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Depending on where you sat last week, you either saw Minnesota Nice at its best or the Minneapolis deplorables at their worst.
Without guile, without hatred, without deception, Reaganism would prove to be the remedy America and the world needed, forty years ago, but whose legacy still casts a long shadow over all of us.
By Craig Shirley and Andrew Shirley
We’ve all experienced pausing for the moment of silence that is customarily used to show respect for someone who has died.
A member of Congress who concludes that a president needs to be removed for the country’s protection should not be dissuaded by legalistic arguments that don’t match the constitutional design.
Corporate America, epitomized by the National Basketball Association (NBA), in a Faustian bargain, has prostrated itself to China and, to a shocking degree, turned its back on American customers and ideals.
We always thought whistleblowers were solitary, courageous men and women leading a paranoid existence as they risk their careers, finances, and freedom to expose government or corporate wrongdoing.
By Michael Reagan with Michael R. Shannon
If asked where our country ranks when it comes to caring for our women, I probably would have guessed pretty high. I might have even guessed that we were one of the top countries for female empowerment in the world.
Deep blue Minnesota, which hasn’t voted for a Republican presidential candidate in 47 years, appears to be in play, and at least two people know it: Republican President Donald Trump and Democratic Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey.
If Trump cannot persuade Erdogan to pull back his army, then Mazloum Abdi confirmed what most of the U.S. government already knows: He will seek out a partnership with Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad.
Earlier, McConnell had said he’d have "no choice" but to hold a trial in the Senate should the House impeach the president, but slyly added that he wasn’t saying how long — or not— that would take.
The communications playbook used by this White House for three years must go out the window in favor of a more disciplined approach.
Will anyone out there begin to report the truth? I’m not holding my breath.
President Donald J. Trump’s fiercest critics claim that the gap between the haves and have-nots is expanding on his watch.
By Wednesday, Trump backed away from Armageddon. His new position: If the full House votes to open an impeachment inquiry, and he is given the same rights and protections Richard Nixon was given in 1974, Trump, would respect House subpoenas.
Trump is on a different planet. He has refused to comply with wholly constitutional legislative requests for documents, information and testimony. He has diverted money toward a project clearly not funded by Congress, and reportedly promised pardons for officials who might break the law.
Many older individuals who are physically frail or beginning to notice early signs of dementia warm up to the idea of some level of monitoring over time, if it means continuing to live independently.
In the monthly surveys and in both versions of the question, healthcare and the economy consistently emerge as the top issues
Iranian President Rouhani has invited countries in the Middle East to join what he called the security coalition of HOPE — a rough acronym for the Hormuz Peace Endeavor.
I doubt the Next Generation Interceptor, as described by Dr. Loren B. Thompson, can achieve anything like the global capabilities of a constellation of 1000 Brilliant Pebbles, nor meet the Pentagon-approved 1990 cost estimate.
What appears to be emerging from the Ukraine controversy is an epochal contest for the political soul and future of America.
In their latest attempt to force their “global warming” agenda on skeptical people, the U.N. enlisted school children, worldwide, properly terrified by their teachers about the coming climate disaster, for their cause.
Vladimir Putin, the President of Russia, is by far and without a doubt the most wily of all the characters on the world stage.
Now is the time for Congress to reclaim its constitutional power as the sole entity to declare war. Until it does, profoundly outdated, morally ambivalent and overtly unconstitutional statutes lie in the presidential desk drawer like a loaded gun.
The average American doesn't have a good understanding of personal finance. Financial literacy is abysmally low, across age groups and education levels, with a distressingly low percentage of the population understanding fundamental topics like how to create a budget, how...
An atheist group has filed a complaint against a judge in Dallas, Texas who supposedly violated their understanding of church and state relations.
America has been moved by a recent and surprising act of mercy.
At this point, few Americans can claim ignorance about the mounting number of wrongful convictions discovered in our justice system.
John Durham, the veteran U.S. Attorney based in Connecticut who has been assigned to investigate the perpetrators of the "Russian-collusion hoax," is expanding his staff’s focus and numbers.
As Washington returns from its October break, attention is being focused on resolving the so-called “surprise billing” issue.
When Richard Nixon was sworn in it sure looked as if the USSR was about to lead the world into long-term darkness. When he left the world to Gerald Ford, he had left it a new place, far behind the U.S. in almost every way. Nixon believed in human freedom almost as a religion.
Those of us who understand the Fed is the cause of, not the solution to, our problems must redouble our efforts to educate our fellow citizens on sound economics and the ideas of liberty.
It’s estimated that two out of every five persons today wouldn’t exist without the potato having been introduced as a global staple beginning in the 16th century.
When James A. Garfield was assassinated, his vice president, Chester A. Arthur, succeeded him. Arthur had a dubious past, but turned out to be a decent president and presided over badly needed civil service reform. He wildly exceeded expectations.
So international is the scale of current American corruption, it's no surprise that uncovering the facts will require other nations' cooperation. The president, in other words, is doing just what he promised, and doing what the national media refuses to even acknowledge.
I woke up to text that President Trump is abandoning the Syrian Kurds in favor of ISIS.
No matter how much you crane on Ukraine, it’s impossible to see whether impeachment will produce fruit.
One small step to improve the UN was taken last week when its Universal Postal Union (UPU) met in Geneva to modify the process for international rate-setting on mail between countries.
WeWork identified a real opportunity. It’s serving a genuine economic function, disrupting the commercial real estate industry, offering customers a value proposition good enough that the tenants voluntarily pay to rent the space.
Politicians, lawyers, and the media are the three groups pushing the impeachment narrative. They are also the three brand segments that most Americans abhor.
Nowhere in the August 12, 2019, complaint is there a citation to another legal standard that President Trump allegedly violated.
It doesn't matter that the idea of a safe injection site might not have occurred to the legislators in 1986. It doesn't matter, from a legal perspective, whether the people who are advocating for these sites argue that they want to save lives.
I have at least 1,000 things to write about. I could fill this column for the next 365 days. But I have to scrap them once again. President Trump screws up my plans every time.
It was one year ago I left the cushy confines of the Washington, D.C. political world and arrived at Fort Benning, Georgia, to begin service to my nation as a United States Army officer.
The Democratic Coalition, has been working against President Trump’s efforts to put the country back on a prosperous track. The bitterly partisan group initially had as its primary goal, according to its website, "making sure that Donald Trump never became President."
With the media furor over Israel’s election deadlock and Prime Minister Netanyahu’s legal woes, other issues looming on Israel’s national agenda tend to be sidelined.
Apollo Astronaut Walt Cunningham joined 49 prominent NASA scientists and officials in signing an April 10, 2012 letter admonishing then-NASA Administrator Charles Bolden to end flagrant abuses of climate science integrity.
The crisis in Venezuela is already having major regional consequences.
Is the air polluted with carbon monoxide? Do plastic bags save trees or pollute the seas, choking off water life there?
Throughout my career with the New York Yankees I have always had my go to guys, players I knew well; players who, if I asked them to go to a school, a hospital, or a youth program, would go.
The Democrat Party and the mainstream media (I know, redundant), stricken with a malignant, stage-four case of Trump Derangement Syndrome, continues their unhinged crusade to overturn the legitimate election of Donald Trump.
The friendly fire shooting incidents of 2 heroic NYPD Police Officers, Brian Mulkeen and Brian Simonsen, within a year brings into question the training of NYPD Officers.
Nearly five years after the Iran Nuclear Deal, which was meant to contain the Iranian nuclear threat as well as taming its regional rogue behavior, the Iranian regime remains the biggest threat to the United States and its allies in the region.
While the Democrats pursue impeachment to remove Donald Trump from the White House rather than risk losing to him again in the next election, they already have lined up a second strategy: call all of his supporters racists.
Merriam Webster defines a Kangaroo Court as a “mock court in which the principles of law and justice are disregarding or perverted” also characterized by irresponsible procedures.
October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and this year more people across the country are supporting women in the fight against breast cancer than ever before.
Biden Boxing
Open-border advocates realize they are in a different ballgame with President Donald J. Trump.
As is now widely understood, the September 14, 2019, attack on the Saudi oil processing facilities that took out over 5% of the world’s daily oil supply originated from inside Iran.
On September 27, Rush Limbaugh, on his radio broadcast, made the observation that we Americans are in a “Cold Civil War.” With the utmost respect, Mr. Limbaugh, I must disagree with that opinion. More accurately stated, we are in a “Cold Revolutionary War.”
The taxes and the economic effects on the middle class and the poor would be more like an avalanche than a trickle, before we even start on the effects of shutting off 80 percent of the country’s energy supply to protect the climate.
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