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Obama's Rhetorical Immigration Hash

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Back in April 2011, Ruben Navarrette, Jr., a Hispanic journalist and television commentator, wrote: “More and more Latinos are wising up to President Obama’s phony immigration two-step.”
Obama panders to Latinos by criticizing Republicans for being too tough on immigration enforcement while pandering to non-Latinos by sounding tough on deportations. Navarrette concluded, “So it is no wonder that Obama is left with this rhetorical hash, and words that don’t match his actions.”
Recently Reuters reported on August 7, 2014, that 70 percent of Americans believe illegal aliens threaten traditional U.S. beliefs and customs. To counter such beliefs, President Obama applies the phony Washington two-step, with rhetorical skills mastered in Chicago.

His two-step can be traced to the writings of Saul Alinsky (1902-1972), founder of the community-organizing movement. Marian Wright Edelman, a politically left "greis eminence" and Alinsky insider, knows Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama well and observed, “Both Hillary and Barack reflect that understanding of community-organizing strategy. Both just know how to leverage power.”
Alinsky contended that change is achieved by community organizers infiltrating the white middle class. He had contempt for the middle class, as do Obama and the Democrats, except when it is useful in “controlled conflict.” Alinsky called for taking power from the “haves” and giving it to the “have nots” and bragged, “Our rebels have contemptuously rejected the values and the way of life of the middle class.”
President Obama pits American against American over money, as in his raising-the-minimum-wage gambit. The president attacks millionaires and billionaires as greedy people and business owners as not doing their fair share, as he flies off on the presidential jet to yet another Democrat fundraiser. Meanwhile, the U.S.-Mexican border is trampled, U.S. foreign policy is adrift in a sea of White House mistakes, and the middle class awaits the next installment of sticker shock related to the Obama “Affordable” Care Act.
Obama’s sinking approval ratings have Hillary Clinton edging away from the president. With illegal immigration mounting as a budgetary headache, Hillary wants no part of the immigration divide widening in the United States.
In Hildago County, Texas, one U.S. citizen noted, “The narco-smugglers have a super highway here, in New Mexico and Arizona, and no one to stop them.” Today, the southern border is wide open, as U.S. Border Patrol agents attest. 
The immediate immigration crisis seems to be what to do with the 90,000+ undocumented children, mostly teenagers, who have recently crashed the U.S. border. The school year is set to begin. Temporary housing for young “immigrants” is scarce, and costs for available housing rise daily.
Even if the number of undocumented, unaccompanied minors crashing the border slows, their numbers will be epidemic in proportion to the U.S. facilities able to care for them. Local and state school budgets will experience a painful bump, as will social welfare budgets.
Obama’s policies of amnesty and work permits for illegal “youths” have encouraged unaccompanied minors to cross the border. That crimes in their homelands caused the recent surge of minors is a myth. Central America has been living with internal wars and crime since the 1980s.
In addition, increasing numbers of undocumented foreign nationals from Muslim countries are crossing the Southern border. According to USA Today, the Obama administration has forced a Detroit-area school district to offer courses in Arabic and to hire additional Arab staff. The recent announcement of the school terms was released in both English and Arabic.
Department of Homeland Security numbers provide the Obama administration with whatever cover it needs. DHS cannot provide an accurate number of illegal aliens presently in the country, nor can the agency control the exit of foreign visitors who overstay their visas.

The Obama administration and the national press, however, stand by their estimate of 11 million “undocumented immigrants” residing in the United States. The Pew Research Center, for instance, has set the number of undocumented aliens in the U.S. from 2009-2013 at 11.1 to 11.7 million.
How is it that, with uncontrolled borders and unaccompanied minors crossing at will, the number of “undocumented immigrants” has not grown significantly during the Obama years? With deaths, alleged deportations, and voluntary departures of “undocumented immigrants,” the number of illegal aliens in the country remains at an average of 11.4 million. The numbers and the facts do not align.
Yahoo.com reports that the Mexican Foreign Ministry is protesting the presence of Texas National Guard units on the Southern Border, saying no circumstances exist to justify this act. The implication being that the United States has no right to protect its sovereignty.
Today, President Obama and the Democrats reference the “middle class” in nearly every speech, yet no mention is made of bringing our U.S. Marine home from a notorious Mexican jail. Their concern for undocumented immigrants far outweighs their concern for the middle class, which is only outdone by their contempt for it.
James H. Walsh was associate general counsel with the U.S. Department of Justice Immigration and Naturalization Service from 1983 to 1994. Read more reports from James Walsh — Click Here Now.

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President Obama panders to Latinos by criticizing Republicans for being too tough on immigration enforcement while pandering to non-Latinos by sounding tough on deportations.
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Monday, 18 August 2014 11:45 AM
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