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Democracy Can't Afford Dems' Anti-Trump Propaganda War

Democracy Can't Afford Dems' Anti-Trump Propaganda War
A protester in Burlington, Vt., holds a "Let's Dump Trump" sign as he pickets outside the Flynn Center of the Performing Arts prior to an address by then-Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump at a campaign stop in Burlington, Vt, back on Jan. 7, 2016. (Charles Krupa/AP)

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Sometime during the general election cycle, some very bright political minds in the Democratic Party confronted an awful truth. Donald Trump, the GOP candidate, was riding a wave of undeniable political momentum, turning out massive crowds and generating enthusiasm within a growing populist movement.

The Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, excited no one, not even her own supporters. There was the very real prospect that Democratic voters would stay home in droves, and the election would be lost.

So, the campaign strategists within Hillary’s campaign decided to resort to a time-honored campaign technique — fear. If you can’t pull your voters to the polls with enthusiasm, as Barack Obama did, drive them to the polls out of terror.

Donald Trump, a globetrotting New York real estate magnate, was now recast in a massive Democratic propaganda effort, as a homophobic supporter of right wing extremism and white supremacy. That there was no factual underpinning for these accusations made no difference.

The principle was simple. Repeat a lie often enough, and it becomes accepted as the truth.

It very nearly worked. In the end, however, the populist groundswell in the nation was too strong, and Trump was elected President.

Undeterred, the backroom political minds in the Democratic Party shifted gears and pressed ahead. There would be no effort of any kind to work with the new administration.

There would be no thought of attending to the people’s business. All effort would now go to delegitimizing the new President and destroying his capacity to govern.

The scope of that propaganda effort, unprecedented in scale, is breathtaking to see. It continues all day, everyday, supported by media outlets that are virtual propaganda organs of the Democratic Party.

Over and over, day after day, with increasing ferocity, this machine pounds on two chosen messages. Donald Trump is a Russian puppet put in office by Vladimir Putin. Donald Trump is a racist xenophobe as evidenced by his desire to ban Muslims traveling to the United States. These messages are repeated ad nauseam, divorced from context and unsupported by facts. What we know and do not know is irrelevant.

We know, for example, that there were apparently conversations on several occasions between Russian nationals and individuals associated with Donald Trump. We have no evidence whatsoever that any of these conversations concerned an effort to influence the election.

We know that Russian intelligence hacked Democratic Party databases. We have no evidence that this was done with the support or knowledge of anyone in Trump’s camp.

Nor do we have even the suggestion of an explanation for why the Russians would prefer Donald Trump, who campaigned on a vow to boost defense and has now proposed the largest increase in defense spending since Ronald Reagan, to Hillary Clinton, on whose watch as Secretary of State the United States retreated from its obligations worldwide.

It does not matter. This is not a quest for the truth. This is a deliberate effort to undermine the legitimacy of a sitting president. In this case, a lie will do.

We know that Donald Trump has attempted to halt, temporarily the issuance of visas to citizens of six Muslim nations. He has not even suggested the imposition of a permanent ban of any kind on travel of citizens from any nation.

We know that the total population of the six nations impacted by the temporary halt in the issuance of visas is 167.7 million people. There are 1.6 billion Muslims on the planet.

The top six Muslim nations in terms of population are Indonesia, India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nigeria, and Egypt. Not one of those nations is on the list of countries impacted by the proposed pause in the issuance of visas. If the intent of Trump’s travel "ban" is to stop Muslims from coming here, it is spectacularly poorly crafted.

We know that the six nations on the list of countries affected by the proposed pause in the issuance of visas, Yemen, Iran, Sudan, Somalia, Syria and Libya, are all characterized by the presence on their soil of well-organized, international terrorist organizations, which have targeted and killed Americans and the citizens of other Western nations, for many years.

None of this matters.

The fiction that all Democratic politicians and their journalistic supporters are after is the truth, is just that, a fiction. The purpose of this non-stop attack campaign is to destroy the capacity of the Trump administration to govern.

We are witnessing, on a scale not seen before outside of Cold War era Soviet propaganda campaigns, the deliberate destabilization of a Western government, our own.

No matter where you are on the political spectrum, this ought to terrify you. You may love Donald Trump. You may despise Donald Trump, but the idea that one of our major political parties and large chunks of our press corps, have decided to place political advantage above the interests of the country and the stability of the republic should terrify every American of every political persuasion.

When all that is left is political advantage, when the ends are presumed to justify the means, when lies have become more valuable than the truth it is not just the Trump administration that is threatened, it is democracy. 

Charles “Sam” Faddis is a Veteran, retired CIA operations officer, Assistant Attorney general (Wash.) and published author. With degrees from The Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland Law School, he is a Senior Contributing Editor for Homeland Security Today, contributor to sofrep.com, Newsmax, and The Hill among others. He regularly appears on many networks as a national security and counter-terrorism expert. Sam is the author of “Beyond Repair: The Decline And Fall Of The CIA” and “Willful Neglect: The Dangerous Illusion Of Homeland Security.” To read more of his reports, Click Here Now

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Love or despise Donald Trump, the idea that one of our major political parties decides to place political advantage above the interests of the country, on a scale not seen since Soviet-era propaganda campaigns, means not only the Trump administration is threatened, so is democracy.
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Friday, 07 April 2017 09:53 AM
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