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Look Past Chaos to See Trump's Accomplishments

Look Past Chaos to See Trump's Accomplishments
On July 25, White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci spoke to members of the media at the White House in Washington, D.C. Two days later, Scaramucci went after White House chief of staff Reince Priebus as a suspected "leaker." Scaramucci gave a blunt interview that laid bare the personality clashes and internal turmoil of the Trump's presidency. (Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP)

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Fractal mathematics examines the complexity of nature. It is focused on dynamic systems which are highly sensitive to initial conditions, like chaos theory. Within this seeming randomness, underlying patterns, feedback loops, repetition, etc. are developed. They depend on initial conditions.

Nature as well as world systems exhibit this complex chaotic behavior, which if the interconnections among our eco, social, and economic systems were understood might avoid long term detriments to our well-being.

When Anthony Scaramucci was appointed White House communications director, his bluntness, style and good looks were loved by many. When he went on a profanity-laced tirade, one which impacted on the short-lived tenure of Chief of Staff Reince Priebus, it should have been clear who was on the list to exit.

In business one learns that the messenger chosen to deliver bad news is likely to be the next to leave.

For political novices, it would seem that the Trump administration is stepping all over its own tail; seemingly hellbent on self destruction, saying the GOP be damned.

In reality what is being played out in public is no different than Obama’s cursing in staff meetings or other purported misdeeds not garnering publicity, because Obama's staff wasn’t a leaking sieve. The contradictory statements by congressional Republicans, disgruntled losers in the voting process, and the media with its nose still bent out of joint is disconcerting.

It reveals not all are willing to pull together in the best interests of the nation; nor even do a Sgt. Joe Friday, from TV's "Dragnet"  — "Just the facts ma'am."

Amidst the confusion, what is clear, are  revelations so compelling regarding threats to the nation's security from agencies like the CIA, FBI, and NSA. These emergent threats have violated those agencies' mandates. And yet, treason hasn’t been entertained for them by the media — or seemingly — Congress.

Susan Rice of the NSA unmasked dozens of law abiding citizens, seemingly for solely political ends. Former FBI Director James B. Comey admitted to leaking information about Trump, while changing documents — documents whose integrity he was legally bound to protect.

Hillary Clinton’s transgressions are many. The Clinton Foundation has been granted unearned passes in investigations. Yet, reporting this is obfuscated in Hillary's favor — or not at all detailed. Several of Trump's children who have not been elected to serve, have been granted unearned access to people, places, and things. This access is bound to come back to bite their father’s presidency.

What is also missed is the prospering economy — which Trump will get credit for — the overturning of executive orders which were instituted because Congress didn’t have the backbone to put the policies covered by them to a vote. Addtionally missed are the reigning in of immigration policies, and the acquiescence of many Democrats to the flaws of Obamacare — making it unworkable in its present form.

Regulations which were smothering are being reassessed. Programs which initially served few, like affirmative action, are being questioned. For now everyone with an ax to grind is using it without consideration of real dollar costs, or consideration for those disadvantaged by such, and whether there are there in fact limits.

Love him or hate him, Trump is still standing in the middle of what many others would see as pandemonium. But, given his style he is truly in his element.

One end game of the chaos theory is the butterfly effect, which posits that acts done, no matter how small at one point in time, may have humongous implications down the road. 

Butterflies flapping their small wings can contribute to something as large as a Tsunami. The tea party challenges to the establishment have made it clear to citizens that we as a nation are out of balance.

It's imperative that we become more constitutionally anchored, willing to look at who is footing the bill for our list of wants and if we are going to truly and honestly vet elected officials for citizenship, obligations to the government for education costs, conflicts of interest with our businesses' and nation's pride and honor. This will set the stage for future generations, or the revolution will continue, and it will be televised.

Every individual should engage in quiet acts of random kindness. Let’s see what butterflies will produce.

Dr. Ada M. Fisher was the first black woman to serve as the Republican National Committeewoman. She was a candidate for the U.S. Senate from North Carolina, a candidate for U.S. Congress, and a candidate for the North Carolina House of Representatives. She is the author of "Common Sense Conservative Prescriptions Solutions for What Ails Us, Book I." For more of her reports, Go Here Now.

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For political novices, it would seem that the Trump administration is stepping all over its own tail; seemingly hellbent on self destruction, saying the GOP be damned.
cia, fbi, scaramucci, white house
Monday, 07 August 2017 04:17 PM
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