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Climate Change Extremists Threaten Financial Market Destruction

Climate Change Extremists Threaten Financial Market Destruction
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Denis Kleinfeld By Monday, 09 November 2015 07:32 AM Current | Bio | Archive

There seem to be many people who believe that a terrible thing is happening which is an existential threat to the existence of earth.

The earth's climate is changing.

And they intend to stop it.

But first, they have to figure out how to silence non-believing heretics.  I mean it is awfully difficult to save the world if there are people running around who use mere facts and science to refute your belief.

If they did that — if they rebut the belief that the true believers know how to stop the climate from changing — then that would mean that the climate change believers are "the crazy ones.:

At least one thing is all agreed upon: the climate changes.  Even the president has acknowledged "the debate is settled, climate change is a fact."  Unfortunately,  he thinks that climate change can  be stopped by using new sources of energy.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr., whose most significant accomplishment is that he was born a Kennedy, reportedly is one of climate change's loudest activists. In an interview with Climate Depot during a recent People's Climate March he expresses his belief that politicians opposed to climate change should be prosecuted for selling out the public trust; the Koch brothers are against all the evidence of a rational mind, saying global warming doesn't exist, and they should be put in jail — "enjoying three hots [meals I presume] and a cot at the Hague with all the other war criminals."

Albert Gore says that denying global warming would carry repercussions. To Gore, climate change is accepted science and officials who deny it should pay a price.  In the meantime, Gore makes millions of dollars in a plethora of businesses as a global warming climate change huckster.

Democratic Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, drawing a parallel between the tobacco industry and the fossil fuel industry, feels that RICO laws should be applied to global warming skeptics. The charge should be that they were engaged in political lobbying, contributions to political candidates, and engaging in communication and media efforts that aim to undermine climate science.

Jumping on the prosecution express (my thanks to Holman Jenkins for that description) New York State Attorney General Eric T. Schneiderman issued subpoenas to ExxonMobil to turn over internal communications regarding what they knew about the risks of climate change.  The apparent legal theory being that by denying climate change they engaged in securities fraud.

The AG's legal position is that global warming aka climate change is settled science.  Its risks should have been disclosed in the  financial disclosures to the shareholders. Hence, there is potentially fraud which can be pursued under the Martin Act.

Bernie Sanders, Marin O'Malley, and Hillary Clinton are all on this train as it is pulling out of the station.

But what do we know are actual facts involving the climate, weather and related aspects of Mother Nature?

The climate is by definition the typical or average weather whether talking about a specific region or the entire Earth. Climate change is merely the change in the typical weather.
What's the difference between climate and weather?

Weather is the observation of short-term changes in such things as temperature, the wind, humidity and similar occurrences.  It can be hour by hour or day by day.  The climate is weather measured over long periods of time. Sometimes thousands or millions of years. 

The crucial scientific question which impacts policy, legal liability and the market values of the biggest to the smallest of businesses and financial security of all individuals is not whether the climate is changing.

The climate is always changing.

The Earth has periods of time when it was colder, and there were periods of time when the world was warming.  Man's existence or non-existence had virtually nothing to do with the changes in climate.

It is also a scientific fact that how global climate functions is still unknown.  No one has more than a superficial theoretical understanding of the interrelationships, integration, and feedback loops of the mechanisms over vast amounts of time which cause climate. 

Global warming believers became stymied because the Earth is not warming but cooling. 

Hence, the shift to arguing the ambiguous term climate change as the code word replacing global warming.

Settled science became questioned when it was discovered that the global warming supporters were faking the scientific data.  Peer reviewed scientific papers promoting the settled science of global warming published in prestigious journals were discredited left and right.

The global warming believers relied on computer models to project future climate.  They use algorithms which attempt to describe the dynamics and interactions of the factors which the algorithm creators estimate will represent how all the Earth will be in decades and centuries from now.

How accurate are these computer models?

All I can say about this is that the computer models used in the daily weather reports are better than sticking a finger in the air.

But what happens when a hurricane is coming on?

We all see the dramatic presentations by the National Hurricane Center.  

Various computer models used by the experts show various tracks in different colors that a hurricane may follow.  Some go this way while some go that way. That's when the hurricane approaching us is only days or even hours away. 

How accurate are the prognostications of how many hurricanes will occur in any one year? 

Computers modeling differs from settled science where events can be proved with absolute mathematical certainty.

It is quite a different matter for private industry adopting energy efficiency for business and financial reasons, than government mandating sustainable energy programs driven by political considerations of campaign contributions and voting blocks.

The battle over climate change is not about science. It is about irrational ideological beliefs for some, and a driving fervor for power, control, and money by others.

These extremists believe they are part of the elite order.  Their mindset is that they know better than the masses what is good for everyone. Free-market capitalism and personal choice is an anathema to these globalist of the new world order.

The attacks by global warming believers are far more dangerous than the outright financial handouts, governmental tax credits, and other subsidies they suck out of the economy.

The believers in global warming and man's ability to stop the Earth's climate are nutcases. 

Clearly they believe that their ends justify whatever means are necessary.

Unless those who believe in personal liberty and the free-market put the global warming fanatics down hard, the actions of these crazies will cause the destruction of the financial markets. 

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There seem to be many people who believe that a terrible thing is happening which is an existential threat to the existence of earth. The earth's climate is changing.
Climate, Change, Financial Market, Destruction
Monday, 09 November 2015 07:32 AM
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