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Another Year, Another GOP Surrender in Congress

Another Year, Another GOP Surrender in Congress

Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. (Susan Walsh/AP)

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Sen. Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R–Timid, is now part of a Republican leadership controlling the Senate, the House, and the presidency. The only Democrats remaining in positions of power are the leftists who have burrowed their way into the permanent federal bureaucracy.

Leftist agitators are outraged at the dual prospect of an assertive Trump presidency and the damage the new $15 per hour minimum wage will do to their rent-a-crowd budget.

Even Mexico is quietly investigating what current U.S. construction costs are.

Naturally McConnell’s message to conservatives for 2017 is — don’t get your hopes up.

The Wall Street Journal reports McConnell "cautioned Republicans against reading their sweep as license to push through a strictly partisan agenda."

McConnell explains, "Overreaching after an election is, generally speaking, a mistake. I don’t think we should act as if we’re going to be in the majority forever."

This is exactly the kind of preemptive surrender on the part of faux conservatives that drives the genuine article crazy. Rep. Louie Gohmert, R–Defiant, has seen this mentality firsthand. When he first entered the House in 2006 the talk was of the big things the Republican majority was going to accomplish.

Then he attended a GOP House conference meeting and found leadership worried.

They explained that yes, the plan was to do big things. But there was "a small chance" Republicans might lose the majority. So to play it safe, the leadership wants to do small things, win the election and keep the majority.

Then, they’ll do great things.

Gohmert was just a freshman member at the time but he spoke up, "If there’s any chance we might lose, then this is the time to do the big stuff."

Gohmert was ignored. Conservative voters are still waiting for those "great things."

Everything the conservative base wants is partisan, that’s why we suckers voted for the likes of McConnell. He’s not going to get Democratic votes to defund Planned Parenthood, repeal Obamacare, enforce the border, deport illegal aliens, and confirm a constitutional conservative to the Supreme Court.

That sort of hard-edged activism is just not McConnell’s cup of tea.

He’s the leader of the "can't do caucus" whose job it is to tell conservative voters why the politicians who promised to rollback big government won’t. They discovered moving a corpulent mass like the federal government will take a lever the size of the Washington Monument and they only packed a shoe spoon.

For some reason Democrats never have trouble passing a "partisan agenda" that appeals to their base. Democratic leadership pushed for expanding slavery into the territories, passed the Fugitive Slave Act, and packed the Supreme Court with slavery sympathizers.

Oh, wait. That was the old base. For the new base Democrats publicly fund abortion through support of Planned Parenthood, demonize Christians for following the Bible, and work to restrict gun ownership to the criminal class.

The fact Obamacare was so partisan it passed without a single Republican vote didn’t bother Democrats a bit. It’s the law of the land and right now Republicans elected to repeal it are circling around the healthcare monolith like the monkeys in "2001 A Space Odyssey."

McConnell as majority leader is as weak as Gen. George McClellan was in the Civil War.
Just like McClellan, McConnell outnumbers the enemy and has the support of the president, but he’s afraid to take a risk for victory. He’s rather stand pat for stasis.

Imaginary fears paralyze "Mitch McClellan." (Complete details here.) Leftist Democratic intransigence, backed up by media big guns, is always too strong for Mitch McClellan to assault.

McConnell prefers to reach across the aisle and let Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer bite his fingers.

A perfect example of Mitch McClellan’s victory avoidance is the GOP response to Schumer’s threat to delay until March the confirmation of eight of Trump’s cabinet nominees. They intend to "shame" Democrats by pointing out how quickly supine Republicans confirmed Obama’s nominees eight years ago.That’s not “shaming” it’s whining and a sign of weakness.

McConnell should call Schumer’s bluff. Let Democrats delay Senate business by conducting 31-hour mini-filibusters for each of the nominees. Only McConnell should keep the Senate in session around the clock and require Democrats to be speaking the entire time.

Let C–SPAN viewers watch Schumer and his minions reading from the phone book while in the corner of the screen a clock totals the number of hours Democrats have petulantly delayed the nation’s business.

If fact, do that every time Democrats threaten a filibuster let the American people see which party is the real roadblock to solving the nation’s problems. After the midterm elections McConnell will have the 60 votes he needs to defeat filibusters in the future.

All it takes is the courage to confront leftist Democrats now.

Michael R. Shannon is a commentator, researcher for the League of American Voters, and an award-winning political and advertising consultant with nationwide and international experience. He is author of "Conservative Christian’s Guidebook for Living in Secular Times (Now with added humor!)." Read more of Michael Shannon's reports — Go Here Now.


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Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., as majority leader is as weak as Gen. George McClellan was in the Civil War. Just like McClellan, McConnell outnumbers the enemy and has the support of the president, but he’s afraid to take a risk for victory.
obamacare, planned parenthood
Friday, 06 January 2017 04:42 PM
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