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Science Bears Out Existence of Supreme Being

Science Bears Out Existence of Supreme Being
The Milky Way arcs in the summer night sky seen near Repashuta, 105 miles northeast of Budapest, Hungary, on Thursday, June 15, 2017. (Peter Komka/AP)

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An everlasting, omnipotent supreme being calling forth creation used to be at the far limits of human imagination and belief. Non-religionists in centuries past stood on much firmer ground looking askance at creation myths from around the planet and casting the doctrine of the world’s great religions in the same category. In point of fact, however, the metaphysical and jaw-dropping dogma in the 21st century doesn’t reside at the Vatican or the Wailing Wall. It is instead to be found at places like Fermilab and California Tech (Cal Tech) where the mind is far more boggled.

"Let there be light," requires sufficient faith to embrace, yet a paltry amount compared to what science demands to conceive the creation of the cosmos: earth, moon, sun, Milky Way and 100 billion other galaxies squeezed together in a volume smaller than that of a proton. Methuselah may or may not have lived 1,000 years, but that age would — and must — be attained by space travelers moving at small increments below light speed for what would seem to them but a few scant years.

However, mind-bending truisms having to do with the Big Bang and relativity pale in comparison to where quantum mechanics and cutting edge physics are treading at present.

The fact is that at the heart of almost every single foundational constant of the universe we find that it is balanced on the most astoundingly implausible — impossible, actually —razor’s edge. Our universe seems to be fairly screaming at us that it was engineered by intelligent design.

Helium, for example, is fused in the core of stars, with 0.0068 of the mass of its constituent particles converted to energy in the process. That measure — called "epsilon" — is in part determined by the strength of the strong force. If epsilon were 0.0060 only hydrogen could exist, and the heavier elements would be nonexistent.

Altering the weight of neutrons by even 1/7 of 1 percent, either heavier or lighter, would make what happened in stellar cores cease to matter since stars as we know them wouldn’t exist. Fiddling in the slightest with the strong, weak, gravitational and electromagnetic forces also creates a cosmos inimical to life. And, this fine-tuning of almost every constant of nature goes back to before the first second ticked off after the Big Bang.

Some of that incomprehensible energy transformed into primordial quarks and antiquarks, but since matter and antimatter annihilate each other on contact, a second inconceivably powerful explosion took place as all the pairs of matter and antimatter particles in the infant universe immediately consumed themselves — except for the rarified surviving particles that escaped through the most amazing manipulation of them all.

There were 1 billion and 1 particles of matter created for every billion motes (a tiny piece of substance) of antimatter — even though that is technically impossible, a violation of the laws of physics.

Nonetheless, everything that exists is composed of these remnants of the single most astonishing contravention of the laws of nature. To be clear, this "CP violation" has nonetheless been solved recently, and it can all be understood quite easily by anyone who has a handle on Yakawa couplings, eigenvectors, and non-perturbative hadronic parameters. For the rest of us the term "miracle" works as well as anything else.

This may not, however, be what it seems: the obvious handiwork of a deity with the divine power to set so many knobs at the just the right parameters. Science has an answer to this "Goldilocks Enigma," an explanation that makes parting the Red Sea seem mundane in the extreme. There must not only be our cosmos, science insists, but others as well, an infinite number of universes actually, all here and yet not, existing where you sit and somewhere else too, at once. There must be a universe within this infinite panoply where anything can happen, where nothing can happen, where both anything and nothing occurs simultaneously.

Everything in our cosmos is adjusted so perfectly so that life can exist, but those same parameters would be set randomly in uncountable trillions of other universes and almost all would be devoid of sentient beings. It is simply due to the inescapable probabilities of mathematics that at least one, ours, would have everything tuned just so impeccably that we find ourselves here and now and have evolved the intelligence to realize our amazing  — amazing! — luck.

All of that may well be true, yet much like electrons that are at two or more places at once, it may also be neither here nor there. Those who have weighed everything and still come down on the side of what their priests, pastors and rabbis have taught them are in some ways taking the path requiring the lesser amount of blind faith.

David Nabhan is a science writer, the author of "Earthquake Prediction: Dawn of the New Seismology" (2017) and three previous books on earthquakes. Nabhan is also a science fiction writer ("Pilots of Borealis," 2015) and the author of many scores of newspaper and magazine op-eds. Nabhan has been featured on television and talk radio all over the world. His website is www.earthquakepredictors.com. To read more of his reports — Click Here Now.

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Everything in our cosmos is adjusted so perfectly so that life can exist. Those who have weighed everything and still come down on the side of what their priests, pastors and rabbis have taught them are in some ways taking the path requiring the lesser amount of blind faith.
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Monday, 26 June 2017 11:49 AM
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