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America Is in Deep Trouble, Under Attack and Fighting 2 Wars

America Is in Deep Trouble, Under Attack and Fighting 2 Wars

Monday, 07 December 2015 12:04 AM Current | Bio | Archive

The United States is under attack.

Internally, the Congress is unrelenting in its efforts to dominate the private economy, investors, and taxpayers.

Fairly similar to the feudal system where a king and his feudal lords strip the peasants of any individual rights and control all property and production.

Externally, the 49 countries where Islam dominates are waging a war against the United States either by directly funding the methods used global terrorist organizations or indirectly by being fully supportive with the end goal of Sharia law prevailing world-wide.

They also want to control the people, property, and all production.

The combination of the two present the United States with existential threats which must be realized, recognized, and defeated.

Winning the war against Islam will only happen if the private economy, investors, and taxpayers first retake their economic power back from the federal feudal system.

Congress has allowed the creation of over 1,000 federal departments, agencies, commissions, bureaus, and other types of official and quasi-official organizations all of which issue regulations, rulings, orders, notices, letters and more.

The social fabric and financial system of the United States are being wrapped in an ever-tightening regulatory strait-jacket eliminating personal liberty and effectively strangling the capitalist free-market. 

Think of it. From the moment you get out of bed in the morning, some federal bureaucracy has a mandated what you can do, say, eat, drink, work, play, and every other aspect of your daily life.

Congress’ ultimate weapon is civil and criminal tax.  As we have seen with Obamacare and FATCA (the foreign account law), the government’s taxing power is unlimited.

Congress has recently ratcheted it up by making it legal for the tax bureaucrats to take your passport away by merely claiming you owe them money.

With the blessings of Congress and the president, the Federal Reserve operates like a casino, the U.S. Treasury facilitates governmental Ponzi schemes, and Wall Street operates a vast array of scams, shams, and frauds.

Since the passage of income tax and the Federal Reserve 100 years ago, the purchasing power of the U.S. dollar has dropped 98%.

A Dow of 20,000 will not mean much when this current asset bubble bursts and it takes a stack of dollars to buy a loaf of bread.

The strength of the American economy is the key to defending and maintaining our way of life.

The American economic system is based on personal liberty and equal opportunity.  We like freedom and free markets. We believe in the moral imperative of respecting individual religious beliefs.

Is this American way of life compatible with Islamic beliefs?

Not a single one of the 49 Muslim dominated countries tolerates either the fundamental moral and ethical beliefs of Americans or the principles on which our constitution is based.

Islamic countries follow one law. To be Muslim is to emulate Mohammed.  Islam is a paramilitary theocracy following only Sharia law.

Yes, large numbers of Muslims have an evolved understanding of their beliefs which are more aligned with the modern world.

We welcome them.

They are not trying to impose Sharia law on the world.

Our fight is with the Islamists in the 49 Muslim dominate countries — and those Muslims in other countries — who either directly support using terror to have the world submit to Sharia law or are fully supportive of the same objective.

Will the American taxpayer use the coming elections to begin the process of overcoming the federal feudal system that now controls the United States?

Will America be able to defeat those who believe that the whole world including the United States should be forced to submit to Sharia law?

I don’t know.  This is a two-front war.

What I know is that right now America is in deep trouble.

Denis Kleinfeld is known as a strategic tax and wealth protection lawyer, widely published author and creative teacher. To read more of his articles, CLICK HERE NOW.

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Will America be able to defeat those who believe that the whole world including the United States should be forced to submit to Sharia law?
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Monday, 07 December 2015 12:04 AM
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