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Veterans Debate Merits of ACLU

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Last week in this space, I wrote "The ACLU: America's Taliban." In that piece, I presented a strong case against the activities and obvious goals of this lawyer group which ironically is consistently and militantly opposed to virtually every civil liberty of the majority of Americans.

My column wasn’t just a polemic, a knee-jerk tantrum; it was a well-documented list of the institutions and traditions that the ACLU attacks, and an even longer list of aberrant, morally and socially corruptive issues they promote.

If it’s religious, moral, or patriotic, the ACLU will likely bring suit against it; if it’s sacrilegious, anti-American, or degenerate, the ACLU will actively defend it.

I presented the facts, which clearly reveal a well-funded activist group that, like an American Taliban, seems absolutely committed to destroying the foundations that have defined our country.

Most of the reader response was very favorable. People have become very aware of the excesses and the near-gangland style of the ACLU, and many agreed with my assessment and warnings.

One letter was from David Levin, of the Patriots Heart Network: “Thank goodness you mentioned the ACLU’s efforts to support illegal immigration and illegal aliens themselves! Aiding and abetting illegal aliens is a felony. It allows for the invasion of our sovereign nation.”

David went on to quote latest official estimates of nearly 40 million illegals, almost half of them in California and Arizona, fanning out across the nation. The Taliban couldn’t have hoped to accomplish an unprecedented invasion of our homeland like that -- but the ACLU is all for it, and treats aliens as if they are bona fide citizens.

And of course, the ACLU sees Islamic detainees and terrorists the same way, entitled to all legal rights and privileges of American citizens.

A second response came from John McClain, a recently retired Marine Gunnery Sergeant:

Dear Mr. Boone,

When I read the title to your column, my first reaction to it was “hyperbole,” over-the-top sensationalistic titles to establish a mind-set for the reader.

Then I read the column, paying particular attention to your listing of exactly what the ACLU has done and continues to do.

As a young boy, in the mid-1960s, I thought that this group was a real benefit to our shaping of a civil society.

But as a man who has watched actual domestic terrorists return from exile to become professors of law at universities, and lead the communists who hid behind the name of “social democrat” into full power, I have to say that if you are wrong at all -- it is in treating their perfidy too gently for full honesty.

I’m a retired Marine, and it’s getting increasingly hard to remain proud of being an American, although being a Marine becomes increasingly the best, most accurate description of who I remain, even if America loses all its honor.

I greatly appreciate that Marine’s response, and I share his concern.

So imagine my shock to read this next one, also from an American veteran:

Mr. Boone,

The ACLU is simply the Constitution in action, with particular emphasis on the First Amendment. If you don’t like what the ACLU does, then either you really don’t approve of the Constitution and the First Amendment themselves, or you don’t fully understand what they say and mean.

As a combat veteran of WWII, I fought to preserve and protect our Constitution. So I joined the ACLU in 1950 and have strongly supported them ever since.

We most certainly do have an effort here in America to impose upon us the equivalent of an American Taliban. But that comes not from the ACLU but from the ranting, raving Christian evangelicals and fundamentalists -- the "Christianofascists" who are running rampant over America these days trying to cram their irrational theology and their silly Bible down our throats.

Well, our Constitution says that we don’t have to accept that moral and intellectual fascism, and so -- with the welcome aid of the ACLU we are vomiting back in your faces.

You “nutty” fundamentalists are the American Taliban, not the ACLU, and as long as we have the Constitution and the ACLU, you will not prevail.

That e-mail is attributed to a man in Washington, with a Ph.D. after his name.

What do you say to a man, a veteran, who thinks like that?

After considerable thought, and in respect for his military service, I ask him to read again -- carefully, without prejudice -- the words of the First Amendment itself. It explicitly declares that Congress will make no laws at all “respecting” or concerning religion. No laws at all, ACLU, for or against or even concerning people’s religion. But secondly, it just as explicitly prohibits “restricting the free exercise thereof”!

No laws, no restriction, Mr. Ph.D. None. Legislators and lawyers and judges are to keep their meddling hands off religion, period. That’s the First Amendment.

Are you aware, sir, that President Thomas Jefferson, “Mr. Separation of Church and State” himself, combined with Congress to appropriate tax funds to pay missionaries to “preach the gospel to the Indians”?

Our Founding Fathers, the creators of the Constitution you rightly admire, believed God created all men equal, and should at least hear about Him and His love for all of us, though they were free to reject it if they chose. Is this what you call “intellectual fascism”?

You’re a veteran, you say. How would you respond to the first military commander in chief this country ever had, Gen. George Washington, who in general orders to his troops on July 9, 1776, wrote: “The general hopes and trusts that every officer and man, will endeavor so to live and act, as becomes a Christian soldier defending the dearest rights and liberties of his country.”

Your ACLU is currently suing to prevent chaplains from praying in Jesus’ name, and it would like to do away with chaplains altogether. What would they say to Gen. Washington?

I know what Washington would say to them, because he already said, in his Farewell Address, Sept. 19, 1796, “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports. In vain would that man claim the tribute of patriotism, who should labor to subvert these great pillars of human happiness, these firmest props of the duties of men and citizens.”

In light of these and so many other pronouncements by those who gave their lives and sacred honor to give us our freedoms -- what is your definition of patriotism?

And in light of their dedication to subverting these “great pillars” that Washington pronounced indispensable -- what should we call the ACLU?

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Last week in this space, I wrote "The ACLU: America's Taliban." In that piece, I presented a strong case against the activities and obvious goals of this lawyer group which ironically is consistently and militantly opposed to virtually every civil liberty of the majority of...
Monday, 01 June 2009 11:55 AM
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