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Obama, McCain Have Totally Different Worldviews

Monday, 03 November 2008 09:09 AM

It was James Carville, wasn't it, who achieved iconic status in Bill Clinton's first campaign by posting a sign in headquarters that said, "It's the economy, stupid"?

That was OK for then. For now, any such sign in any headquarters should be removed and burned and replaced with one that says, "It's America's survival, stupid!" That is the one overriding issue of the day.

Every other issue, including the economy, finishes way, way down below. Taking final measurements now of Sens. Barack Obama and John McCain, I find it quite easy, upon comparing their respective messages, to allocate my vote to John McCain.

McCain’s message, to my ear, seems to be, "Don't mess with America." The message from Obama seems to be, "Under my leadership, America will quit messing with other countries." If that interpretation is unfair to Obama, I have a hard time coughing up an apology. He's said so much to confirm it and so little to contradict it.

Has America indeed "messed" with other countries? Yes, we have. Beginning in December 1941, we messed with Japan, but only after Japan messed with us leaving 3,000 Americans dead and our Pacific fleet crippled at Pearl Harbor. And when our messing with Japan ended successfully in 1945, it put an end to Japan's brutal and catastrophic messing with China, Korea, Manchuria, the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Burma.

After Adolf Hitler declared war on America a few days after their Japanese allies attacked Pearl Harbor we, along with our British and Soviet allies, started messing with Nazi Germany, upon the success of which Germany was forced to cease its brutal and catastrophic messing with Norway, Denmark, Holland, Belgium, France, Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia, Greece, Poland, and the Soviet Union.

Then, in 1950, we messed with North Korea and totally messed up their plans to overrun their countrymen to the south resulting today in a South Korea that is strong, prosperous, and democratic while the aggressor regime of communist North Korea remains at the bottom of history's dustbin of despotic depravity.

That was not the end of America's lifesaving habit of messing with other countries. In 1965, America messed with the Dominican Republic narrowly averting a multi-pronged civil war that would have claimed an estimated 100,000 Dominican lives.

His political enemies ridiculed Ronald Reagan when Reagan sent the Marines into tiny Grenada in 1983, but that bit of messing around also saved a lot of lives, including those of a university full of American medical students, that would have been endangered when a somewhat disciplined and organized communist dictator, Maurice Bishop, was overthrown and assassinated by a psychopathic gunslinging Bernard Coard.

We messed around in Somalia to feed the starving and in Lebanon to try to keep the peace. Our "thank-you" note was almost 300 Marines slaughtered in a barracks bombing and our helicopter pilots murdered and dragged through the streets of Mogadishu.

We even hauled off and invaded a communist country in 1963; again to save lives. There was a terrible earthquake in what was then Yugoslavia in the southern city of Skopje. When our offers to send help were unanswered by a Belgrade crippled with chaos, American

trucks and planes loaded with relief supplies and medics went in anyway. If you want to include the American custom of chasing fire engines around the world to relieve suffering and save lives, this column might never end.

In 1991, Desert Storm under American leadership ejected Saddam Hussein from Kuwait.

America's messing with Afghanistan three weeks after 9/11 ejected al-Qaida from its world headquarters. Although history's verdict on America's messing with Iraq is not quite final, the Iraqi people seem utterly un-nostalgic for their late dictator Saddam Hussein, and if democracy really sinks cleats and grabs traction in Iraq, then history will shine upon President George W. Bush the same way history shines upon President Harry Truman for saving South Korea. Can you imagine an Arab democracy in that neighborhood? One good apple ruins the whole rotten bunch!

The American pattern seems rather strongly to suggest that we' don't mess with other countries for the historical reasons of seizing territory and plunder. In fact, that pattern shows we've messed with other countries only after having been messed with ourselves by those countries and/or when the countries we mess with are in the act of messing with other countries unable to defend themselves.

Obama lays much stress upon "talking" to the nuclear and terror-supporting regimes of the world. It's dis-spiriting to me that America's first black president would be in such a rush to talk to slave-masters.

Both McCain and Obama vow to deploy American might to stand up for America and democracy. They both have the words. McCain has the melody.

A cobweb is as good as a steel cable when there's no strain upon it.

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It was James Carville, wasn't it, who achieved iconic status in Bill Clinton's first campaign by posting a sign in headquarters that said, "It's the economy, stupid"? That was OK for then. For now, any such sign in any headquarters should be removed and burned and replaced...
Monday, 03 November 2008 09:09 AM
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