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'Saddam's Secrets' Proves WMD Existed

Monday, 25 August 2008 11:04 AM

Amazing. In only two weeks from its initial publication, Dr. Jerome Corsi’s book "The Obama Nation" is the top-selling book in America.

At the same time, Senate Majority leader Nancy Pelosi’s book went to print and virtually went into hiding, somewhere south of 150 on the list.

Scott McClellan's for-hire hatchet job on President Bush and his administration, fueled by ecstatic media hype, flamed briefly and then sputtered, and now has begun its descent toward the discount shelves, quite likely dousing its publisher's hopes for a Pulitzer or at least an impeachment.

Why would this be, do you suppose? The liberal media treated McClellan’s book as if it were the Holy Grail or the “smoking gun” that would consign the president to the “all time worst” lists and guarantee Barack Hussein Obama the White House. But the general public seems to have sniffed at it, looked it over, and is moving on. And Pelosi’s book? I can’t even remember its name — and neither can any but a few of her paid staffers and family members.

It seems obvious that readers, book buyers, and voters who want to know facts rather than campaign rhetoric actually want to buy and read "The Obama Nation" — and couldn’t care less about the other books. This brings appropriate consternation for liberals who have been assuming for many months that a majority of Americans are so fed up with President Bush, the war, the economy, and the Republican Party in general, that a huge Democrat victory in November is a slam-dunk.

And even worse, they want to look much more closely at the silver tongued “community organizer” out of the South Side of Chicago. Like millions of impressionable, largely uninformed young people, most of whom have never voted or cared to, busy workaday Americans have been initially charmed by Obama and his honeyed voice. But now, as a presidential election draws ever closer, they really want to find out what the man truly believes, what kind of influences have formed his character, and just who this pied piper of change is, down deep.

Jerry Corsi has been researching for some four years, I’m told, and has dutifully backed up everything he says about Obama with over 600 specific references that anybody can check on. It’s not a favorable portrait, to be sure, because Corsi has come to the conclusion that Sen. B.H. Obama is not only inexperienced and incompetent, but so politically leftist, virtually socialistic and anti-military that, if elected, he will be a disaster for America, both immediately and into the future.

But I’m not meaning to promote Corsi’s book. If you haven’t read it, and don’t intend to, I couldn’t care less. What I do care about — and want to urge you to read — is another book, one you haven’t heard anything about. It’s an electrifying account of the Saddam Hussein regime in Iraq, by Saddam’s right hand man, Air Vice-Marshall Gen. Georges Sada. The book is "Saddam's Secrets" published by Integrity Publishers, and available on Amazon.com.

What’s so special about this book? It’s an eyewitness account, detailed and nearly indisputable, about the WMD that did exist, were shuffled around by Saddam’s lieutenants to keep the United Nations from finding them, and were airlifted to Syria when Allied troops converged on Baghdad!

The man was there and involved in the whole scheme. He gives the dates, the very planes (727 and 747 commercial passenger planes painted with the Arab equivalent of the Red Cross), and many of the details of the 56 sorties that ferried many tons of nuclear and biological materials over into northern Syria.

Sada was an indispensable aide to Saddam, as chief of his considerable air force and a military expert. He was, and is, also a Christian, though as a highly placed Iraqi he felt loyal to his commander in chief and to his country. He was in much the same position as Tariq Aziz, Saddam’s ambassador to the United States, also a Christian by faith, but as loyal as he could be to his country and the dictator who controlled it.

But while Sada was obliged by his oaths of service to do much of Hussein’s evil bidding, he also intervened to save at least 24 allied pilots who’d been captured. Risking the maniacal fury of Saddam’s son Qusay, the general argued that slaughtering the captives would increase the determination of the allies to kill Saddam and his sons — but that releasing them would court a favorable world opinion and perhaps lessen the attacks on Baghdad, which at times included a thousand air raids a day. At the imminent risk of his own life, he prevailed in getting the airmen released.

One of those whose lives were spared is U.S. Air Force Col. David Eberly, who contributes the foreword and vouches for the absolute validity of everything Sada says.

Friend, there were abundant weapons of mass destruction, and Saddam Hussein fully intended to disseminate them for use against Israel, America, and England. Sada, because he loves his country, was glad when the allied forces launched their “shock and awe” attack against Hussein; he knew that it was the only way to stop the diabolical plans of the mad dictator.

He had sensed that the end result of Saddam’s plans could be the everlasting destruction of Iraq and much of the Middle East. There was no way little Iraq, even with Saddam’s billions and weapons, could succeed or even survive the retaliation that would surely come.

Why do I feel so strongly that every American should read Sada’s book? Because, thanks to the gullible media and liberal opposition, millions of us have accepted the lie that there were no WMD, and therefore that Iraq was attacked unnecessarily and unjustly. We’re headed into an election in which one candidate proudly proclaims he “was against the war from the beginning,” betraying his utter ignorance and naiveté, and the other says he “supported the surge” and is committed to winning the war and securing some democracy in the Middle East.

General Sada’s book will help any objective American vote knowledgeably. Isn’t that what we urgently need right now? And what our forefathers expected us to do?

Pat Boone

August 24, 2008

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Amazing.In only two weeks from its initial publication, Dr. Jerome Corsi’s book "The Obama Nation" is the top-selling book in America. At the same time, Senate Majority leader Nancy Pelosi’s book went to print and virtually went into hiding, somewhere south of 150 on the...
Monday, 25 August 2008 11:04 AM
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