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Americans Need to Challenge Mentally Defective Tax Policies

Tuesday, 18 February 2014 06:40 AM Current | Bio | Archive

The term sociopath is generally defined as a person suffering from antisocial personality disorder (ADP). In turn, APD is described in the A.D.A.M. Medical Encyclopedia as an often-criminal mental condition of unknown cause in which a person has long-term pattern of manipulation, exploiting or violating the rights of others.

It takes a special type of sociopath to be able to inflict almost unimaginable harm to millions of people without any remorse. That particular subset of sociopaths is called politicians.

We have some 535 politicians in Congress alone. Then come the thousands of the president's administrators. And don't forget the men and women in black robes on the Supreme Court.

How can the characteristics of these politicians be described?

The voters find them verbally charming, socially engaging and viscerally generating feelings of trust. However, when it comes to actions, then politicians are no longer Dr. Jekyll, but become Mr. Hyde.

Back in Washington, politicians are completely unconcerned with the consequences of their actions. They make the law and have no remorse in bending or breaking it whenever it becomes necessary or just convenient to achieve their ends. Lying comes natural to our politicians.

Cash flow is the life-blood of business and of politics. Politicians aren't bribed in the same sense of the word that is applied to everyone else. They get campaign contributions or guaranteed blocks of special interest votes. In return, they shower their benefactors with such a great plethora of financial and other benefits that the tax code has to be 77,000 pages long and further necessitates the borrowing of $17 trillion in order to make good on their political promises.

Being honest about tax policy will never allow our politicians to achieve their goal of staying in power, accumulating more power and getting the cash to make that an ongoing reality.

Tax is the means by which those who gain power over others convince the subservient taxpayers that it is legal to take the taxpayers' earnings from their own labor and their private property and to fork it over to those in political power without complaint.

Politicians claim, as they always have, that paying them tribute is the price taxpayers must bear to maintain law and order. Feudal lords, dictators, social democrats, communists and all the rest told their peasants the same thing.

The basic argument is, "We don't loot you because we want to, but we do it only for your benefit."

How do politicians get away with this outrageous behavior? Simple, they will lie to your face and degrade anyone who questions their lies.

They will attack your character, your motives and threaten the safety of your family and business. Politicians have no hesitation to use all the mechanisms and forces of the government to crush their opponents.

There is no explanation for the amoral behavior of politicians when it comes to tax and related matters. It is only necessary that we acknowledge that they are unrepentant mentally, deeply disturbed human beings readily prone to doing a great deal of harm to advance their self-interest.

You are legally obligated to pay lawful taxes, but it is your moral duty to a higher power to fervently challenge the ability of politicians to impose them on you.

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It takes a special type of sociopath to be able to inflict almost unimaginable harm to millions of people without any remorse. That particular subset of sociopaths is called politicians.
Tuesday, 18 February 2014 06:40 AM
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