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Obama Lacks Answers to Gulf Oil Spill

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As I write this, 45 days have gone by while up to 44 million gallons of precious high-grade crude oil have gushed into the Gulf of Mexico from the ocean floor.

It’s a catastrophe of indefinable proportions. Indefinable because there’s absolutely no end in sight. Unless some as-yet unknown remedy occurs, the best estimate is that the unprecedented rupture and devastation will continue virtually unabated till at least August, and could well flow into next year, until . . . who knows? Who can really say?

It’s nature unleashed, as unstoppable and uncontrollable as a hurricane, a tornado, an earthquake, a crippling drought, a rampaging flood. All these things are classified by insurance companies as “acts of God.” But this holocaust in the Gulf is entirely a man-made disaster. We can’t blame this one on God.

Nor can we blame him for the surging flood of illegal immigration across our borders in the last several years. Congress and the president seem as powerless and answerless to the solution for this tidal wave as they are for the vastly destructive gusher in the Gulf.

They posture and proclaim and appoint commissions and threaten legal action, against Arizona and 14 other states that can no longer wait for the government to do its job in securing our borders to “ensure domestic tranquility” and “provide for the common defense” — the federal government’s very reason to exist, as disclosed in the first sentence of its Constitution.
But they’ve come up with no solutions.

Both these mounting disasters are wholly due to man’s fiddling with laws . . . the laws of nature and the laws of our nation.

Both are costing billions in damages and expenses, and both will cost billions more to correct. So far, 76,000 square miles of federal waters are closed to fishing in and around the Gulf. Nobody knows how far this contagion will spread, or what the costs in sea life and commerce will be. But the environmental/economic damage is, and will continue to be, monumental.
Likewise, in California and Arizona alone, illegals in both states have directly added billions to annual taxpayer burdens for medical and educational benefits not allocated because they’re claimed by noncitizens.

Across the nation, this largely unchecked spillage across our porous borders is bringing state after state to the edge of bankruptcy — and this isn’t counting the escalating costs of drug traffic, theft, rapes, kidnapping, murders, and other crimes many illegals bring with them.

As with the laws of nature, when you ignore and try to get around the laws of a nation, serious blows are dealt to the structure and security of that nation.

Lately, I’ve heard loud but intellectually lame defenses for the 14 million or more illegals who have penetrated and infiltrated their way into our country. “Hey, some pay taxes, they do jobs Americans don’t want to do, they buy things and contribute to our economy. So it’s a wash! It all equals out, sort of . . . ”

So forget our laws, forget the criminality of it all. And also forget the established fact that the untaxed money that illegals are sending back home constitutes Mexico’s second largest source of revenue! “It all equals out” is a falsehood. The whole thing is more disastrous to our teetering economy than the Gulf gusher is to its environment. And more destructive to the legal structure of America.

Meanwhile, in Washington, an uncontrolled gigantic gusher of unprecedented proportion has erupted in the halls of Congress, spilling across the land and drowning business, banking, and commerce, routing millions out of their homes and jobs and threatening to bring America itself to the edge of bankruptcy.

It’s an irrational, inexcusable explosion of spending and taxation. Of mounting debt and irresponsible printing of billions and billions in worthless paper, literally selling our country to anybody willing to buy our debt.

An inexperienced and socialist-indoctrinated president and his little White House clique, having bought into the idea that “you never want a serious crisis to go to waste [because] you can do things that you think you could not do before,” have used the Democrat Congress to ram several trillions of increased debt and entitlements onto the backs of temporarily defenseless taxpayers.

This they did while the citizens themselves were yelling to their “representatives” that they did not approve or want all this perpetrated on them and their children.

Just like the dead and dying wildlife washing up along the Gulf shores, soaked and covered with oil sludge, American citizens by the millions and millions are being soaked and irreversibly slimed with unwanted, unwarranted, and unapproved debt.

And in our schools, the majority of all our kids are being subjected to moral leaks and spills on a continuing basis. Like the water fountains in many schools that were discovered to be the source of lead and other poisonous contaminants, the very classes that used to teach love of country, and respect for God and the Bible and our Constitution, are becoming fountains of misinformation and poisoned attitudes toward the moral and civic traditions that gave America its character.

Teachers, whether they like it or not, are being commanded by their unions and brow-beaten by the ACLU into forbidding any mention of God in school life; into teaching only the theory of Godless evolution with no consideration of the possibility of divine creation.

They are instructed by the president’s “safe school czar” to instruct kids from kindergarten up in the ways of, and appreciation for, all kinds of deviant sexual behavior. It’s like they’re being fed this slime intravenously.

These floods, these gushing disasters, aren’t “acts of God.” They’re acts of men who are determined to ignore and defy God.

Just as you can’t “mess with Mother Nature,” you simply cannot defy God and win. What will it take to convince us?

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As I write this, 45 days have gone by while up to 44 million gallons of precious high-grade crude oil have gushed into the Gulf of Mexico from the ocean floor. It s a catastrophe of indefinable proportions. Indefinable because there s absolutely no end in sight. Unless...
Monday, 07 June 2010 09:32 AM
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