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Handpicked IRS Attorney Reveals How to Audit-Proof Your Income

Did you know that, over the course of your life, the IRS will take you for about $355,000?

Think about that.

You will pay the IRS over a quarter of a million dollars . . . and that’s just for your federal income tax.

That figure doesn’t include your state income tax, real estate tax, sales tax, fuel tax, Social Security tax, Medicaid tax, capital gains tax, or any one of the several other taxes that plague hard-working Americans.

Some studies reveal that a person who makes a slightly above-average income will fork over 60% of his or her paycheck to taxes.

That means you could be working about seven months of each and every year for Uncle Sam.

Today, You Will Find Out
How to Bring an End to This Fleecing

You will discover how to pay yourself and your family first, instead of breaking your back for the IRS.

It starts with reclaiming as much of your $355,000 as legally possible, in a few quick and easy steps.

Just think . . . what would you do with an extra $355,000?

Would you pay off your home?

Would you take the vacation you always dreamed of . . . and maybe a second vacation after that?

Would you stash more away for your children and grandchildren?

Would you donate more to your favorite charity?

Because that is exactly what you could be doing, thanks to the strategies you will discover in a special video presentation!

With these simple strategies, you will keep the IRS’ hands off your money so that you can do all of the things you always wanted . . . and more! And not only will you find out how to save up to $355,000 over the course of your life . . . but you will also see a few, simple ways to snowball your savings into millions.

And the great thing about these strategies is that they are simple. You won’t have to spend days sifting through files, sorting out receipts, and filling out forms.

Nor will you have to hire some high-priced accountant or tax expert.

Instead . . . all you need to do to get started is watch this short video for the next few minutes.

You will soon have access to some of the same strategies used by Warren Buffett, who pays only 11% in taxes; Mitt Romney, who pays only 14% in taxes; and even President Barack Obama, who pays only 19% in taxes.

Considering that the average person is in the 25% tax bracket, odds are, YOU pay a higher percentage of your income in taxes than these multimillionaires do.

Is this morally fair? Of course not.

But are their strategies legal? Absolutely.

It’s time to stop the exploitation and use some of their strategies to help pad your pockets, not Uncle Sam’s.

In fact . . .

No matter how much money you make right now, you can use these little-known strategies to keep more of your cash . . .

Considering that there are over 70,000 pages of tax code, it would take years of diligence to interpret it.

Nobody has that time.

What you can have, though, is the work of a true IRS insider . . . a man so well-schooled in tax law, he was actually one of the eight lawyers handpicked by the IRS to train IRS attorneys.

But after becoming sickened by government waste and bureaucratic mismanagement, he decided to put his talents to work for Main Street Americans.

So for the last 20 years, this man has been pulling back the curtain and helping folks like you save thousands of dollars . . . every year . . . on their taxes.

In fact, estimates show that if every American used this man’s tax-saving strategies, they would keep an extra $300 billion of their own money every year.

That man’s name is Sandy Botkin.

And fortunately for us, he has compiled all his top methods to legally and ethically lower your taxes into his best-selling book, Lower Your Taxes — Big Time!

This book reveals how you can save thousands of dollars . . . every single year.

Here’s just a sample of what Botkin reveals . . .

  • Nine ways to reduce your chances of an audit, such as being aware of “the rat fee”; and if by chance you are audited, how to win your case nine out of 10 times within three months.
  • The “income-shift” loophole that 99.9% of Americans don’t know about, but could immediately save thousands for taxpayers.
  • The “third wheel” loophole that lets you turn a day out with your spouse, children, and friend’s family into a tax deduction.
  • The IRS-approved “two-car” strategy that could qualify you for a $16,300 deduction!
  • How to turn your child’s college education, wedding, and medical expenses into a tax-deductible gold mine.
  • The “sandwich” rule that lets you deduct a five-day Hawaii vacation.
  • A unique strategy that sidesteps the “7.5% AGI rule” to get tax-free health insurance.
  • How to buy season tickets to your favorite team . . . and score a huge tax deduction because of it!
There are so many additional tax credits and deductions just like these, waiting for you to take advantage of them.

In each scenario, Botkin cites the exact tax code that makes all his strategies 100% legal to assure you that they are IRS approved and verified.

Botkin has packed his decades of dealing with the IRS into 348 pages of no-nonsense, money-saving information.

To watch the special video presentation and find out how to claim your copy of Lower Your Taxes — Big Time! click the video now to get started.


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Did you know that, over the course of your life, the IRS will take you for about $355,000? Think about that. You will pay the IRS over a quarter of a million dollars . . . and that's just for your federal income tax. That figure doesn't include your state income tax, real...
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