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Your New Health Overseer is the IRS

By    |   Monday, 02 July 2012 08:20 AM

When the Affordable Health Care and Patient Protection Act was pushed through Congress by the Democrats, the enforcement power was put in the hands of the IRS.

This made some sense since paying for the keystone provision, the insurance mandate, initially was to be funded by a tax.

Then there was an “oops” moment when the Democrats realized that President Barack Obama had said that he was going to only raise taxes on the rich. They — the rich — would pay for everybody else.

Realizing that this bait and switch would be too obvious, the Democrats decided that they can’t call a tax a tax since President Obama repeatedly said that it wasn’t a tax.

OK. Then why put the IRS in charge of enforcing this non-tax?

The final bill signed into law by President Obama said that the funding mechanism was a penalty and the IRS would oversee the whole process.

The SCOTUS basically asked, "What part of the words Internal Revenue Service don’t you understand?" If the voters don’t like, it then they can vote in November and get congressional members who will repeal it.

What does all this mean to you?

What it means is that massive amounts of intimately personal health information (including mental health) will be required to be sent to the IRS and all those new agencies and commissions.

Little things are going to become big things.

One of my colleagues said that everyone should have the “affordable” healthcare coverage required under Obamacare.

My only response was, “The government under new regulations will define what is 'affordable.' How would you define 'affordable' if it were up to you?”

I remember the term “passive activity” took 125 pages of regulations to define. Then the litigation began since no one could figure out what the definition meant.

The IRS has been forced to become one of the most, if not the most, intrusive and oppressive agencies doing the bidding of the tax laws passed by Congress and the various administrations.

As I have repeatedly observed, the IRS is a victim and so are the taxpayers.
What do you think is going to happen to you when every detail of your physical and mental health starts to be monitored by a vast army of bureaucrats?

Audits are enforceable by civil and criminal penalties, with some of the agents carrying guns.

Now when an audit for taxes comes around, they will also have all your mental and physical health information.

It has been widely reported that at least 16,000 new IRS agents will be needed to meet the demands of Obamacare. That is 16,000 in the IRS, plus the scores of new government-unionized employees who will be needed in those 125 or so new agencies and commissions plus all the mew government employees that will become necessary at the existing agencies, bureaus and commissions.

Then there are the czars and their staffs.

That is a lot of government employees to be paid for by taxpayers and the out-of-control national debt.

The enforcement of Obamacare by making the IRS the overseer of the national health can be questioned.

But what isn't questionable is the fact that Obamacare doesn't create 16,000 new doctors in private practice who can provide healthcare services that focuses on the patient.

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Monday, 02 July 2012 08:20 AM
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