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We Should Not Engage ISIS in Iraq

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After President Obama’s pronouncement that more troops are headed to Iraq, it’s clear that America prefers self-immolation to learning from history, as we are engaging in a war that cannot be won.
Most shocking is how cavalierly the war hawks want to ship Americans to the Middle East, seemingly fine that many will return in body bags, if they return at all.
Here’s a look at the truths, and myths, regarding America’s involvement in Iraq:
ISIS will wreak havoc in America if we don’t kill them over there. That may not be the most irrational statement, but it’s top three. Granted, having a wide-open U.S border is an invitation to bad guys, and should be sealed immediately. 
But seriously, what’s ISIS going to do? They have their hands full fighting other Muslim factions; coming to America isn’t an option.
The ISIS caliphate is a world threat. Caliphates (a religious Islamic state) go back almost 1,500 years. They aren’t new, so why the big deal? So they want to take over the world? Is military action against anyone who says something dumb our new policy?
If we’re going to continue our involvement because we refuse to become energy independent, then let’s stop coming in on the wrong side of the fight.
Backing secular leaders like Hussein, Moammar Gadhafi (both ultimately killed by the U.S.) and embattled Syrian President Bashar Assad are the answer, as they did infinitely more keeping extreme fundamentalists in the toilet than we could ever dream of accomplishing.
The only boots on the ground needed are “advisers.” That same justification got America involved in Vietnam, another conflict lost from the start because we never won the people’s loyalty and never defined victory.
It never ends with advisers. Troops will be needed for logistics and protection. Bases will be needed. And don’t forget administrative personnel to run everything. The Treasury will get drained and Americans will die, requiring political leaders to bolster our forces with more troops.
It didn’t work in Vietnam, hasn’t worked in Afghanistan, and it certainly didn’t work in Iraq. To think we can be successful now illustrates monumental stupidity.
How will “victory” be defined? This is the biggest problem of all. It can’t. From day one of the 2003 Iraq invasion, not once has victory been defined.
Was it to find WMD? After 11 years, we found none.
Was it to stop Iraq’s “collaboration” with al-Qaida? Conveniently forgotten is that Hussein and bin Laden were sworn enemies. There was no collaboration because Hussein crushed fundamentalists, never allowing them to breathe.
How about “democratizing” the Middle East? The sheer idiocy of that thinking is mindboggling, because: A) it will never happen, and B) if it did, the dominant Islamic religious faction would always win. In Iraq and Iran, it would be the Shiite, who would then annihilate the Sunnis and join together to create a fanatical Shiite superstate.
If you can’t define victory, then you can’t win anything but more contempt by those viewing you as a crusading occupier.
The new Coalition will be successful. What coalition? The U.S. will do all the heavy lifting, as usual, incurring the Muslim world’s wrath yet again.
Where is Jordan? Or the heaviest hitter, Saudi Arabia? Nowhere. Could it be that, because those nations are Sunni, they tacitly endorse ISIS, also Sunni, engaging their enemies?  
If the key nations in the Middle East refuse to step up, why the hell are we?
Obama lost the Iraq war that Bush had won is classic revisionist history. Iraq was lost the day America invaded. Now, terrorism is commonplace, as is widespread corruption and incompetence. Pulling the troops out wasn’t what lost the war; going to war in the first place was.
Sending American troops will be a recruiting tool for disaffected fundamentalists around the world, and would be a tactical disaster. 
Our trump card is that the thousands of warring factions despise each other. America needs to play them against one other, arming the ones who, at the moment, don’t want to kill us, and using air strikes to eliminate extremist leadership.
Otherwise, committing troops will only perpetuate the fool’s errand America has been on.
Chris Freind is an independent columnist, television commentator, and investigative reporter who operates his own news bureau, Freindly Fire Zone Media. Read more reports from Chris Freind — Click Here Now.

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After President Obama’s pronouncement that more troops are headed to Iraq, it’s clear that America prefers self-immolation to learning from history, as we are engaging in a war that cannot be won.
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Wednesday, 17 September 2014 12:49 PM
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