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With Obama, We Get What We Deserve

Monday, 24 November 2008 12:37 PM Current | Bio | Archive

"He has promised . . . 'Once more I will shake not only the earth but also the heavens.' The words 'once more' indicate the removing of what can be shaken — that is, of created things — so that what cannot be shaken may remain."

— Hebrews 12: 26, 7

As noted philosopher Jerry Lee Lewis once prominently proclaimed, “Whole lotta shakin’ goin’ on!” Yep, our whole economy is being routed, uprooted, hung by its heels and shaken viciously.

Marriage itself, the sacred institution around which all society is built, is being attacked and shaken. Yes, attacked with intent to contaminate it in a way that will eventually cause the collapse of American social order.

Even little babies, still being formed in their mothers’ wombs, are being threatened with willful destruction, before they draw their first breaths. Abortion, already sanctioned by the highest court in the land, is settling in as a legal means of getting rid of unwanted or inconvenient children.

This country has just elected — itself a ground shaking event — an enigmatic young man president of the United States. He’s already on record supporting abortion “rights,” no matter when or how or why the baby’s life is taken. And he’s promised that nothing will shake the 1973 Supreme Court decision that has amounted to a death sentence for some 50 million infants so far.

As he expressed it, if one of his daughters “made a mistake, why should she be punished with a child?” And this same young man has taken a stand against any constitutional defense of marriage, proclaiming that though he doesn’t personally approve of same sex “marriage,” he will do nothing to prevent it.

This must have encouraged the already wildly inflamed opponents of California’s Proposition 8 who attack churches, synagogues, and business people who dared support marriage as between one man and one woman.

Believing the newly elected president gives them his tacit approval, as does Gov. Schwarzenegger, the homosexual activists are mounting frontal attacks on all who disagree with them, determined that neither the democratic process nor the law itself will deprive them of their wishes.

With the salivating support of the ACLU, the same four California judges who thumbed their noses at the voters previously, will have the opportunity to do it again. And their apparent intent is to keep thwarting the will of the majority until supporters of traditional marriage just give up.

As the nation is wrenched by the tectonic economic crisis, a young man has been elected on promises he’ll fix it all, though he has no experience whatever in such matters. And while we are still at war on two fronts, this new commander in chief, who never wore a uniform or carried a gun, promises to settle all that military stuff, bring our troops home, and keep us secure against implacable enemies through diplomacy.

These enemies are the same ones who destroyed the World Trade Center in one morning, killing 3,000 Americans. But he proposes to “reason” with them.

You may well wonder why, in this Thanksgiving season, I’m thanking God for all this shaking.

Well, let’s look again at what brought the twin towers down. The first time the Islamic jihadists tried to destroy the WTC, they did it the smartest way — they attacked the foundations, down in the subterranean garages, planting huge bombs that would surely have toppled the massive buildings. But they were foiled at the last minute, and had to try again.

So on Sept. 9, 2001, 23 trained and disciplined terrorists attacked the towers at a much higher and totally unexpected level. They commandeered some jetliners, filled with unsuspecting passengers, and plunged them into the upper floors of the towers, accomplishing the unthinkable.

Two giant buildings, with thousands of people in them, crumpled to the ground in cataclysmic annihilation.

Be thankful for any of that? No, of course not. But yes, I give thanks for the brief period of galvanizing unity and the outpouring of good will that drew our people together. Out of that national quake came a refreshing promise of the kind of spirit that created America in the first place. It dissipated, but while it lasted, it was real.

And now a much greater shaking is affecting our national life. In a terrible pincer movement, an assault is taking place on two fronts simultaneously — one all-out attack on the foundations, the very pillars of our society, and the other on the executive suites in the ivory towers of business and finance.

The jihadists in these organized, hugely funded attacks on our morality and virtue are not Middle Eastern — they’re homegrown Americans who actually believe they’re promoting a better America by destroying the foundations on which this nation was built!

Recall that George Washington declared, “Religion and morality are the twin pillars of liberty” . . . two foundational supports.

Well, on one front, our jihadists would grant homosexual activity “marriage rights” which outweigh the will of the majority and defy the societal structuring of all human history. And they believe that destroying babies in the womb is a woman’s “right” — oblivious to the divinely and constitutionally ordained rights of the unborn American citizen.

What if one of those had been Obama?

On the second front, leftist political genetic engineers are moving into power, taking advantage of immoral and irresponsible greed in the economy, to socialize industry and finance, and make Big Brother government everybody’s boss and banker.

But yes, I’m thankful. We the people are getting what we deserve and what we need.

Like the people of Israel long ago, we’ve got the king we demanded, and now we’ll experience the benign slavery that comes with a king.

At some point down the road, we’ll wake up, shake ourselves, and again throw off governmental tyranny, this time self-imposed. At least, that’s my prayer. The kingdom we’re getting can be rejected, if we bring God and morality back into our national life. I’m thankful that his kingdom is still available to us.

The 12th chapter of Hebrews concludes, “Therefore, since we are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken, let us be thankful, and so worship God acceptably with reverence and awe, for our God is a consuming fire.”

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"He has promised . . . 'Once more I will shake not only the earth but also the heavens.' The words 'once more' indicate the removing of what can be shaken — that is, of created things — so that what cannot be shaken may remain." — Hebrews 12: 26, 7 As noted...
Monday, 24 November 2008 12:37 PM
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