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‘When China Rules the World’ Pays Homage to China

By    |   Thursday, 18 March 2010 08:38 AM

My search for Martin Jacques’ book about China yielded some 507,000 Google hits.

I called Barnes and Noble’s reading room to inquire about the book. “We have 12 copies of the book,” I was told, “and they all are being read.”

I ordered a copy of the book, and about a week later, I received it.

The title on the front jacket of Jacque’s book reads, in bold black font and capital letters, “When China Rules the World.” The title seems to be timeless: It can mean the present as well as the future. Nor is it clear that China’s rule of the world is something good and inevitable or bad and also inevitable.

So why is this book so sensational?

The tests of new weapons on the ground, at sea, in the air, and above the air cannot be concealed, and hence the United States and other democracies have an objective picture of growth of China’s military might after 1989, when the owners of China possibly decided that they should crush the United States once and for all (see General Chi’s speeches of 2005) rather than fuss with about 100 “Tiananmens” a year in China, one of which, on Tiananmen Square in Beijing, became known all over the world after the owners of China murdered its participants for their “illegal request” to have democracy in China.

Thus, the population of the United States and other democracies has known for many years about the “phenomenal growth” of China’s military might. What was the purpose of this phenomenal growth?

China’s Gen. Chi described how China would rout the United States, kill from one-third to two-thirds of its population, and pass their property to new (Chinese) dwellers in the former USA.

And suddenly Americans read, “When China Rules the World.”

Without a war against the United States and its allies!

Under the book’s title there is a subtitle in red letters: “The End of the Western World and the Birth of a New Global Order.” Then comes the picture of a terrestrial globe, with the earth cut out and visible in red, since the hard cover of the book is red and shows through the cutout as a “red earth.” Finally, at the bottom of the front jacket is the author’s name in black.

According to Google, Martin Jacques was born in England in 1945, making him 65 now.

In 1977, Jacques became editor of Marxism Today, a brainchild of the Communist Party of Great Britain, and in 1991, that is, 14 years later, the publication was closed down. Had Marxism become so unfashionable? Well, Marxism helped Jacques to present his program without mentioning the unfashionable Marxism.

Marx postulated that it is the regress of capitalism and the progress of socialism — and not wars! — that lead to the end of capitalism and to the “birth of a new global order.”

Such is Jacques’ global view on the front jacket of his book.

However, no one would buy his book consisting of one page (the front cover of the jacket) even in China, to say nothing of the “ending Western World.” So he added 550 pages — which add nothing new to the front jacket, but create the commercial impression that “When China Rules the World” is a scholarly volume, not just one sloganistic page.

On page 3, the reader will see Figure 1, with two tables. The bottom one is “The World in 2050,” in which China is the only country rising economically twice as high as the United States and India. The other 20 countries, including the United Kingdom, Germany, Russia, France, and Italy, are, economically, so small in 2050 that most of them are barely visible above the zero line. But who have supplied these data for 2050? The owners of China? Jacques lectured in China (on Marxism?).

It seems that the ambiguous front jacket was designed to attract as many people as possible to buy the book, while the innards of the book (550 pages) extol China as fantastically as possible to the satisfaction of the owners of China.

Characteristic in this respect is Figure 13 (on page 162): “The decline of poverty in China.” According to the graph curve on the figure, more than 50 percent of the population of China in 1980 lived below the poverty level, while in 1998 the figure was less than 10 percent.

But is a “decline of poverty” all that the population of China wants? The Tiananmen massacre occurred in 1989, that is, in the middle of the “decline of poverty,” which Jacques tabled in triumph.

The Tiananmen people did not mention the decline of poverty — they laid the emphasis on political freedoms and were massacred for their peaceful request. Jacques does a great service to the owners of China: He is persuading the population of the United States and other democracies that it is so absurd to think that China has been growing militarily in order to strike the United States (as Gen. Chi describes it in his confidential speeches) that Jacques never even mentions it.

What he explains is that China, owing to its intrinsic superiority, is becoming so wise, advanced, and powerful that the world will do well to ask China to rule the world.

“The End of the Western World,” as we read on the front jacket of the book. Who, except China, can rule the world, including the Western world?

Jacques’ English ancestors acquired colonies by wars. In this case, the world outside China must see the tremendous advantages of becoming — no, not China’s colonies — but part of China’s communist territory itself!

Then Jacque’s book or its front cover jacket will become a historic document that showed the world (130 years after the death of Marx) its real route to peace and happiness for all countries and the advent of a paradise on earth “When China rules the World.”

You can reach me at levnavrozov@gmail.com.

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My search for Martin Jacques book about China yielded some 507,000 Google hits. I called Barnes and Noble s reading room to inquire about the book. We have 12 copies of the book, I was told, and they all are being read. I ordered a copy of the book, and about a week...
Thursday, 18 March 2010 08:38 AM
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