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Pervasive 'Governmental Madness' Dragging Down Economy

Pervasive 'Governmental Madness' Dragging Down Economy

Monday, 26 October 2015 07:30 AM Current | Bio | Archive

The United States government is being run by madmen — and madwomen.

Take any American and ask him or her, "What words come to mind when you say government"?

The chances of anybody responding with rational or sane or some similar thought is less than the chance of getting hit by lightening on a clear day three times in a row.

I speculate here, but most would respond by saying dysfunctional, terrorizes, crazy, or something analogous.

Government behaves in an entirely predictable way.  Badly.

You can pick anything that the government has its finger into, and the results fall somewhere on the continuum between shoddy and appalling.

The disconnect between how those in government see the people and how the people see the government is intellectually, emotionally, and morally  irreconcilable.

The entire operations of the government are directed to repressing the productive parts of the American economy and individual personal liberties so its political leaders and their bureaucrats can stay in power and control.

Oh, I can hear it now.  Governmental apologizers claim that only government's guiding hand is keeping the economy from crashing.

I got news for those people.  The American economy is crashing down around our ears.

Without personal liberty being paramount over the government, there is no American dream possible.

Those on the political left-wing demand that socialism is a better form of government than a free republic. They say that capitalism must be saved from itself.  That's insane by definition.

They offer us a choice of presidential candidates. Either an avowed socialist lunatic incapable of saying a coherent sentence or an utterly corrupt Alinsky revolutionary with a long track record of failure.  Both are giving praise to the policies of the current president who seems intent on creating the worst economic disaster ever to befall the United States.   

Those on the political right-wing are not any better. I think it is fair to conclude that even if they say they are opposed to the policies of the president, they have facilitated those policies with little opposition other than lip-service.

At least some on the right (in the name that is) are running for president because they are not political professionals or decidedly anti-Washington, D.C. The entrenched political establishment on the right hates them.

The consequence of years of political lunacy is that all the investment markets are teetering on chaos.  The United States is at the edge of the cliff and slipping over.

Even institutions created to act as an independent economic brake on errant government economic policy instead act as its facilitators.

The Federal Reserve is dedicated to making sure the government can keep on financing its spending excesses instead of merely being the lender of last resort for the financial system.

This might be categorized as stupid, or foolish. I say it is the product of mental illness.

If the unemployment numbers are so good, then why are their record numbers of people who do not participate in the labor markets?  And the number of people on welfare of all kinds are, even now, at unsustainable levels.  

Wall Street reports that investors are enjoying record wealth. If that's the case them why is there no increase in consumption?

Consumption is the key to a growing economy.

Adam Smith said in his book, Wealth of Nations, "Consumption is the sole end and purpose of all production; and the interest of the producer ought to be attended to, only so far as it may be necessary for promoting that of the consumer."

Clearly, pervasive "governmental madness" is dragging down the economy.

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Clearly, pervasive governmental madness is dragging down the economy.
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Monday, 26 October 2015 07:30 AM
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