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If You're Not a Tea Partyer . . . Why?

By    |   Monday, 26 April 2010 10:08 AM

All the polls now show that, far from fading away, the phenomenon called the tea party movement is growing, gaining momentum, stature, and political clout every day.

This is particularly amazing when you realize that this “party” has no home base, no national or even titular leader, no billionaire support, and no real coordinating organization. It’s just a rapidly rising and vocal grassroots activist reaction to the same crime that prompted the original American Revolution: taxation without representation.

The average American citizen is not as apathetic, ignorant, uninformed, and disinterested as the leftist, “progressive” political opportunists thought.

For years now, as modern life for most citizens has become more diverse, pressured, distracted, and uncertain, powerful — and power hungry — forces have seized the opportunity to mold government into their image of what it should be.

When an unknown, inexperienced but articulate Barack Obama rode into the White House, vowing openly to “radically transform America,” the liberals felt they could now ride roughshod over the citizenry, disregard the Constitutional limits on the branches of government, and truly transform a democratic republic into a socialist Never Never Land.

In one short year, the Obama administration and the shadow figures surrounding and abetting it, rammed through legislation piling trillions of dollars in unsustainable, unpayable debt on the already beleaguered taxpayers — and made promises and proposed other coming entitlements that would add trillions more.

They took control of two of the big three auto manufacturers, chose winners and losers among the biggest banking institutions, bailed out Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, threatened and cajoled lawmakers and insurance companies and hospitals and medical suppliers into helping pass a trillion dollar takeover of the healthcare system in this country, thumbing their noses at the 60 to 80 percent of Americans who loudly didn’t want it.

All this while maintaining piously that this was “historic” and for the good of all Americans. The “right thing to do.”

This new president, while always vowing to be “transparent,” signed executive orders giving more than $200 million to Planned Parenthood without so much as a “by your leave” to taxpayers who’ve made it very plain they don’t want to pay for abortions, and authorizing billions more in “foreign aid” to countries that oppose us at every turn.

He apologized for America’s “failing to live up to our ideals” and vowed he would stop our policies of “torture.” He declared America is “no longer a Christian nation” and courted Arab favor in Egypt as he cited his great respect for and early acquaintance with Islam. Six months into his presidency, he quietly named June “Gay Pride Month,” and all but ignored the National Day of Prayer.

He has increasingly insulted and tried to browbeat Israeli leaders, single-handedly corrupting a relationship that has bound two allies together in championing democracy and liberty in the Middle East. He has shown much more regard for Hamas and its claims than the God-given right of Israel to live, prosper, and defend its own soil.

And while all this has happened in broad daylight, over mounting and vociferous protest across the nation, his attitude and that of his advisers is like “Let ‘em eat cake, while they can afford it. We know what’s best for this country, and we’re gonna use our congressional majority to do whatever we deem appropriate. We’ve waited a long time to gain this superiority — and a crisis is too good to waste.”

But happily, America is still America. It’s still the land of the free, and the home of the brave. And now, NOW, is the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country!

And that’s what’s happening, pure and simple. The political pundits, the liberal politicos, the cynical comedians, the sold-out media, can’t comprehend that an informed, aroused citizenry can still mobilize all by itself, locally, regionally, and nationally. That millions and millions of ordinary folks can call each other, e-mail each other, rouse each other, and come together to figure out how to take back their governance.

But it’s happening, and it’s gaining force, coming on strong, not weakening. I’m exuberantly part of it. Are you? If not — why not?

Do you like knowing that in the last year you individually have taken on $46,000 in personal debt, with much more to come, your percentage of the new national debt? Without having anything to say about it?

Do you like knowing you and every other citizen now has to buy healthcare insurance, want to or not, and failure to do it will mean severe penalty, maybe even jail?

Do you feel good about the president appointing 36 “czars” over so many crucial parts of our society and government? Feel good that many of them have little or no experience in their area of authority, are long time leftists or even Marxists, and answer not to Congress or the people, but only to the president?

Are you happy, for example, that the Obama-appointed “safe school czar” is the founder of GLSEN, the radical homosexual activist organization that has long advocated teaching grade school kids all about homosexual behavior?

Do you want a Big Brother government that makes all your decisions for you, including how much money you can make, how much if any you can keep after taxes, and what your kids must be taught, no matter what you feel about it?

If all that appeals to you, congratulations . . . you’re getting it! But if it makes you so mad that you feel you — you, personally — have got to do something about it, to stop it, to vote out of office the misguided scoundrels who have made this all happen to America, double congratulations!

You can do something about it. You can join with your neighbors, your fellow citizens, and work together to spread the facts, wake up our countrymen, and mobilize the registration and 100 percent vote in each and every election.

You can seek out and support candidates who revere the Constitution, will actually represent those who elect them, and not dictate to them. You can invade and take over your local school boards and tell the teachers how you want your kids taught, not the other way around. It’s still your country!

Join the tea partying! And let’s reclaim America!

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All the polls now show that, far from fading away, the phenomenon called the tea party movement is growing, gaining momentum, stature, and political clout every day. This is particularly amazing when you realize that this party has no home base, no national or even...
Monday, 26 April 2010 10:08 AM
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