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Alan Dershowitz Statement: Jane Doe No. 3 Has No Credibility

By Tuesday, 10 February 2015 02:28 PM Current | Bio | Archive

Professor Dershowitz issued the following statement related to allegations made in the Jeffrey Epstein case:

Dershowitz’s lawyers have filed a detailed reply to Jane Doe #3 false charges. In it they definitively respond to all of the alleged evidence presented by Jane Doe #3 and her lawyers.

Since that filing Mr. Dershowitz’s lawyers have uncovered additional evidence that Jane Doe #3 has lied about her alleged contacts with former President Clinton and former Vice President Gore and the then Mrs. Gore.

In her first affidavit to the court she repeats the claim that she had earlier sold to a British tabloid: namely that “former President Bill Clinton was present on the island [Jeffrey Epstein’s private island] at a time when [Jane Doe #3] was also present on the Island.”

This statement, sworn under oath, summarizes a far more elaborate fantasy that she sold to a British tabloid which has since been repeated by the international media. In neither statement, does she provide any specific dates or times, but she does weave an imaginative fantasy about her fictional meeting with former President Clinton.

She “describes” how Mr. Clinton’s Secret Service detail allowed Ghislaine Maxwell, then a novice helicopter pilot, to fly the former President to Epstein’s private island on a large black helicopter—an obvious lie. She then purports to “describe” specific seating locations at a fictional dinner party that included her, Mr. Clinton, Jeffrey Epstein and two other underage “olive-skinned brunettes” whose identities she could not provide:

“I flew to the Caribbean with Jeffrey and then Ghislaine Maxwell went to pick up Bill in a huge black helicopter that Jeffrey had bought her.

"She’d always wanted to fly and Jeffrey paid for her to take lessons, and I remember she was very excited because she got her license around the first year we met. I used to get frightened flying with her but Bill had the Secret Service with him and I remember him talking about what a good job she did.

"I only ever met Bill twice but Jeffrey had told me that they were good friends. I asked, 'How come?' and he laughed and said, 'He owes me some favours.' Maybe he was just joking but it constantly surprised me that people with as much to lose as Bill and [Prince] Andrew weren’t more careful. She said that when dining that night, Maxwell sat at President Clinton's left, while they were joined by two 'olive-skinned brunettes' who had been flown in from New York . . .

"I’d never met them before. I’d say they were no older than 17, very innocent-looking.

"They weren’t there for me. They weren’t there for Jeffrey or Ghislaine because I was there to have sex with Jeffrey on the trip.

"Maybe Jeffrey thought they would entertain Bill, but I saw no evidence that he was interested in them. He and Jeffrey and Ghislaine seemed to have a very good relationship. Bill was very funny.

"He made me laugh a few times. And he and Jeffrey and Ghislaine told blokey jokes and the brunettes listened politely and giggled.

"After dinner I gave Jeffrey an erotic massage. I don’t remember seeing Bill again on the trip but I assume Ghislaine flew him back…”

Jane Doe #3 also concocted another meeting with a powerful political figure for the British tabloid, this time claiming to have met former Vice President Gore and his then wife, Tipper, on the same Island, again providing no specific dates or times, but only personal interest details designed to enhance the value of her fictional account:

“[Jane Doe #3] disclosed that Mr. Clinton’s vice-president Al Gore and his wife, Tipper, were also guests of Epstein on his island . . . ‘I had no clue that anything was up,’ [Jane Doe #3] says. ‘The Gores seemed like a beautiful couple when I met them.

"All I knew was that Mr. Gore was a friend of Jeffrey’s and Ghislaine’s. Jeffrey didn’t ask me to give him a massage . . . There might have been a couple of other girls there on that trip but I could never have imagined this guy would do anything wrong. I was planning to vote for him when I turned 18. I thought he was awesome.’”

These fabrications, which are obvious on their face, could easily have been determined to be false by any reasonable investigation.

Our investigation has turned up evidence that Mr. Clinton was never on Mr. Epstein’s island, that neither Mr. Gore, nor his former wife, have ever been on the island, and that Mr. and Mrs. Gore do not even know Mr. Epstein. Jane Doe #3’s salaciously detailed accounts, sold for money to a tabloid are made up and were purposely designed to titillate the interests of readers eager for such salacious material. Jane Doe #3’s even more salacious “descriptions” of her alleged sexual encounters with Dershowitz are also fabricated.

If it turns out that Jane Doe #3 deliberately lied about seeing former President Clinton on the island, she would be guilty of perjury.

Mr. Dershowitz’s legal team has uncovered additional evidence, which it is in the process of verifying, that proves a pattern of lying and false accusations that casts even further doubt on Jane Doe #3’s credibility. This evidence will be disclosed once it has been confirmed by their investigation.

Alan M. Dershowitz is the Felix Frankfurter Professor of Law at Harvard Law School. He is a graduate of Brooklyn College and Yale Law School. His latest book is his autobiography, "Taking the Stand: My Life in the Law." Read more reports from Alan M. Dershowitz — Click Here Now.


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Mr. Dershowitz’s legal team has uncovered additional evidence, which it is in the process of verifying, that proves a pattern of lying and false accusations that casts even further doubt on Jane Doe #3’s credibility.
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Tuesday, 10 February 2015 02:28 PM
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