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Common Sense Will Return After Democrats Ruin Country

Wednesday, 14 October 2009 12:15 PM Current | Bio | Archive

The world is upside down. The Democrats have let unemployment compensation expire.

For years now, the American public has endured the inane and ignorant stereotypes of Hollywood — and none brings more howls of laughter than the clichéd, evil, Republican presidential candidate who wants to cut funding to school lunch programs or reduce time limits on unemployment benefits just to be mean.

Ahem, you notice my last example? By the way, the president, in Hollywood dreamland movies and television shows, is always a principled, liberal Democrat.

Now, sometimes in these movies, even the Democratic president needs a little nudging. Michael Douglas played such a character in the movie "The American President." It took a second wife, the gorgeous and common-sense woman of the people, Sydney Wade, played by Annette Bening, to convince a widowed president Andrew Shepherd not to give in to the evil Republicans and cut environmental programs.

Oh, why are the Republicans so selfish? Why do they hate the planet and why do they hate the children? And why do they hate the innocent poor folks?

In Hollywood-land, the government has endless amounts of money, and the programs cost nobody anything, except the very rich, such as Bill Gates and Warren Buffet, who actually want to pay more taxes, which prompts an immediate question. Why are Gates and Buffet giving billions of dollars to charities? If they believe in the government and are pleased with its spending and have no criticism of its bureaucracy and the efficacy of its social programs, why don’t they just give their donations to the government itself? In other words, why don’t they put their money where their mouths are?

It brings to mind that famous quote of Joseph Sobran: “Politicians never accuse you of greed for wanting other people’s money – only for wanting to keep your own money.”

Well, well. The other day, I just flew back into the country from Europe to learn that Hollywood and the Democrat-controlled Congress had let unemployment compensation run out. It meant that hundreds of thousands of unemployed people have no more money from the government. They can’t pay rent, house payments, or their electric and gas bills. And winter is upon us.

What gives? Hollywood and the Democrats control Congress. And they have shown that there is no end to the money they can spend. They just print more. Wheee, a trillion here, a trillion there.

Actually, I learned that the Democrat-controlled House of Nancy Pelosi voted to extend the payments but only in 27 states? Like a lot of her recent legislation, “gotta reward our people and punish the people who didn’t vote for us.”

And the Democrat controlled Senate? It hasn’t even considered legislation to extend unemployment benefits. What’s the rush? After all, the people in the Red states won’t vote for us anyway and the unemployed people in the Blue States are so stupid they will vote for us whether we extend the benefits or not. Hmmm. Not quite like the movies is it?

Meanwhile, we are told that we still don’t have a healthcare plan because of the evil health insurance companies who are lobbying Congress. Republican Sen. Olympia Snowe is praised for voting a plan out of Committee, but they say we still need more Republicans onboard. But wait a minute? The Democrats control Congress. You mean, the Democrats are accepting bribes to vote against their own conscience, against their very own programs? Put that in a movie.

Meanwhile, the BBC ran a hilarious segment on American discrimination. They interviewed a black worker, asking him whether the new government program rebuilding the infrastructure will help create jobs. “Well, not for us,” the man intoned seriously into the camera. “The government discriminates against us.”

The BBC correspondent did the segment straight, and the anchor did not even bat an eyelash. No one but the audience seems to grasp the irony that the president himself is black, and he enforces the laws and appoints the attorney general. And the Civil Rights Commission? Four are appointed by President Barack Obama, two by House Speaker Pelosi, and two by the Senate President Pro Tempore Harry Byrd. All Democrats.

Oh how the news media and Hollywood and Europe miss having the Republicans in power. How hard it is to govern. How hard it is to do it all right. How easy to criticize. Look at me? Ha. Well, don’t worry, Hollywood. Don’t worry, Democrats. Print as much play money as you can get away with. And stash it where the Republicans can’t find it, because your celebration will not last forever. Play while you can. Ruin the country as quickly as possible. Because common sense is sure to return. And we again will be able to enjoy Hollywood angst in the cinema.

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The world is upside down. The Democrats have let unemployment compensation expire.For years now, the American public has endured the inane and ignorant stereotypes of Hollywood and none brings more howls of laughter than the clichéd, evil, Republican presidential...
Wednesday, 14 October 2009 12:15 PM
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