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A Simple Explanation Why Trump Will Win

A Simple Explanation Why Trump Will Win

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By    |   Sunday, 14 August 2016 10:36 PM


While watching Phelps win his 23rd gold medal I realized that wherever he went he was treated with great deference. It was just understood that Phelps as the dominate athlete was the leader of the Olympic team.

That’s the way people act in society. People want and need strong leadership.

What will count to the voters in the presidential race is who they think can be trusted with their future. This perception of the voter of who will best lead is going to be their ultimate voting reality.

As the first leg of the presidential race unfolds, it seems Mrs. Clinton is swimming upstream against a swift current. Even with the entire media industry and an untold number of surrogates standing in for Mrs. Clinton, every day brings new revelations of her lying, cheating, bribery and the faint possibility of a criminal indictment.

It weighs her campaign down like lead weights.

Mr. Trump is swimming through choppy waters to be sure. But he seems to power through and gets stronger and more energetic as the race goes on. He radiates an aura of power and charisma which infuriates his detractors and delights his supporters.

Much as the Mrs. Clinton supporters and the anti-Trump crowd would like to call the race over and unilaterally declare that Mrs. Clinton is the winner, the race for the presidency is just getting started.

September 26 will be the first time Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump will compete mano-a-mano if you will pardon the expression. I’m planning on having a pizza/sushi party at my house.

What will happen when they are finally just one on one with no place to hide?

Past performance is no guarantee of future results, but the Democratic and Republican primary races shows us how Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump may perform.

Mrs. Clinton only won the Democrat Party primaries against an aged underfunded socialist/communist by literally rigging the election. If the primary were straight up, she would most likely would have lost. What is not speculation is that 21% fewer Democrats turned out to participate in the primaries this time around.

Trump dominated the Republican primaries where the major media was unmistakably biased against him as were the ruling Republican Political Establishment figures.

In the Republican primary, 62% more voters turned out than any previous Republican primary contest. Trump himself got the largest number of primary votes ever in the history of the Republican Party.

What about the issues and past accomplishments?

The political issues of the 1960s so engrained in Mrs. Clinton are in sharp contrast to the new voter’s desire for financial security, opportunity, and having a strong military and police for protection from the dangers of radical Islamic terrorists. A highly politically correct generation is being horrified by the proliferation of Black Lives Matter generated riots. The promise of getting union controlled factory jobs is not overly enticing.

Mrs. Clinton’s campaign is doing its best to run away from her actual record as a Senator, Secretary of State, and head of the Clinton Foundation. She has made it her life’s work to sell influence and government favors at the expense of the taxpayers. They certainly want to avoid reminding potential voters that Mrs. Clinton’s lies, cheats, and invariably has disastrous judgment.

Mr. Trump’s life is an open book. It’s all been played out publicly for his entire career. He is running on his actual record of performance. In a highly competitive global world, his name goes on everything he does. People eagerly pay extra to buy a Trump condo or stay in a Trump hotel. He grew up in the building trades and understand that a construction business is only as successful as the talent of its people.

Mr. Trump speaks in the language of working people — not the Washington, D.C. or elitist Orwellian double-speak. Working people relate to what Mr. Trump is saying not much differently than they would if Joe the Plumber was a billionaire and running for high office.

On September 26th, Mrs. Clinton and Mr. Trump will be one-on-one with no place to hide.
What really matters in this debate (and most decisions in life) is optics not policy. People do not systematically process information, and decisions are made emotionally. In the animal kingdom the pack always instinctively choses its alpha dog to lead.

Mrs. Clinton’s shrill voice is not pleasant to which to listen. She comes across as a mix between a mid-level policy wonk and snake-oil salesperson. Bernie Sanders appeared to be genuine and thereby dominated the primary debate almost at will.

Outside the debates Mrs. Clinton lets surrogates act in her place. Unless she has a complete make-over, she will appear on stage against Mr. Trump as a tired old 5’2’’stiff façade of an over-rehearsed politician promoting special interest agenda’s.

Trump is a 6’4’ vigorous male whose voice and tone are most engaging when speaking carefully. When he walks onto a stage it is as if he owns the whole studio. He dominated every primary debate against all the other well-funded and experienced Republican contenders. And he controls the news today. His campaign, like everything else he has done in life, is all Trump.

Why do I think Mr. Trump will win the debates and ultimately the presidential election?

My explantion is simple.

In this election cycle, Mr. Trump is the Alpha Dog of the pack.

Denis Kleinfeld is known as a strategic tax and wealth protection lawyer, widely published author and creative teacher. To read more of his articles, CLICK HERE NOW.


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Why do I think Mr. Trump will win the debates and ultimately the presidential election? My explantion is simple. In this election cycle, Mr. Trump is the Alpha Dog of the pack.
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Sunday, 14 August 2016 10:36 PM
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