of The Dividend Machine." — Earl R. from Ohio

I Made a Profit
"I have, indeed, made a profit following Bill's recommendations and would recommend him to anyone looking for financial advice." — Jeremy Z. from California

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