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Lies, Damned Lies, and the Worst of All, Government Lies

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What is it about people who are elected to government office or employed by the government who find it perfectly acceptable to lie?

We are told that politicians "spin" their stories. The performances by government spokespersons remind me of that old rock-n-roll song "Twist and Shout." Government officials holding high office in the various departments, bureaus and agencies are unable to merely answer a straightforward direct question with a simple yes or no.

No one is convicted of contempt of Congress. No one is charged with suborning perjury. No one is indicted for fraud or conspiracy. Payoffs, bribery, money laundering are all accepted within the culture of government. All involve deceit, duplicity and dishonesty.

The Rule of 3 Ds.

The public — the average taxpayers — are subject to the full power of governmental terror. The list of potential jailable offenses are so extensive and involved in every action of daily life that it is almost impossible to get out of bed in the morning without doing something for which Congress, the president and the Supreme Court would gladly see you thrown in jail. Or worse.

The Republicans claim they are, for example, the political party of family values, lower taxes, more defenses and a balanced budget.

The Democrats claim they are the party of universal healthcare insurance, renewable energy, diversity and inclusion, education and minority and LGBT rights, to name but a few.

On both sides of the aisle it is all lies.

We have come to grips with the fact that our establishment politicians and the government they oversee have no capability to do anything other than do what is necessary to get constituent votes or get campaign contributions to get constituent votes.

Politics is a treacherous endeavor. For those in Congress, the administration or higher up in the government employment food chain, the qualities of honesty, integrity and candor are character flaws that most likely will lead to the end of their career.

Congress and the administration have for years campaigned on a platform that they will "reform" the income tax law. Whole forests have been sacrificed in printing governmental reports classifying all the reasons why the taxpayers cannot comply, the IRS cannot administer and the politicians cannot explain a 100-year-old tax law that, ultimately, serves to terrorize an entire nation.

They are lying about tax reform. The politicians have been reforming the income tax law every year since it was passed. It is a catastrophic failure. Why can't they just say that and get on with enacting a new tax law that is solely focused on efficiently raising money to pay for the legitimate needs of the federal government?

They are lying about how much money the federal government needs to fulfill its constitutionally limited functions. Up to now, the creation of perceived needs and money to pay for them has come from politically induced fabrications. The addiction to the unaccountable spending of someone else's money to fulfill the ever growing list of these invented needs has been too powerful a drug for the government to quit voluntarily.

They are lying about the "War on Terror." Terror is a tactic, not an enemy. Remember Shock and Awe, which opened the battle for Iraq? Terror is not the enemy. The United States is at war with those who practice a political and theological ideology that is founded upon the principle that all must become believers or die. How can politicians declare war, and sacrifice so many young lives when they do not know who the enemy is and cannot describe what victory will look like?

They are lying about the collection of everyone's private communications, finances, mental and physical records and other data. This is the world that George Orwell described in his book 1984. They are not trying to protect us; they are trying to subjugate us.

Democrats and Republicans are equally lying about abortion and gay rights. An honest government would get out of people's private lives and stay out of their private parts. People are what they are because of their DNA. Human beings may have the spark of life at the moment of conception, but only become constitutional beings when they are born viable. It is despicable that these most intimate and fundamental of human matters are used for ideological political purposes.

They are lying about creating jobs. Jobs are created from the growth in the economy. Economic growth comes from productivity. Government only creates taxes and debt. It is a burden on economic growth because the government is a cost that is acceptable only when it generates an offsetting benefit.

What in fact is happening is that the federal government's policies are directed at stealing as much private capital as possible, resulting in an economy that is, at best, close to stalling with actual productive job growth in substantial decline.

There seems to be a confluence of events happening right now, both domestic and foreign, that are making it difficult for the establishment government to continue to lie with impunity. Finally, there appears to be some politicians who see the political advantage in telling the truth.

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What is it about people who are elected to government office or employed by the government who find it perfectly acceptable to lie?
Monday, 14 October 2013 07:57 AM
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