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Obama Gets 'Vote of No Confidence'

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President Barack Obama and his fellow liberal Democratic leaders make no secret of their preference for Eurosocialism over the individual rights of the U.S. Constitution.

The European parliamentary systems that begat such welfare states have one positive aspect — the "vote of no confidence."

If a major vote rejects the ruling party's policies, the party's leaders are expected promptly to resign and call for an immediate popular election giving the people an opportunity to remove it from power.

If most public opinion polls are correct, on Tuesday the political rule of the Democratic Party and President Obama will face one of the largest popular votes of "no confidence" in the history of democracy itself.

If today's left-liberal Democratic leaders truly believe in the superiority of European-style democracy, then on Wednesday morning they should relinquish their offices.

They should then call for an immediate special election so the people can decide whether President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden should remain in power.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid should likewise resign. They, of course, would also forfeit any moral or ethical authority to call a congressional lame duck session whose ruling majority depends on defeated Democrats.

The U.S. Constitution has no parliamentary provision for a "no confidence" vote, but Obama, Pelosi, and Reid have repeatedly demonstrated their willingness to circumvent America's Constitution.

This ruling imperialist triumvirate prefers the ways of Europe. Americans, therefore, should demand that they follow their preferred European parliamentary standards and resign.

On Tuesday we shall see if voters believe President Obama, whose policy of taxing, borrowing, and spending our way out of today's economic crisis is plunging America deeper and deeper into debt, decline and a potential crash of the dollar, has lost what in Chinese emperors was called the "mandate of heaven."

If Obama and his comrades genuinely wish to restore economic health and prosperity to America, they would resign even if they win on Tuesday.

The stock market would probably surge by 5,000 points within days of a mass resignation by left-liberal Democratic rulers. Foreign investment money would also flood into America.

"Americans have begun to understand how the rapacity of trial lawyers forces their doctor to practice defensive medicine by having them take many unnecessary and expensive tests," Craig R. Smith of Swiss America and I wrote in our new book "Crashing the Dollar," "and that this has greatly increased the cost of health insurance and care."

And Americans, we wrote, "are also now beginning to recognize that the mere presence of a political party that preaches class warfare and hatred for capitalism forces companies to practice 'defensive business,' to offer fewer services, do less investment, and hire fewer people than they would in a genuinely free market society."

The Democratic Party has now moved so far to the left that it creates fear of banana republic-style expropriation among would-be investors.

It will take generations to undo the fear Obama caused by shoving aside legitimate bond holders at Chrysler so that he could give company ownership instead to his leftist allies, the United Auto Workers union.

No wonder more than $3 trillion is being held back by investors and lenders.

In Ayn Rand's great novel "Atlas Shrugged" she depicted a future where the productive go on strike against greedy politicians and government parasites.

Look around you. Atlas is shrugging as companies refuse to invest in a Democratic-controlled economy.

It tells everything you need to know that class warfare Democrats are pushing to give votes to felons and illegal aliens while taking steps in states such as Illinois to deny absentee ballots to our troops overseas.

Everyone on Nov. 2 should go to the polls and vote in behalf of America's men and women in uniform, whose right to vote is again being stolen by liberals as it was in 2000 in Florida.

Democrats ought to lose in 2010 and 2012, but they also need to be removed from power for at least two generations, as Republicans were from control of Congress from the 1930s to the 1980s.

For their redemption and ours, left-liberal Democrats need to wander for 40 years in the desert until they purge themselves of the pagan pseudo-religious cults of Eurosocialism, Marxism, progressivism and all other collectivisms.

In year 2050 Americans can reconsider whether the Democrats have again become an American political party.

Every American this week should take a vow never to vote for any Democrat until 2050.

Lowell Ponte's new book, co-authored with Craig R. Smith, is "Crashing the Dollar: How to Survive a Global Currency Collapse," available at crashingthedollar.com

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President Barack Obama and his fellow liberal Democratic leaders make no secret of their preference for Eurosocialism over the individual rights of the U.S. Constitution. The European parliamentary systems that begat such welfare states have one positive aspect the vote...
Monday, 01 November 2010 07:52 AM
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