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Are We Building a Better World on Quicksand?

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Having finished college in pre-Recession America and gone through law school through the worst of the financial crisis of 2008, I have seen what can happen when institutions fail to adhere to the values in which our country was founded upon.

Nevertheless, I also know that many of the ideas and institutions that many Americans value today, and are beneficial to large populations, are still in need of reform. I have always wrestled with the idea of what impact I will have on people, I have always loved giving speeches, teaching and learning about the world around me. So, when I get frustrated and want to do something, watching the recent riots makes me feel powerless and makes many of us ask ourselves, "What can I do?"

Nothing in history has ever been changed by people throwing up their hands because they either do not know what steps to take, or lack the courage to take the necessary steps. Inactivity has led to some of humanity's greatest failures and tragedies. It was only the people willing to take a risk and put it all out there that made change occur. The civil unrest we are currently experiencing has shone a whole new spotlight on the absolute viciousness of our political discourse.

The movements that made the most of a difference in American history were successful because of love and faith. The Abolitionist movement did not grow in the United States from the secular, atheist thinkers of the time, but from the pulpits of many American churches. Pastors preaching the idea that not only were all men created equal, but that all men are image bearers of an Almighty God.

The idea that we would see different races as better or worse was wrong to those of faith because all are equal in the eyes of God. Yet 100 years after the Abolitionist movement, there was still massive persecution of African-Americans and other minorities in the United States. The disconnect between the origins of abolitionism and the current self-segregation of churches is strange to see. Yet over the past 30 years we have made major inroads to integrate the churches and bring racial reconciliation

We want to be the change that we think is needed, and every generation comes to a point in time where they feel they can overcome the barriers that their parents could not. To avoid the pitfalls that have halted the progress they hoped for in the past.

However, the current generation has taken a quite radical stance. Many from "Gen Z" have decided that instead of reforming existing institutions, molding them into something that could build others up and improve things, that they would rather just destroy them. When we as a society begin to allow the destruction of any institution because of personal opinions through partisan political lenses, we create an atmosphere of constant fear and unstable entities. As Daniel Henninger stated in his Wall Street Journal piece "No Guardrails":

If as a society we want to live under conditions of constant challenge to institutions and limits on personal life, if we are going to march and fight and litigate over every conceivable grievance, then we should stop crying over all the individual casualties, because there are going to be a lot of them.

We have seen this quote's prophesied consequences take shape recently as the number of COVID-19 cases skyrocket after weeks of protests and rioting throughout America's cities. In the last few weeks we have seen multiple gunshot fatalities in the CHAZ/CHOP protest zone in Seattle, where the cause of the protest was the shooting of African-American men by law enforcement. The number one indicator of crime and poverty in the United States is the lack of a two-parent family. So, it is concerning to many that even on the Black Live Matters website, that one of the goals of the organization is to destroy the "Western" idea of the nuclear family. Removing more of these institutions that have encouraged growth must be seriously considered.

The farther that the United States' culture has strayed from Judeo-Christians values, the more things have become chaotic and seem to be on the verge of collapse. It's a fact that Judeo-Christian system of values has enabled personal growth and benefits for millions of people and helped our country be the bastion that it is.

If a tree becomes infected with a fungus, you do not cut the whole tree down, you simply cut off the branch before it infects the rest of the tree. The institutions of America are being treated like such a tree. But rather than care for them, and reform them into something that can benefit all people, many of these well-meaning but misinformed activists seek to take a chainsaw to the core of American ideals.

Abraham Lincoln once quoted a scripture that said "a house divided against itself cannot stand" and his point that a divided nation was doomed to tear itself apart. ... But Lincoln found a way to bring us from war to peace and it is always my hope that our country can once again find its way to unite. It is my personal conviction, though, that for America to be renewed the church has to step up and lead the way just like it did during the Abolitionist movement, the civil rights movement and is currently doing with the pro-life movement. Let's not lose hope but remember that we must, as Ghandi, said, "be the change we want to see in this world."

And when we follow that instruction there is no limit to what can be accomplished.

Christopher Reid is an attorney out of Birmingham who owns his own general practice law firm, which handles Business, Family, and Probate Law and high-end litigation throughout the state of Alabama. Reid has held various policy positions, including working for the Alabama Policy Institute and the Heritage Foundation in Washington D.C., where he also worked for House Republican Whip Roy Blunt. In law school, he clerked for the Alabama Attorney General Office, and, after graduation, he became Health and Judiciary Policy Analyst for Alabama's governor. His charitable work includes serving on the board of Sav-A-Life. Chris is a frequent co-host on The Scott Beason Show in Birmingham, writes political and legal commentary for publications including The Hill, The Washington Examiner, and has been quoted in The New Yorker. He regularly provides on-air expertise and political commentary for TV news shows on Fox, NBC, and Newsmax with JD Hayworth. To read more of his reports — Click Here Now.

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For America to be renewed the church has to step up and lead the way just like it did during the Abolitionist movement, the civil rights movement and is currently doing with the pro-life movement.
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Wednesday, 08 July 2020 12:12 PM
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