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King v. Burwell: The Fix is In

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In a couple of weeks, I will ride the Northeast Regional down to Washington, D.C., to take part in the first meeting of the National Physician Coalition for Freedom in Medicine. This is a group of physician organizations dedicated to defeating statist medicine, as exemplified by Obamacare.

The purpose of this meeting is to produce a one-page bill that will bypass the worse aspects of this law, in the hope that the Supreme Court will end federal premium subsidies that illegally now flow through nonstate exchanges. There is a widespread belief that if the Republican-controlled Congress has legislation ready that will ease the transition for those now mired in federal exchanges, the Supremes will be more likely to support the plaintiffs in King v. Burwell.

Our suggested reforms, which are being hammered out in rough form via innumerable emails, would shift tax policy towards the individual, end federal insurance mandates, return insurance regulatory responsibility to states, and shift Medicaid back to the states. My readers will be the first to see the finished document.

There’s one major problem: I don’t think King v. Burwell will go our way.

Why the pessimism? We are back to Daylight Saving Time, and the worst of my seasonal affective disorder is over. Sun and sailing are around the corner. Spring is almost in the air.

The scientific practice of medicine begins with careful observation. Observations are then interpreted based on an understanding of what lies beneath (physiology, etc.). Deductive reasoning is then applied to predict course and prognosis, and to design specific remedies.

This process, applied to our current political scene, is leading me to a very guarded prognosis.

Obamacare didn’t just happen. It was forced into existence by a concerted effort from the left, aided and abetted by powerful crony capitalists, such as the insurance industry.

Simply put, these powerful and dark forces are not going to allow their crowning achievement to be torpedoed. They will use whatever means necessary to keep it afloat.

Hillary Clinton was very likely projecting years ago when she conjured up the “vast, right wing conspiracy.” There is, in fact, a well-documented, vast left wing conspiracy, one that she is part of.

I am referring to the international communist movement, now euphemistically called the “progressive” movement. For more information, please read “Stalin’s Secret Agents,” by the late, great M. Stanton Evans and Herb Romerstein, “American Betrayal,” by Diana West, and “The Enemies Within,” by Trevor Loudon.

Observe the tactics employed by the left. Obama got his start in politics when Alice Palmer, a known communist with close ties to Moscow, gave him the chance to run for her seat as state senator in Chicago.

His ascendency to the U.S. Senate was assured when divorce records of his Republican opponent, Jack Ryan, were mysteriously unsealed. Getting a filibuster-proof Senate majority in 2008 required the theft by vote fraud of Norm Coleman’s seat in Minnesota, and the smearing of Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens by trumped-up criminal charges, which were subsequently dropped.

And just last week, news leaked of a planned criminal indictment of a Democrat senator, Robert Menendez, who had the audacity to oppose Obama’s planned capitulation to the mullahs of Iran. These tactics can be unapologetically labeled as Stalinist.

Observe what happened with the first Supreme Court decision on the constitutionality of Obamacare: Chief Justice John Roberts shocked the conservative justices with a last-minute switch in which he literally re-wrote the statute to rename the individual mandate a tax.

King v. Burwell should be an open-and-shut case based on statutory language, which specifically did not set up federal exchanges, much less authorize taxpayer-funded subsidies through them.

But I am convinced the fix is in.

Either Roberts or Kennedy will be leaned on, heavily if needed, to assure victory for the left. From some of his questioning, it’s clear that Kennedy is laying the groundwork for opposing the plaintiffs in King.

It’s a sad state of affairs that our freedom hangs by such vulnerable, human threads.

Since 1990, Dr. Amerling has been on staff at the Beth Israel Medical Center (now Mount Sinai Beth Israel) in New York. He served as director of Outpatient Dialysis from 1995-2012. Amerling is board certified by the American Board of Internal Medicine for Internal Medicine and Nephrology. He also is president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons. He has been published in many journals. For more of his reports, Go Here Now.


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King v. Burwell should be an open-and-shut case based on statutory language, which specifically did not set up federal exchanges, much less authorize taxpayer-funded subsidies through them. But I am convinced the fix is in.
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Monday, 09 March 2015 08:14 AM
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