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California Is on an Unsustainable Path

California Is on an Unsustainable Path
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Sixty years ago the state of California was prospering and ultra-conservative. Its economy was admired and its citizens, for the most part, were financially stable and happy. But around the time of Governor Ronald Reagan’s second term in the state, subtle changes began. The spiraling political road toward a Third World malaise began.

The definition of “Third World” is frightening to most Americans. It denotes low economic development, high levels of poverty, and dysfunctional one-rule government. There can be no more descriptive and to-the-point picture of the once “Golden State” of California.

The once-admired state has become a destination for welfare recipients, illegal immigrants, and poverty-level citizens. It is a combination of wealthy elitists, pseudo-liberal Hollywood celebrities, disengaged millennials, and rampant poverty dotted with millions of first generation immigrants both legal and illegal.

This change came legally. It was voted in by California’s lawmakers. The complicit, naïve voting citizens share the blame. California is now a “sanctuary state,” pushing for the rights of illegal aliens and dooming the economy to never recover. Represented by ultra-liberal politicians like Governor Jerry Brown and L.A. Mayor Eric Garcetti, the one party state is in reeling decline.

Los Angeles and San Francisco have an ever-growing homeless population. There is a vagrant subculture of intoxicated, drug influenced, mentally impaired and criminals everywhere. The rule of law has been replaced by an ever-confining status of political correctness that would shame even the most liberal of college professors.

Homeless by the thousands sleep in the open next to gleaming empires of dotcom corporations. Workers quickly pass by ignoring the unwashed masses and the stench of urine and feces. Health hazards are too many to count.

The urban roadways are a mass of 24/7 gridlock. They are a mess of potholed, weed infested, trash laden, graffiti vandalized passages packed with bumper to bumper traffic going nowhere. Tax increases to fix the roadways are a regular occurrence with little to show for it. California has some of the highest state and gas taxes in the nation, but one would never know it.

The taxpaying citizens grumble and groan, but for the time being, most are willing to pay for the mild climate the state offers. That is changing as hundreds of thousands of employed citizens flee the state yearly. They are mostly replaced by the aforementioned poor and illegals that bring an even further burden to the welfare state California has become.

But employed Californians can ill-afford to take time off work to protest the outrageous and constant increases in taxes on gas, municipal services, vehicle registrations, rapid transit, and Jerry Brown’s billion-dollar bullet train going to nowhere. Only the unemployed, government subsidized masses and illegals have time to demand their continued public support.

Taxation without representation marches on. The utopia of liberalism is thriving within their “progressive” minds and they control the state like a dictatorship in a banana republic. California is becoming a two-tier society of the very wealthy and the very poor. Meanwhile, the middle class, small business owners, and the retired are fleeing the state and their tax base goes with them.

States like Texas, Idaho, Montana, and New Mexico welcome these tax-paying residents with open arms. California’s elected officials continue to pander to the poor and public-assistance populace who re-elect them year after year with their promises of more taxpayer assistance and free entitlements.

There are too few in California that remember the days of Ronald Reagan. This year’s candidates for governor of California profess open borders and sanctuary state status. Progressive advocates such as Antonio Villaraigosa and Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom guarantee those millions of votes.

Future state legislatures on the horizon will allow illegal aliens in the state to vote in elections. They can already obtain drivers licenses. This sort of free giveaway cannot be matched by pragmatic candidates possessing common sense who are relegated to also-rans time after time.

Californians brought this state of anarchy upon themselves. For instance, state voters approved Proposition 47 which has since freed tens of thousands of felons from state prisons and county jails back into communities. Prop. 47 also eviscerated the parole enforcement agency and created a system where police on the streets can’t even enforce outstanding felony and misdemeanor warrants anymore.

Police are relegated to ignoring people under the influence of dangerous drugs. Now it’s a simple misdemeanor. Auto theft has been reduced to a citable misdemeanor. Non-violent crimes can have you back on the street the same day. Even if you knowingly transmit the AIDS virus to an unknowing victim has been reduced from a felony to a misdemeanor.

The sanctuary city/state mentality further endangers citizens. Police in a number of California cities that include San Francisco, Oakland, and Los Angeles are ordered not to assist ICE with border enforcement. Politically correct California is willing to sacrifice the innocent to demonstrate that they support violent illegal alien criminals.

Marijuana became legal January 1 of this year. Research into the highway fatalities in marijuana-friendly Colorado found a significant relationship to fatal and injurious accidents to marijuana influence.

As home prices reach the stratosphere in California, traffic is in constant gridlock and taxes increase yearly. The allure of other states attracts the paying citizens of California while the takers find fewer to live off. The once-heralded school system of the state is in shambles as the funds to support bilingual education and welfare recipients destroys the budget.

California’s debt is billions of dollars including bankrupt and non-fundable state pensions. The state spends billions funding illegal aliens to the tune of thirty percent of the budget. Hard-working taxpayers have little to no voice and are shouted down as racists and bigots if they speak up.

Competent economists will tell you there is no hope for the state’s economy. There are not enough paying citizens to fund the “ideal” world liberal’s strive for. While they huddle behind fenced compounds and send their children to private schools, the state crumbles under the massive deficits with no one to pay the bills.

Dwight L. Schwab, Jr. is an award-winning national political and foreign affairs columnist and published author. He has spent over 35 years in the publishing industry. His long-running articles include many years at Examiner.com and currently Newsblaze.com. Dwight is an author of two highly acclaimed books, "Redistribution of Common Sense - Selected Commentaries on the Obama Administration 2009-2014" and "The Game Changer - America's Most Stunning Election in History." He is a native of Portland, Oregon, a journalism graduate from the University of Oregon, and a resident of the SF Bay Area. To read more of his reports — Click Here Now.

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Sixty years ago the state of California was prospering and ultra-conservative.
california, ronald reagan, debt, sanctuary
Wednesday, 14 February 2018 04:54 PM
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