Who Will Continue the Reagan Legacy?

The 2012 presidential election may be the most crucial in America's history, Michael Reagan says.

Vote 2012 Who's Your Regan Candidate

Michael hosts the Newsmax 2012 Election Special.

In this riveting program, Michael also reveals why Newsmax believes Newt Gingrich — of all the GOP candidates — is the best to continue "the Reagan legacy."

As Iowa heads to its caucus vote and the New Hampshire primary nears, Michael talks about the remarkable life Newt Gingrich has led — an "American life," he says, having come from humble roots and rising to become speaker of the House, the third-highest elected official in our land.

Michael also discusses Newt Gingrich's remarkable legislative record — cutting taxes, restraining federal spending and abolishing welfare.

Newt led Congress to four balanced budgets and helped start an economic
boom that created 11 million new jobs.

In a special sit-down with Newsmax, you will also hear Newt's take on:
  • Reversing the Obama agenda and jump-starting the economy
  • His new low flat-tax plan
  • His "get tough" border and illegal-alien policies
  • Why he believes Iran poses a great threat to the U.S.
  • His plan to protect our nation's Judeo-Christian heritage
  • What he really thinks about Mitt Romney and Ron Paul
  • And what Newt will say in his final debate with Barack Obama.

There much, much more in this Newsmax Special with Michael Reagan.

Sit back, relax and enjoy this program — then share it with friends and family!

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