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Arizona Immigration Law Protects Our Borders

By    |   Thursday, 29 April 2010 08:54 AM

Arizona's new law authorizing police and sheriffs under restricted conditions to ask people to document their legal status in the U.S. is the target of an orchestrated attack from open border liberals and Democrats eager to exploit its polarizing controversy.

President Barack Obama, after ignoring for 15 months pleas from Arizona's governor and lawmakers that he act to protect the border, played the Hispanic race card by deriding Arizona's new law as "misguided" and hinted that his Justice Department might halt its implementation.

San Francisco's Board of Supervisors passed a non-binding resolution calling for a city business boycott and tourism boycott of Arizona, even though this will harm thousands of Hispanics in Arizona.

The Roman Catholic Cardinal of Los Angeles Roger Mahony, whose flock is 70 percent Hispanic, denounced Arizona's law as a path to "German Nazi and Russian communist techniques" of police harassment.

A cynic might ask, If the millions of illegal aliens flooding across our borders were Protestants who threatened to change the balance of power in a majority-Catholic United States, would Cardinal Mahony passionately defend Protestant illegals with the same fervor?

If illegal aliens mostly voted Republican after becoming citizens, would Democrats have turned off funding for the "virtual fence" on the border as President Obama's administration recently did?

Democrats have not been so welcoming to Cuban refugees because Cubans tend to favor capitalism and vote Republican.

Would liberals object if Arizona police checked everybody's legal status equally? Yes, because illegals are a source of leftist political power.

Ask Progressive Caucus Congressman Raul Grijalva of Arizona, former member of MECha, a group that advocates Mexico's re-conquest of the Southwest.

Ultraliberal San Francisco is a sanctuary city, one of 30 such California cities including Los Angeles and San Diego.

In 140 Sanctuary Cities across America, police have been directed, officially or informally, to deemphasize or — in defiance of federal law — to avoid or refuse cooperation with U.S. immigration authorities in identifying and rounding up illegal aliens.

San Francisco lawmakers recently clashed with radical Mayor Gavin Newsom because he wanted to turn an illegal alien who committed murder over to the feds.

San Francisco sided with those invading America and against the laws and Constitution of the United States.

If San Francisco is boycotting Arizona, perhaps the 60 percent of Americans polled nationwide by Rasmussen who favor enacting Arizona-like laws to protect citizens should stage a counter boycott.

We should refuse to buy San Francisco products, spend tourism dollars there, or do business with major banks or other companies in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley.

Today's illegal aliens are no longer the honorable braceros that came legally on temporary work permits to harvest fruits and vegetables.

In recent months Arizonans have been shot dead on their own property by Mexican drug runners. Phoenix has the second highest kidnapping rate of all world cities.

Even illegals who come to do honest work arrive dishonestly, violate our immigration laws, and break more laws by using false Social Security numbers and forged documents.

Many illegal immigrants from Mexico are poor and have little education. One study estimated that such families each consume at least $22,000 in social benefits including public schools, medical care, welfare and more than they pay in taxes.

If President Obama achieves "comprehensive immigration reform" that gives permanent legal status to illegals here, their Obamacare and benefits will cost taxpayers up to an additional $90 billion per year, equivalent to at least $4,000 more from every income-tax-paying family of four in America.

Democrats are gambling that their campaign against Arizona will win more affection from the fastest growing voter bloc in America, Hispanics, than it will lose votes from those who now pay the crushing costs of illegal immigration.

On Thursday, April 29, Democrats have scheduled another pander to Hispanics with congressional resolution H.R. 2499, aimed at manipulating the island of Puerto Rico into statehood. If this gambit succeeds, Democrats will control two more permanent U.S. senators and at least six more seats in Congress.

As Glenn Beck has warned, this Democrat scheme would force Puerto Ricans into a vote only between statehood and independence, with no opportunity to vote as they have three times before for their current status as U.S. citizens free from income taxes.

If Spanish-speaking Puerto Rico becomes a state, America will be a country with two legal languages like Canada with the Balkanization that bilingualism foments.

Mr. Obama, says Beck, would denounce as racists any lawmakers who refused immediately to seat elected Puerto Ricans in Congress, thereby using intimidation to speed Puerto Rican statehood.

We have entered the post-constitutional, Demo-repressionist Orwellian twilight of American history.

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Arizona's new law authorizing police and sheriffs under restricted conditions to ask people to document their legal status in the U.S. is the target of an orchestrated attack from open border liberals and Democrats eager to exploit its polarizing controversy. President...
Thursday, 29 April 2010 08:54 AM
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