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The statistics are depressing and disheartening. Over half of marriages end in divorce. It is not surprising we have devoted so much research to exploring the reasons why.
Under the Shariah-supremacist Erdogan regime, Turkey has repeatedly demonstrated that it is playing for the other team, buying advanced weapons from Russia and China.
Dwight Gooden is very lucky because, during his worst moments, his baseball fathers showed him more love then anyone in his situation would’ve gotten from anybody else. People like Mel Stottlemyre are not that common in the business of baseball.
The U.S. Air Force just changed the game when it comes to global air mobility by signing off on first delivery for Boeing’s KC-46A Pegasus aerial refueling tanker.
With the heightened potential for another worldwide cyber-attack in the vein of 2017’s WannaCry outbreak, so-called "non-essential" government personnel need to return to work expeditiously to ensure the online safety of everything.
March leaders have struggled to put accusations of anti-Semitism behind them since February, when Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan gave a speech calling Jews "powerful" and "Satanic" and saying they "are my enemy."
Fifty percent of white voters believe it is fair while 37 percent do not. By a 62 percent to 23 percent margin, black voters believe it is unfair. Fifty-six percent of Hispanic voters agree.
The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has faced major challenges in recent years revolving around a variety of issues, the core problem being a failure to provide adequate and timely healthcare to veterans.
It’s not often a single news item from California proves two points we’ve been making for years in this column, but today is our lucky day.
By Michael Reagan with Michael R. Shannon
To make a carbon tax politically feasible requires making everything else not equal. The key to avoiding riots would be to combine fuel tax increases with another policy that would eliminate their regressive impact.
Is Trump looking for a showdown with Iran, which could result in a war that might vault his approval rating, but be a disaster for the Mideast and world economy and do for him what Operation Iraqi Freedom did for George W. Bush?
As a brand, if you have supported a candidate or a public figure in the past, what do you do when they say or do something that could cause your brand some trouble?
Tuesday’s Brexit vote in the British Parliament is expected to be a loser for Prime Minister Theresa May.
Loss of what we once were is painful. The perception that the American people are somehow being deprived of their birthright is the explanation for the surprise 2016 victory of Donald J. Trump.
People are talking about Joe Biden running for president.
Foreign policy hawks can count on generous support from the military-industrial complex, supporters of corporatist healthcare systems like Obamacare can count on generous support from the health insurance-pharma complex, and apologists for the Federal Reserve can count on support from the big banks.
The innermost tycoon in Putin’s inner circle put his finger in the eye of democracy, along with his heart and about $10 million, into making himself a palace fit for an oligarch right in the middle of the capitol.
With each passing day Iran moves closer and closer towards a satellite launch.
The biggest pro-life demonstration of the year is about to take place in Washington, D.C. — the annual March for Life.
It’s not immediately obvious, at least to me, that it would have been more moral for Apple voluntarily to have paid $9 billion more in U.S. taxes in 2012. In that case, the $9 billion would have been available for politicians in Washington to spend.
I’m not a natural gun owner.
Essentially, males of all ages will be required to deny who they are and become what the leftist social engineers have designed for them. This is an untenable scenario for anyone who understands how the autonomy of the individual is necessary for a society to remain healthy.
First off, even with massive federal and state government-funded tax credit subsidies, fuel efficiency mandates and other politically-driven preferential advantages, the vast majority of the driving public-low-income consumers in particular, aren’t buying them.
So even when the president is correct, he is wrong, because according to The Washington Post, a crime is only a crime when it is violent.
The president should have a press conference featuring the families of victims of illegal immigrants to show the faces of grief to America to remind the nation, Democrats, and the media of just what's at stake.
I believe that most Americans, even those quite dissatisfied with one or both parties, do not wish the public dialogue to be conducted at the level to which it has now descended.
If progressives win big in the 2020 elections and go for tax increases thereafter, they may not take Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’s comments as a guide. But they will certainly follow her example in targeting a tiny percentage in order to raise a small amount of revenue.
The president’s defenders might argue that, with Iran on the march, democratic ideals are a luxury U.S. statecraft cannot afford in the Mideast. But dictatorships are never as stable as they appear from the outside.
I have been an advocate of a strong executive for most of my life. I don't much like how Congress operates. I now realize that my views were premised on the assumption that the president would operate within the bounds of laws, norms, and ethics.
It's the height of gall for officials who helped double the national debt to over $20 trillion in an eight year period to suddenly get religion on spending. No one said a peep when Barack Obama submitted an emergency bill for $4 billion to care for unaccompanied minors.
At this point, it has been thoroughly proven that the government is far too incompetent and too inefficient to ever guarantee that those sentenced to death are in fact guilty.
True or false: Federal agents have caught terrorists on the southern frontier.
Some claim that building a wall is “medieval solution” to a modern problem. The wheel is an ancient solution too. Nobody’s complaining about that. POTUS is on target.
A great deal of present conservative discontent can be alleviated simply by decentralizing more problems to prevent national so-called experts from disrupting both markets and communities.
The case against U.S. Navy SEAL Chief Eddie Gallagher has highlighted, once again, a preventable issue within the United States military justice system.
By Bernard Kerik and Timothy Parlatore
We know from the plain wording of the Constitution and from history that all expenditures of money from the federal treasury and all federal use of private property must first be approved by Congress.
As we enter the new year, we can already see that, as in 2018, China and Russia will continue to dominate the international news cycle. This is thus a good time to pause, reflect, and understand the nature of the genuine threats to our national security.
Last week, the first openly bisexual senator was sworn in… and she refused to be sworn in on the Holy Bible, as is customary.
It can be difficult for Americans to navigate the swamplands of language usage without getting into trouble with the Cheka (first Soviet secret police) and sent to a re-education center.
Two years into Donald Trump’s presidency, and the Republican faction known as “NeverTrump” is careening wildly in search of relevance.
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is planning to roll out a government funded plan to guarantee every New York City resident comprehensive healthcare, regardless of immigration status or one's ability to pay.
The securing of the southern border is President Trump’s “Read my lips” moment.
Companies often find that employees enjoy the freedom of remote working and telecommuting, which creates a break from the boredom of spending 40-plus hours in a cubicle each week.
It could be argued that the spending clause in Article 1, Section 8 of the Constitution as the first enumerated power of the Congress is the most important purpose of the Congress. But is Congress negligent in their responsibility to carry out this function?
This coming year — 2019 — is going to be powerful. It’s going to be the year of a thousand times more.
We urgently need effective ballistic missile defense (BMD) systems to protect Americans from an existential electromagnetic pulse (EMP) threat posed by a nuclear explosion high in or above the atmosphere.
In her books Hillary Clinton tried to explain why she, against all expectations, lost the election against Donald Trump.
All of ACA, which imposes a straitjacket on a previously diverse, state-regulated industry, needs to be declared unconstitutional—as it surely is, based on any reasonable reading of our founding law.
It’s time for 2018’s losers.
The back-to-back nights of the Golden Globe Awards and College Football Championship reminds us that even entertainment divides Americans — call it Hollywood vs. college football, baseball, and the country music of Muscle Shoals.
Baby boomers have always been a "change" generation; a generation reinventing the norms and denied the odds against them. So now, as baby boomers age, they are no longer spectators simply sitting back, taking it all in.
The U.S. nuclear deterrent preserved peace during the Cold War by maintaining numerical and technological rough parity with the USSR, not allowing Moscow to gain any significant advantage that might tempt Russia to launch World War III.
Governor of New York Andrew Cuomo, newly inaugurated for his third term, has repeatedly denied he has presidential ambitions, recently naming Joe Biden as his pick for 2020.
Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez demonstrated during an appearance on CBS News’ “60 Minutes” that aired Sunday that she knows little of economics, her major field of study at Boston University.
The final provision of the Bill of Rights, aka the 10th Amendment, provides: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”
We the people — individually and collectively — are better than Donald Trump.
If our leaders in Washington can stop digging in and start climbing out of the immigration hole, the entire country will be better for it.
Conservatives must continue to be rational in our political assessments of opposing views.
The New Year seems an appropriate time to talk about time.
Happy New Year. As a nationally-syndicated conservative columnist, I write about politics 24/7/365.
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