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Honduran Coup Exposes Liberal Hypocrisy

Monday, 13 July 2009 04:34 PM

Let me try to make this riddle sufficiently agonizing.

It's a straight riddle. No tricks. Liberals have long nourished a dream with an intensity not even social equality and the end of racism and poverty could equal. More "What ifs." More "Why nots." More breasts were bared and beaten and more prayers frisbee'd upward toward Heaven on behalf of this dream than any other. Suddenly, in mid-2009, dramatically and unexpectedly, that dream came true.

And, not only did the liberals not like it. They hated it. Question: What was that dream?

This is a blazing example of failure to recognize what you've always dreamed about and prayed for. An old joke illustrates. A rabbi in the Pennsylvania flood-lands is dispatching his congregation to safety during the rising of the flood waters. As the last of them are carried to safety he goes to the roof of his synagogue to escape the rampaging waters.

A motorboat with rescuers comes along and the crew says, "Jump in, Rabbi. It's getting bad." "No, thanks," replies the rabbi. "God will save me." The waters rise to the rabbi's knees even up there on the roof and another motorboat comes along and a yell issues forth, "Come on, Rabbi. It's still rising." "I choose to remain here," said the rabbi. "God will save me." As the water rose beyond the rabbi's hip yet another motorboat appeared and the rescuers beg the rabbi to hop aboard to safety. "Thank you," he gently replies. "But I'll stay here. God will save me."

By the time the water had risen to the rabbi's neck a helicopter took up position directly over his head and a voice through a loudspeaker said, "Rabbi, we're going to lower a rope ladder. Just put your foot in the stirrup and grab hold and we'll lift you up and you'll be okay." "Thank you very much," said the rabbi. "I'm remaining here. God will save me."

The waters rose higher still and engulfed the rabbi and he drowned. When he arrived in heaven and faced God he said, "Lord, God of the universe. Forgive my impertinence, but I'm confused. I spent my entire time on earth believing in you and spreading your word among my flock. And at the end I had faith you would save me. Why, dear Lord, did you not save me?"

"What do you mean, why didn't I save you?" thundered an irritated God. "I sent three motorboats and a helicopter for you!"

Didn't the Bible tell us the big flood started with a cloud "no bigger than a man's hand?" The great liberal dream started materializing in the Central American nation of Honduras, geopolitically no bigger than a "man's hand." The Liberal Dream was always as follows: "Why didn't and why don't the great capable powers move in and stop a leader somewhere between his initial grab of dictatorial powers and his first aggression against neighbors and his first political murders, genocide, or holocaust? Why, oh why, for instance, didn't the civilized nations jump in and stop Adolf Hitler at some point between his burning of the books, torching the Reichstag, officially persecuting Jews and sending German troops into the Rhineland in 1936; a biggie, that one, because that was a blatant violation of the Versailles Treaty that ended World War 1? Better yet, if the outside world isn't going to do anything more than sit there and watch and wait and complain and offer limp protest resolutions, why don't forces inside the country threatened with dictatorship save themselves? I mean, after all, any dictator is just one guy!

Ah, big problem. So many dictators are "democratically elected," including Hitler and Benito Mussolini. Liberal DNA paralyzes any move to overthrow a democratically-elected dictator. Or, it did until Honduras! Honduras got it right. The minute a democratically-elected leader shuts down the opposition, dismisses his parliament or, as in the case of Honduras, contravenes a direct order of his supreme court, that leader is no longer kissed by the radiance of democratic election. He becomes a fully-qualified candidate for removal.

Please don't waste your life-force trying to convince your liberal friends anything this virtuous is what happened in Honduras. The liberal imagination can no more imagine anything but a strongman-military takeover in Latin America than they can imagine Icelandic wine, Norwegian suntan lotion, or a book entitled "Irish Gourmet Recipes," or "Ten Thousand Years of German Humor."

The rest of us can rejoice that when democratically-elected Honduran President Jose Manuel "Mel" Zelaya decided to stage a referendum on whether he could remove the Honduran constitution's limit of a single term for president, his supreme court said no. When the ballots, printed in Venezuela, continued to arrive and Zelaya ordered the army to distribute them, the head of the army refused to obey this illegal order. When Zelaya ordered the military chief arrested, soldiers arrested him instead and, in a refreshing break from Latin American tradition, did not shoot the president dead on the spot, but rather ushered him in his pajamas to a plane and exile in Costa Rica. No shot was fired during this dictatorship-prevention procedure.

The man who sits in the president's chair for the time being, Roberto Michelleti, is not a colonel or even a corporal, much less a caudillo. And he belongs to the same party as the ousted Zelaya. Some classic Latin American coup!

Meanwhile, certain American news channels are showing footage of the "crowds" of Hondurans who want Zelaya back, ignoring the fact that the anti-Zelaya crowds total many times (some say 10) as large as the pro-Zelaya crowds. Any newsroom chief who knowingly does that should be banned from newsroom-type employment for life.

And America — beginning with President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton — ought to be ashamed of bringing Zelaya to the United States to "show support."

Instead, they should make a donation to the new Honduran president's military — a package consisting, maybe, of three motorboats and a helicopter.

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Let me try to make this riddle sufficiently agonizing. It's a straight riddle. No tricks. Liberals have long nourished a dream with an intensity not even social equality and the end of racism and poverty could equal. More "What ifs." More "Why nots." More breasts were bared...
Monday, 13 July 2009 04:34 PM
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