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Thursday, 29 June 2006 12:00 AM

In the past few years, I have received about 1,000 e-mails from Internet readers highly appreciative of my columns and deeply concerned about the mortal danger to the West of Sino-Russian post-nuclear superweapons. Some of these readers call me a "voice in the wilderness" and beg me to continue waking up the democratic West.

A "voice in the wilderness"? But what about these e-mails from all over the West and my appearances on radio programs?

My Internet readers are right! Gone are the times when one individual, such as Voltaire, was more audible than all governments. In the United States today, it is the majority of the electorate who elects the president, and he alone becomes nationally and internationally audible for four or eight years. It is necessary to enlighten the majority of the electorate in order for the president and Congress to adopt national policies that would prevent "superdeath" as a result of Sino-Russian superweapons.

This is what the Lifeboat Foundation is for. It is a nonprofit organization, including over 100 of the world's best thinkers, intellectuals, and scientists, expected to be audible as a "multiple Voltaire," consisting of more than 100 Voltaires, organized as a single nonprofit foundation, to save us as a lifeboat saves those on a sinking ship.

For the time being, the geostrategic mentality of most Americans (and most Westerners) is based on absurd delusions.

For example, over three years ago the U.S.-led Coalition pre-emptively invaded Iraq on the basis of false intelligence data. Predictably, there began a Sunni guerrilla war against the "pre-emptive invaders." It is easy to call it "terror," and the U.S.-led war in Iraq "the war on terror." It is even easier to pretend that if Hitler or Hu Jintao calls himself "government," his war cannot be a giant-scale "terrorist act," such as Hu's superannihilation of the West by Sino-Russian superweapons.

Neither the U.S. government nor the U.S. Congress can abolish the constant rate of genetic suicides in every country (about 30,000 suicides a year in the United States, or 0.01 percent of the population). Nor can they forbid Islam to "sublimate" such genetic suicides into the "jihad" killings of "infidels," while in the West a genetic suicide has often been "sublimated" into the denouement of unrequited love.

Zarqawi was a Jordanian, helping the Sunni guerrillas with his jihad out of Islamic solidarity. It is an absurd illusion to think that the killing of him will intimidate Islamic suicidal killers. On the contrary, the U.S.-led war in Iraq, including the killing of Zarqawi, means a greater number of Islamic suicidal killers of Westerners.

The overall number of followers of Islam on our planet is estimated to be about 1 billion, and it is an absurd delusion to believe that the number of Islamic suicidal killers cannot increase to 100,000 a year, the peak of the genetic suicide curve.

Given such delusions of most Americans, the United States may expect nothing but "superdeath" unless "the multiple Voltaire" makes such delusions laughable for most Americans.

I asked Eric Klien if there is some information he would like me to include in this column, and here is what he e-mailed to me:

Does anyone care? The heroes at Lifeboat Foundation do. With over one hundred of the best minds on the planet working on their ‘Project of Hope for the 21st Century,' they are working on solutions to the threat of superweapons. Their Scientific Advisory Board at http://lifeboat.com/ex/board includes three Nobel Laureates, an Einstein Laureate, Ray Kurzweill, author of the book ‘The Singularity Is Near,' Roger Brent, the geneticist behind ‘Biowar for Dummies,' and John Leslie, author of ‘The End of the World: The Science and Ethos of Human Extinction.'

Whether they are helping Virgin Atlantic develop defenses against viruses and bioweapons, or developing new strategies for fighting nanoweapons, the Lifeboat Foundation is the center of worldwide effort to ensure that superweapons don't cause superdeath.

We live in a world so oblivious to the dangers that the U.S. government has posted the recipes to the 1918 flu virus (which killed 20 to 50 million people), smallpox, polio, anthrax, ebola, and pretty much every lethal bioweapon known to man for free on the internet. You can now look up the instructions to recreate your favorite bioweapon at http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/entrez/query.fcgi?CMD=search&DB=genome

The Lifeboat Foundation is doing its best to wake up the world to the dangers of superweapons. They deserve our support. Without someone fighting superweapons we will get superdeath. This I can promise you!

Eric Klien

From Economist.com on June 15 we learn that some laboratories that developed nuclear weapons, such as Los Alamos National Laboratory, have been resting on their laurels of 60 years ago.

On June 11, 2006, Eric invited me to join the Lifeboat Foundation Scientific Advisory Board:

We were wondering if you would like to join the Lifeboat Foundation Scientific Advisory Board as shown at http://lifeboat.com/ex/board

We just had Nobel Laureates Sir Clive W. J. Granger, Wole Soyinka, and Frank Wilczek join our Board so you would have some good company!

Eric Klien

This enlightenment requires money – donations. So we need a fundraiser. But the candidates we spoke with told us that they do not want a commission on the money they will collect, but an annual salary right away. The size? On the order of $1 million.

Saul Bellow, a member of our Advisory Board, was said to have received $3 million as the advance for his novel. But he had worked on the novel for five years, and he became a world-famous novelist after decades of dire poverty. Anyway, he could not donate $1 million a year, since not so long ago he died.

But given a modicum of money, is a nationally and internationally successful film about superdeath possible?

Imagine that uncanny world of Sino-Russian superweapons shown in the film. Not the fantasy of Michael Crichton's "Prey," but that new monstrous world of superweapons, unknown to nearly all Americans. Not occurring through an accident at an American lab as in "Prey," but being developed by the mammoth of China since 1986 and now in cooperation with Russia, which was engaged in the development of superweapons way back in the 1950s and 1960s.

Crichton's absurd delusion is that superweapons, such as molecular nano assemblers, are mortally dangerous to the United States not when they are in the hands of Hu, but when they are in the hands of U.S. scientists. According to his absurd delusion, it was the Manhattan Project, not Hitler, having a monopoly on nuclear weapons that was mortally dangerous to the Untied States (and Britain).

A good film must have a personal human line. My biography of the Lifeboat Foundation contains the following two paragraphs, based on my Internet columns:

‘Imagine,' says Navrozov, ‘the U.S. Manhattan Project policy of tacit denial of the military importance of nuclear power, the implication being that the Manhattan Project, with all the money allocated for it, should concentrate on the development of nuclear power as fuel.' Disturbingly, while the Chinese have been startlingly open about the potential military uses of molecular assemblers, Navrozov notes that ‘the current government-NNI policy completely excludes research involved in molecular nano assemblers because of the false non-feasibility argument as put forward by Richard Smalley [a specialist in carbon nanotubes] with peremptory categorical zeal.'

Ultimately, as the debate between Drexler and Smalley raged, Navrozov saw no harm in assuming that Drexler is right, for we should err on the side of caution. ‘Now, let us conjecture, for the sake of argument, the opposite,' argued Navrozov, ‘What would be the danger? That the West, including Dr. Smalley and his carbon nanotubes, would be reduced to dust or would surrender unconditionally to become a vast Hong Kong.'

Galileo's heresy was an astronomical abstraction. Nobody suffered as a result of his renouncement. Drexel's renouncement meant the superdeath of his country and his civilization. But how can a scientist live without a salary?

In despair, in 2004 Drexler gave up his chairmanship of the Foresight Institute which he founded in 1986) to free the Institute from the grave suspicion of the U.S. Congress that the Institute was developing nanoweapons. This has not helped. The Congress still won't give a cent to the Institute.

The above is the bare historical truth. There is no need for the film to keep to it literally. The reviewers of my book "The Education of Lev Navrozov" (Harper & Row, 1975) compared me to Mark Twain, Voltaire, Orwell, and Dostoyevsky, and I certainly can squeeze out for the script of the film all the human agony that the above human tragedy contains.

As for the superdeath of the West, let the audiences realize that the (willful) blindness of Western governments and legislatures will cause it unless their eyes are opened by the Lifeboat Foundation, the Center for the Survival of Western Democracies, and/or other such organizations.


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In the past few years, I have received about 1,000 e-mails from Internet readers highly appreciative of my columns and deeply concerned about the mortal danger to the West of Sino-Russian post-nuclear superweapons.Some of these readers call me a "voice in the wilderness"...
Thursday, 29 June 2006 12:00 AM
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