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The Left's Divisiveness Could Still Conquer

The Left's Divisiveness Could Still Conquer
Healthcare reform, and aspects of single payer healthcare are among the many issues currently dividing the U.S. today. (Kelpfish/Dreamstime)

By    |   Friday, 29 September 2017 05:49 PM

The descent into the abyss of anti-Americanism and victimhood by the National Football League (NFL), once a bastion of patriotism, is a sad, but by now, serial event.

Whereas many once believed that liberals shared our patriotism, their disrespect for our flag and national anthem makes plain they actively despise the United States. Such obvious contempt has brought home, in a manner that few other actions could, the unbridgeable chasm between those who love America, and the left — who actively seek to destroy it.

We live in a nation afflicted by disease, a parasitic organism that seeks to destroy healthy tissue in order to grow. The tumor cares little for the body it infests, and cannot make the connection between the death of its host and its own demise; it knows only its own will and appetite. So too has the left grown at the expense of our national wellbeing, feeding upon individuals, industries, and ideals until even the NFL willingly offered itself to their anti-American abattoir.

Freedom is the ideal of our nation, the central theme of our founding documents, and the primary purpose of our great sacrifices from the Revolutionary War to the Civil War, to World Wars I and II, the Cold War — and now — in the war against Islamofascist slavery.

We are not now, nor have we ever been, a nation based on blood, or defined by ancient animus. If a common love for freedom does not bind us, then nothing does, yet that love of freedom stands in opposition to the left, whose hunger for domination accepts no limits, and thus freedom must be destroyed, and with it any allegiance to anything other than the tumor.

Obamacare’s infection, from which the healthcare industry is dying, was merely the latest and worst in a long list of regulatory assaults on medicine. Single payer, the euphemism for socialist monopoly, is the next phase in the left’s penetration of enemy territory, defined as anything they do not control. The zone of freedom has been shrinking for the lifetimes of all but the very old, so long that nobody can remember a time when freedom was not constantly eroding from within.

So many of the problems America suffers from today are the result of allowing the tumor to devour our freedoms one by one. LBJ’s Great Society effectively nationalized charity, severing the hand seeking virtue as the price for assistance, and replacing it with a poverty-inducing entitlement mentality that mocked good behavior, and divorced cause and effect with predictable and tragic results.

The problems of racial disparity have almost nothing to do with the alleged racism of the average American — another lie told by the tumor — and everything to do with hobbling black families through policies designed to dominate the individual by the state. More susceptible to poverty, African-Americans were merely the most vulnerable to this insidious assault.

Education is another organ that the tumor has almost totally absorbed. In inner cities, it committed mass child abuse in the form of wholesale incompetence and corruption. The tumor built itself a major artery with mandatory union kickbacks, while at the same time depriving its victims of the ability to reason, and thus realize they were under attack.

The result has been akin to autoimmune sufferers subjected to germ warfare, yet somehow we, who are disgusted at a child’s torture for the tumor’s benefit, are responsible for the deliberate crippling of minorities and the poor.

The list of infected American institutions that have been weaponized against freedom is lengthy, and includes not simply lower education, but higher, as well as the media, publishing, entertainment, high tech, government workers, private foundations, and much of the judiciary to mention simply the top tier.

At a cellular level, agents of the tumor infect our daily discourse, enforcing a Stalinist conformity and doublespeak, poisoning relations between family and friends, and treating those who refuse to assimilate into the New America as something deserving of personal destruction and mob violence. The natural extension of this fascistic mentality is murder.

The tumor kills people, be they black children gunning each other down on the streets of Chicago, or Republican congressmen practicing baseball. It giddily turns every tragedy, every school shooting, into an opportunity to disarm the citizenry, thereby removing the final barrier that stands between it and the country’s final consumption.

It is no accident that the Democratic Party, the nucleus of the tumor, has its roots in slavery and segregation; it practices them still, albeit with a new psychological jujitsu that tricks victims into enslaving themselves. As the tumor draws more and more resources from the healthy portions of our body politic in order to feed its diseased organs, our economic vitality slows, and in their desperation, people demand care, which the tumor happily supplies with more of the same medicine that made people sick to begin with.

A unified country is nice in theory, but if you were ill, would you want to unify with your cancer? America must divide between freedom and slavery. There is no middle ground, no lasting compromise, only ignorance of threat or cowardice in its face, a position all too often embraced by elected officials promising to defend us. We are again, thanks once more to the left, a house divided, destined to become either wholly slave or wholly free, perhaps even now standing in the slipstream of a second Civil War.

Once so easily dismissed, with its seventy-plus genders, eco-doom and while guilt sermons, bizarre theories of intersectionality and communism’s eventual triumph, the leftist clown now grows stronger, angrier and more vicious. It dangles the bright utopian toys of equality and social justice before us, promising that if you accept them, you’ll float too above the constraints of scarcity and human nature, but its sole purpose is to feed upon our fear and our flesh.

The proper — the only — response to the leftist monster is horror, revulsion, and defiance.

P. H. Guthrie is a former Republican campaign operative. His work has appeared in USA Today, Real Clear Politics, The Federalist, and The Daily Caller. He has also appeared on "The Dan Caplis Show" on KNUS 710. He currently resides in the Washington, D.C. area. Follow him on Twitter @PHGuthrie. To read more of his reports, Go Here Now.

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A unified country is nice in theory. If you were ill, would you want to unify with your cancer? America must divide between freedom and slavery. We are again, thanks once more to the left, a house divided, destined to become either wholly slave or wholly free.
great society, lbj, nfl
Friday, 29 September 2017 05:49 PM
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