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Democrats Want Socialist Change

By    |   Wednesday, 02 Jan 2008 01:57 PM

Americans are restive, for good reason. Although most observers blame the war in Iraq for the unease abroad in the land the war is remote, except for those with loved ones fighting there. It’s what’s happening here at home, in the economy, in politics, and in the state of the nation's religious faith and morals that have our teeth on edge.

Most important of all is the feeling that the system is broken, that government no longer works, and that Americans are no longer in charge of their lives, or masters of their own destiny.

All of this has led to a demand for change — one that has been answered by some of the candidates for the Democratic party's presidential nomination.

This leads to the question: What kind of change do they propose?

For the most part, the programs advocated by Hillary Clinton, Barak Obama and John Edwards, the leading candidates in the Democratic primaries, are right out of the socialist play book of Karl Marx — state control over of the economy and just about every other aspect of American life, from child rearing to healthcare and education.

From Hillary's "it takes a village" to raise a child, to Edwards demand for a free college education for all, to Obama's half-baked and ill-defined demands for "change," Karl Marx is the man behind the curtain pulling the strings.

In his book, "Liberal Fascism, The Secret History of The American Left From Mussolini to the Politics of Meaning" (Doubleday) a mind boggling work of scholarship that ought to be required reading on every American campus, Jonah Goldberg demolishes the canard so cherished by the left that fascism is a right-wing movement instead of the spawn of Marxist socialism.

Writes Goldberg "What we call liberalism — the refurbished edifice of American Progressivism — is in fact a descendant and manifestation of fascism.”

In an exhaustive and compete history that traces the history of Italy's descent into national socialism and Benito Mussolini's political roots, Goldberg shows that in the years before he became Italy's dictator, Mussolini was one of the world's most famous and widely published socialists. As for Adolf Hitler, he notes the obvious fact that the Fuhrer, a socialist, headed the Nazi Party — the full title of which was the National Socialist German Worker's party.

He outlines the Mussolini's fascist program announced in 1919. Among its proposals:

  • A minimum wage

  • The obligation of the state to build "rigidly secular" schools for the raising of the "proletariats moral and cultural condition"

  • A large progressive tax on capital that would amount to a one-time partial expropriation of all riches (inheritance taxes, for example)

    Bragged Mussolini in 1929 "The social legislation of Italy is the most advanced in the world: it rages from the law on the eight-hour day to compulsory insurance against tuberculosis."

    Turning to Hitler's socialist agenda, he notes that "Broadly speaking, the left is the party of change . . ."

    Democrat demands for universal healthcare and government involvement in such issues as stem-cell research echo the Nazi's involvement in medical matters who Goldberg notes were "always disproportionately supported by bureaucrats in the 'helping professions.'"

    He quotes a section from the Reich Anticancer Committee's first annual report in 1933: "The year 1933 was a decisive one for the war against cancer: the national socialist revolution has created entirely new opportunities for sweeping measures in an area until now rather limited . . . The energetic and unanimous engagement of the medical profession has shown new avenues have opened for the struggle against cancer in the new Germany."

    Socialist measures and socialist domination of America's economic life are not the changes the American people have made it clear they want.

    They want our borders secured against illegal immigration, they want Congress's wild spending ways typified by the sleazy earmarking process stopped, they want the income tax system reformed and the IRS reined in, they want to regain control of their local schools from the professional educrats and monopolistic teachers’ unions and they want prayer allowed in the schools and in civic events, they want the courts prevented from overruling laws unelected judges find personally or politically objectionable even though expressing the will of the people.

    In short, they want to take America back from the noveau fascists who spurn religious faith and regard the American people as being incapable of managing their own lives and their own affairs.

    Electing socialists, even those who masquerade as progressives seeking a better America won't help.

    Phil Brennan is a veteran journalist and World War II Marine who writes for Newsmax.com. He is editor and publisher of Wednesday on the Web (http://www.pvbr.com) and was Washington columnist for National Review magazine in the 1960s. He also served as a staff aide for the House Republican Policy Committee and helped handle the Washington public relations operation for the Alaska Statehood Committee which won statehood for Alaska.

    He is also a trustee of the Lincoln Heritage Institute and a member of the Association For Intelligence Officers.

    He can be reached at pvb@pvbr.com.

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    Americans are restive, for good reason. Although most observers blame the war in Iraq for the unease abroad in the land the war is remote, except for those with loved ones fighting there. It’s what’s happening here at home, in the economy, in politics, and in the state of...
    Wednesday, 02 Jan 2008 01:57 PM
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