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Sympathy for Las Vegas Victims Thwarted by Politics

Sympathy for Las Vegas Victims Thwarted by Politics

By    |   Wednesday, 11 October 2017 05:37 PM

Hayley Geftman-Gold reportedly said not only what was on her mind but on the minds of millions on the Left in America when she said, “If they wouldn’t do anything when children were murdered I have no hope that Repugs will ever do the right thing, I’m actually not even sympathetic bc country music fans often are Republican gun-toters.”

The Washington Examiner of October 4, 2017, reported that “2017 is the second biggest year for gun sales ever, might top 2016.” The article states the results of a PEW Research report that studied the purchase reason in March and April 2017. The number one reason for purchase 67 percent of the time was for protection. The Chapman University Survey of American Fears in April 2016 said the number one fear was corrupt government officials 60.6 percent. Our number two was fear of a Terrorist Attack, 41 percent.

I believe that people are becoming more and more afraid for the safety of their families and themselves and believe the government can’t protect them. Geftman-Gold spoke for many Democrats who are attacking the Constitution. The last two shootings were against Republicans and what were thought to be Republicans. The shooter James T. Hodgkinson reportedly asked, who was on the ball field in Washington D.C., Democrats or Republicans? Geftman-Gold presumed that because it was a country music festival they had to be Republicans.

After the mass shooting, the Left always speaks out in favor of more gun control. Mainstream media says that mass shooting is happening on a regular basis, but the facts do not prove them out. On October 5, 2017, The Washington Post posted the most recent data of mass shootings for the last 50 years. Here are some of their numbers. Including the latest shootings in Las Vegas. Over the last 50 years there were 131 mass shootings or a little over two per year. The number of people killed is 948 or about 18 people per year.

Let's look at some comparison, for the most recent 35-year period; black on black killing was 324,000 reported by Americanpress.net. These 9,257 homicides per year are 527 percent more than mass killings. Let's move on to some other mass killers. The Centers for Disease Control, (CDC) says these are in the top ten killers in America:

Heart Disease – 614,000

Cancer – 591,699

Smoking – 480,000

Lower respiratory disease – 147,101

Accidents – 136,053

Stroke – 133,033

Suicide – 42,733

Notice that mass shooting does not make the list, not even the carnage in the black on black crime makes it. It seems to me that this is truly about taking away the Second Amendment. Hitler said, “The most foolish mistake we could make would be to allow the subjugated races to possess arms." I think its very telling that PEW found that 67 percent of the time Americans are buying guns for self-protection.

These numbers are a manifestation of more and more people concerned about personal security and the government is losing its ability to protect them or at least a big number of people believe the government can’t protect them. They see the Left attacking the Constitution and their right to defend themselves. Democratic Left Senators and Congressmen want to impeach the president, not under the laws of the country, but what they want the laws to be. It is easy to understand that if the Left doesn’t want to abide by the statutes how long until they come busting into our homes to take whatever they want. Rep. Maxine Waters of California wants to impeach President Trump now and worry about the charges later. Business Insider reported the results of a poll in August of 2017 that Democrats believe Trump should be impeached by a margin of 10 to 1 over Republicans.

The government of President Barack Obama had a policy of not enforcing the law. Now we have states, cities, and counties deciding not to comply with federal immigration laws. California has become a sanctuary state. In California, illegal aliens have more protection than that of legal United States citizens; legal citizens want to protect themselves. It is no wonder that many Americans are growing more and more concerned about the ability of their government to protect them. In the Chapman University Survey of American Fears in April 2016 the number 1 fear was corrupt government officials 60.6 percent of the time.

The Hill.com reports in an article of April 4, 2017, the 2011 GAO report showed criminal histories of 251,000 criminal aliens showed that they had committed close to three million criminal offenses. Sixty-eight percent of those in federal prison and 66 percent of those in state prisons were from Mexico. Their offenses ranged from homicide and kidnapping to drugs, rape, burglary, and larceny.

Back to the beginning of this commentary, “I’m actually not even sympathetic bc country music fans often are Republican gun-toters.” Geftman-Gold finally spoke the words that many on the Left have been thinking and wishing for a long time that somebody would talk for them and what they believed. Democrats would have very little if any respect for conservatives and as Geftman-Gold said, she has no sympathy for the 58 people that were killed.

She thought it, she said it, and millions agreed. They understand that she lost her job and was forced by the Left to say what Gilda Radner noted when she was playing Emily Litella on Saturday Night Live when she was told the truth, she uttered this famous line, “Never Mind.” Once she issued her apology the Left moved on to the issue of gun control and what she said was no longer the story.

The truth is that she meant every word she said and as a result, she became a martyr to the cause of getting rid of the Second Amendment. Yes, I believe that many on the left will gladly sacrifice more Republicans to get rid of the right to keep and bear arms.

The real problem is that we have many Republicans in Congress who agree with the Left. Wouldn't the country be better off if we spent all the energy we are spending on gun control and focus our energy on many of the other killers?

Dan Perkins is an author of both thrillers and children’s books. He appears on over 1,100 radio stations. Mr. Perkins appears regularly on international TV talk shows, he is current events commentator for seven blogs, and a philanthropist with his foundation for American veterans, Songs and Stories for Soldiers, Inc. More information about him, his writings, and other works are available on his website, DanPerkins.guru. To read more of his reports — Click Here Now.

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After the mass shooting, the Left always speaks out in favor of more gun control.
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Wednesday, 11 October 2017 05:37 PM
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