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35,000 Investors Shocked by Massive Wall Street Theft

Imagine the horror of opening your financial statement on “retirement day” and seeing 70% of your investment profits . . . gone.

Your life’s work, hard-earned savings, and assets stripped down to the bone without you ever catching wind of it.

And this “lost money” would have nothing to do with a stock market crash, a robbery, or error.

Well, for the 35,000 folks who gathered together for a recent webinar featuring Steve Forbes, this nightmare scenario became all too real.

That’s because during the webinar, Forbes and co-panelist John Shubert revealed evidence that Americans everywhere were being taken to the cleaners for 70% of their profits.

This evidence was backed up by a white paper written by professors from the Harvard Business School and London School of Economics.

Shubert, who oversees more than $1 billion in retirement assets, used this research to prove that there is a “permanent flaw” in our financial system. And Wall Street is using this flaw to its advantage, costing everyday Americans billions of dollars in lost profits.

And the bad news is that this flaw is truly “permanent” — it can’t be fixed.

In simple terms, this “flaw” makes it 100% legal for Wall Street to siphon off your profits.

Of course this type of theft — legal or not — would never be all at once. If it were, there would be outrage.

No, this “theft” is much more subtle. It’s happening so slowly and methodically that no one sees it coming until it’s too late.

It’s like the proverbial frog in the boiling water — just a few degrees hotter bit by bit, and before you know it, dead frog.

This may seem like a graphic example, but no more graphic than the anguish of waking up to the stark reality that 70% of your hard-earned profits have been hijacked.

And right when you needed the money the most — at retirement.

Instead of heading to the golf course, the vacation home, or the theme park with the grandkids, you could find yourself heading back to work . . . or worse, if working is no longer an option due to health or lack of opportunity.

If you own a mutual fund, a 401(k), a pension, or any other type of retirement account, you are likely already a victim.

That’s precisely why Steve Forbes and John Shubert hosted more than 35,000 investors at a webinar called the Investment Crisis Summit.

At this event all the shocking evidence of this “permanent flaw” and its effects were laid out in plain English. And more importantly, the panel laid out an innovative blueprint on how you can sidestep this “flaw.”

But in order to avoid the flaw, you have to know what it looks like.

Editor’s Note: Click Here to Watch the Controversial Webinar Now

Investors Hit By Wall Street’s
‘One-Two’ Punch

To keep things simple during the event, this “flaw” was broken down into two parts.

The first part was excessive Wall Street fees.

From the feedback after the webinar, attendees had no idea how much money was being quietly taken out of their accounts year after year.

Steve Forbes illustrated this perfectly when he said a 2% fee over the long term will “cut your returns in half or by a third. So if you would normally have $100,000, you end up with say $30,000 or $40,000 because of what fees have eaten up.”

It may seem like the math doesn’t add up. After all, how could a 2% fee eat up to $70,000 of every $100,000 in returns? [To see how the math works, watch the webinar now by clicking here].

Needless to say, when attendees saw the numbers in black and white, they were outraged.

But then things got worse.

You see, the second part of the “flaw” is a result of outdated regulations that actually force Wall Street fund managers to underperform their benchmarks.

That probably sounds crazy.

Why would fund managers be forced to lower their returns?

Fact is, fund managers are forced to over-diversify your money by using hundreds of unnecessary stocks.

The research shows that 80% of the stocks that fund managers use to “keep you safe” through diversification are nothing more than dead weight stocks. They act like gravity, dragging down your funds returns and killing your profits.

As Steve Forbes and John Shubert laid out the evidence, attendees were stunned to find out that if a fund manager starts to perform too well, that fund manager can actually be penalized.

It’s an industry penalty that is so harsh, it could easily run a good fund manager right out of business.

The bottom line is that fund managers are actually incentivized to “underperform.” (Yes, you read that right.)

And who suffers when fund managers underperform? You do.

But as the more than 35,000 attendees learned during this webinar, there is a way to sidestep this permanent flaw.

It’s a new way to invest discovered by John Shubert.

You see, John has spent more than 20 years on the front lines of retirement asset management. He currently oversees more than $1 billion in retirement plan assets. He’s been nominated by Morningstar for the “401(k) Advisor Leadership Award” and he even sits on the advisory board for Charles Schwab’s trust and custody services, where he consults on issues related to retirement asset management and industry regulations.

The point is, John has seen it all.

Using a proprietary stock selection process, John has a system that picks the top three “high conviction” stocks from the top five fund managers in the country for a total of 15 stocks.

So it is a portfolio of just 15 stocks.

Using this portfolio of the best stocks, John’s system generated profits of 424% while the S&P 500 handed out a paltry 63% during the same period based on our back testing.

And he did it with LESS risk!

Once the publisher at Newsmax saw these results from the testing, he put on a live webinar featuring Steve Forbes to show people how they too could sidestep Wall Street’s fees on their path to making enormous gains.

And within days, the online Investment Crisis Summit was flooded with more than 35,000 attendees.

The flood of people came not only to get the facts on this “permanent flaw” but to get their hands on the innovative stock selection system John Shubert put together to help investors sidestep this “flaw.”

For a limited time, the entire recording of this event has been made available to the public. This way you have an opportunity to see the facts yourself, and make your own judgments.

If you are anything like the 35,000 attendees who saw this event when it first went live, you will never look at investing the same way again.

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