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Defending the Paris, Britney, Obama Ad

Monday, 04 August 2008 09:35 AM Current | Bio | Archive

OK, the battle has truly joined, and some fur is beginning to fly. The nominating conventions still lie ahead, but here in the first days of August, things are heating up in what seems like almost unprecedented early flurries of daily TV and radio spots. Millions have been spent already. Internet postings are appearing like flies on flypaper — and being avidly read and quoted on broadcast talk shows.

Candidate Obama, the junior (by any definition) senator from Illinois, has already made what seemed a post election victory tour of Europe, following a quick and obligatory visit to trouble spots in the Middle East, being cheered by crowds whipped up by hype and hope and pure curiosity almost everywhere he sauntered.

Cheered everywhere but the few military visits he squeezed in between visits to the gym. Sorry, couldn’t make all of those — ah well, there’ll be time for that after he assumes the actual presidency.

I’m wondering (the three network news anchors who trailed along in his retinue failed to report) whether the presumptive and self-announced "citizen of the world" repeated to Gen. Petraeus what he promised here in no uncertain terms “On the day I take office [obviously already predetermined in the heavens] I’ll call together my military commanders and issue my orders to get all our troops out of Iraq in 16 months or less, starting with two battalions a month immediately. And then, of course, I’ll listen to their recommendations on how they propose to carry out my orders.”

Do you suppose this lean, slick orator gave the general who engineered the “surge” — credited by all with turning the war in Iraq around from apparent defeat to undeniable victory — a useful preview of what he was in for? That he would soon be taking direct orders from a kid who never wore a uniform or carried a gun?

Wouldn’t you like to have a personal chat with the general, and find out if he had to bite his lip and control his emotions as he visited with this prince of pomposity, furnishing video clips for his upcoming flood of TV ads, presenting the former “community organizer” from the South Side of Chicago (his primary accomplishment) as “the we we’ve been waiting for”?

Amazingly, and quite ominously for the chancellor of change and his showbiz handlers, the whole whirlwind triumphant tour, the photo ops with national leaders swept into the vortex of PR mastery, and the supercharged charisma of the practiced candidate himself, all landed with a thud on the home shores.

Obama, depending on which poll you read, reaped a momentary increase in numbers, or actually fell a few points against the more sober McCain!

And within just a few days, the Gallup Polls were producing daily tracking results that showed registered voters preferring Obama by a meager two points, while likely voters were preferring McCain by four! And more ominously, 30 percent of those who define themselves as “conservative Democrats” were preferring the senator from Arizona and survivor of the Hanoi Hilton!

How could this be? Can’t a hardworking billionaire or two, like Soros and Burkle, even buy a measly election these days? Isn’t the normally gullible public buying all the glitter and gab and hype this time around?

Apparently not. Just this week, when the far less wealthy McCain campaign produced an entertaining — and eye-catching — TV spot that compared Paris Hilton and Brittany Spears and “rock star” Obama as media creations with little else to offer, all hell broke loose in the very media community that has “puffed” the empty suit candidate.

On some liberal talk shows, there were quick clips of outrage from “The View,” liberal commentators, Obama supporters, and the candidate himself — like “Is that the best he can come up with?” Some were referring to the 30 second spot as an “attack ad,” as underhanded, dirty politics. Really?

I’ve kept waiting for Sean Hannity or Rush or Bill O’Reilly, or even John McCain himself, to reply, “Wait a minute! This isn’t a far-fetched notion or some kind of desperate slam ad! Paris Hilton and Brittany Spears together can point to as much accomplishment in the U.S. Senate as Barack Obama! Zero! The man is a media creation, having not one bill or measure to his credit since he was elected to the Senate . . . and began immediately his campaign for the presidency!”

Barack Obama, glib and talented orator that he is, might have titled his autobiography, “The Audacity of Ambition.” And even now, Dr. Jerry Corsi, has done us all the service (glaringly neglected by the usually suspicious media) of doing extensive research into the young formative days and influences and mentors of this Pied Piper of Change.

His just published book, "The ObamaNation," is just hitting the stores and will confirm what so many Americans have been feeling in their gut: Whatever this man’s latent talents, he is terribly inexperienced, he is deeply steeped in ultra-liberal — yes, socialistic — political views, and he hasn’t done anything like the giant, world-shaping things he so articulately promises he will do!

And another book, surprisingly ignored by media and book reviewers, is a must-read for future voters. Gen. Georges Sada, former air vice marshal to Saddam Hussein, has chronicled in minute detail the existence of the weapons of mass destruction, the labs, the gas, the nuclear supplies and plans — and how he helped Saddam airlift all the damning evidence and substance into northern Syria just as the allied troops were advancing on Baghdad. The book, which I’ve read and handed out recently in Washington (many didn’t even know about it), is "Saddam’s Secrets."

Both books show, in footnoted and documented factual detail, all we really need to know about why this country must ignore all the manufactured, rehearsed, and scripted blather and hype from a political and media mouthpiece — and elect a proven, experienced leader and patriot.

Hey, if we want to elect a president who’s been nowhere and done nothing, why not Paris Hilton? She’s prettier!

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OK, the battle has truly joined, and some fur is beginning to fly.The nominating conventions still lie ahead, but here in the first days of August, things are heating up in what seems like almost unprecedented early flurries of daily TV and radio spots.Millions have been...
Monday, 04 August 2008 09:35 AM
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