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Evidently, there is an emerging, bipartisan consensus that Communist China is a hostile power that must be countered in every battlespace.
Many liberals responded that conservatives just don't get it. There is no such thing as anti-white racism because racism is all about power. Whites — or white men — have it, other groups don't.
Last week Montenegro announced it is seeking extradition of the retired U.S. spy, Joseph Assad, for his role in an attempted coup there in 2016.
President Obama dealt with this situation as he dealt with other American foreign policy issues. He went to Turkey in the beginning of his first term and apologized.
The capacity to perform some tasks better earlier in the day allows people to set their schedules to capitalize on times of peak performance. Important projects can be tackled when short-term memory and other cognitive functions are at their peak.
Eighteen percent said their biggest concern is the ability to hire and retain good workers. Among other concerns were business financial matters and healthcare.
More “inspired by” than “based on” the memoir “Full Service” by Scotty Bowers, “Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood” (SATSHOH) is a movie that’s about 50 years too late in arriving.
It's bad enough for politicians to resort to lying during campaigns. But when lying continues after campaigns are over and governing begins, it can easily poison the whole public sphere and could ultimately destroy a political system.
With the move by Big Tech companies toward the censorship of conservative content online, Google has also removed the Ahoy anti-censorship app from the App store.
All that you are seeing and hearing these days on Fox News about Bruce Ohr and his wife Nellie is only about Russian pro-Hillary Clinton and anti-Trump Russian collusion with former British spy Christopher Steele and Fusion GPS?
As it turns out maybe Democrats aren’t the stewards of the environment they pretend to be. That even goes for one of its heroes, former President Barack Obama.
Today I’m in complete agreement with President Trump. He recently tweeted, “NFL National Anthem Debate is alive and well again — can't believe it.”
By Michael Reagan with Michael R. Shannon
A list of America's adversaries here would contain the Taliban, the Houthis of Yemen, Bashar Assad of Syria, Erdogan's Turkey, Iran, North Korea, Russia and China — a pretty full plate.
A couple of weeks ago, the administration sanctioned Turkey's justice and interior ministers — remember, these are top officials of a fellow NATO country. The action hit the Turkish currency and stock market hard.
The tax cut plan and its resulting kick-start to the economy has boosted job opportunities and consumer confidence. Greater hope equates to greater motivation. Add to that an increase individual dignity by tying benefits to a work requirement.
Liberals are so obsessed with Donald Trump. But maybe they should start looking in the mirror. The problem is they won’t like what they see.
Is there anyone — anyone — who can fathom why President Trump hired Omarosa to work in the White House? She’s a known troublemaker, a disaster waiting to happen.
President Trump’s own Administration is forcing him to accept the State Department determination and agree to sanctions that may well include, according to the 1991 law, a complete break of diplomatic relations with Russia.
Cordray is currently the Democrats’ candidate for Ohio governor. The Buckeye State, and America, deserve better than a banana republic-style big man.
The first reason this news should be less disturbing than it appears is that compensation includes benefits, not just wages, and the proportion of benefits to wages has been rising. Average compensation must therefore have risen faster than average wages have.
Rep. Chris Collins, R-N.Y., may experience poetic justice. As a congressman, he had the power to write law to prevent the SEC, and others, from inventing new crimes. Collins and his colleagues neglected to do that. Now he is getting a lesson in the consequences of that default.
From the perspective of a retired law enforcement official, the videotaped savagery of a police officer knocking a man senseless and violently pummeling him into submission on a Baltimore sidewalk evoked a visceral reaction.
Democratic congressional candidates are revolting against Nancy Pelosi in large numbers. Her grip as the leader of the House minority is slipping and could hurt their chances in the coming midterm elections.
The left clings to its romantic hope, that somehow in this country we can achieve a successful socialism. It's a fantasy, as is the notion that our current president is racist. All Donald J. Trump needs to do, to defeat the left, is to stay the course he's on.
I’ve been praying hard about the Omarosa situation.
Tech giants have laid down a track record that indicates they cannot be trusted to maintain a fair venue for the marketplace of ideas. Some have proposed turning the big tech giants into public utilities.
Israel faces a rapidly growing threat from Iran and its proxies. Whereas Hezbollah was pounding their towns with about 150 rockets daily during the 2006 war, they may soon be able to launch as many as 1,500 per day.
Let me ask you this when it comes to the foreign policy advisors to our president: Is truculence the only foreign policy they know? Every day when I wake up and read the news it seems the answer to that question is a resounding yes.
The U.S. needs a strategic concept for what it is trying to achieve in Latin America and the Caribbean.
Outraged elites in Silicon Valley put their trendy social activism ahead of any notions of national security or child safety. At Google and Microsoft, left-wing sentiment overrides U.S. national security.
John James, a West Point graduate, stormed to victory in the Republican primary for U.S. Senate this week and will now face three-term incumbent Democrat Debbie Stabenow for the seat November 6.
News reports that Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky., yet again, will surrender to Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. on spending darn well better be mere gossip. Another profligate omnibus disaster will thoroughly disgust and demoralize Republican voters.
Why should anyone have to contend with stupid, offensive questions by reporters in one’s own home, shouted demands meant to further inflame and manipulate an already divided nation? The public would welcome decorum and civility
Every U.S. president has an opportunity to leave a unique mark on America. For Donald Trump, the most consequential impact his administration may have is in the area of international trade.
It is impossible not to support U.S. Supreme Court Justices who are constitutionalist with an originalist bent. Candidate Brett Kavanaugh certainly fits that bill.
Iranians, especially young Iranians, are challenging the religious regime. They are much too young to remember life under the shah. But they are old enough to realize that the life they know is not the life they want.
The Pope has updated the Catechism of the Catholic Church to strengthen the Church’s opposition to the death penalty.
When federal prosecutors are nearing the end of criminal investigations, they often invite the subjects of those investigations to speak with them.
In August 2017 I was hiking up a mountain in Tecate, Mexico. It was hot outside and the hill was steep.
Our nation faced worse during the Civil War (1861-1865). Abraham Lincoln called for a national day of repentance and prayer in 1863. At that time, he warned us to stop forgetting God and to remember, "those nations only are blessed whose God is the Lord."
According to the Chicago Tribune’s crime tracking team, as of August 6, 318 people have been killed and 1,785 have been shot this year alone.
Wishing to bring back the past is tantamount to yearning to revive the stone age. Children have grown up with computers and the Internet in schools and at home, they find everything online. Technology is to them almost as an extension of their bodies.
They could be through the whole kit and caboodle by Labor Day.
Within a matter of a few days, Ohio State football coach Urban Meyer went from coaching legend to public enemy number one.
Two stories from different sections of the country, occurring during the weekend of August 4, 2018, combined to illustrate a need for more concealed carry permit holders and national reciprocity.
The strength of our Trumpian economy guarantees that no world power has ever been better positioned to win such a war. And the ultimate costs are guaranteed to be far lower than anything we might have paid had we had to deploy the military in any of these theaters.
The Dominican Republic (DR) and Haiti share the Island of Hispaniola, an island divided by a 236-mile border protected by 36 checkpoints and over 5,400 soldiers on the Dominican side.
The strength of the American workforce is the skill and ingenuity of its workers. Helping black women build the human capital to succeed in whatever career they choose is more empowering to knock down obstacles than playing up the victim mentality.
Where economics are concerned, Brookhaven National Laboratory has estimated that lift-offs could be scheduled every hour with such a system, putting as much as 70 seventy tons of freight into orbit per launch at an estimated cost of just $10 to $25 per pound.
We now live in a new political reality, one that enhances a stereotypical and tribal view of the world. Expect this "unusual stability," meaning digitally induced political tribalism, to become the norm.
For too long, foreign leaders have treated U.S. taxpayers like a piggybank. It’s time for our so-called allies in the Gulf to treat the U.S. military and American taxpayers with respect.
In April of 2015, Rabbi Arthur Schneier was granted a papal knighthood from Pope Francis, presented by Cardinal Timothy Dolan. That put Rabbi Schneier in the company of comedian Bob Hope and industrialist Oskar Schindler as members of the Papal Order of St. Sylvester.
Daily, the mainstream media and the Democratic Party are attempting to destroy our Founding Fathers' creation, and what President Donald J. Trump is trying to restore. The sooner we admit and realize that, the better off we’re going to be.
And they see eye-to-eye on consequential ones: Trump said Dunkin agreed with him that the the FAA was bungling NextGen, the multi-billion dollar overhaul of air traffic control and on splitting the agency into two pieces with air traffic control going private.
National security "experts" have an almost infinite capacity to deny and under-estimate every nuclear threat, and see every nuclear threat as resolvable through negotiation. The boundless optimism of free societies may prove fatal in the context of Mutually Assured Destruction (MAD).
President Trump recently signed the VA Mission Act into law, at a White House ceremony conducted in the Rose Garden outside the Oval Office.
Pope Francis has declared the death penalty to be always wrong, even in cases involving national security. He ordered the Catholic Catechism to reflect his ruling.
Love or hate Facebook, its recent misfortunes are wince-worthy. The company’s historic one-day drop in stock price represented a $119 billion loss. As comedian John Oliver noted, the loss was more than the annual revenue of the entire world cheese market.
Robert Wilkie has a chance to be the best VA Secretary we’ve ever had at a time when we really need it. The reason is that he can’t be hoodwinked by the institutional bureaucrats. The veterans of our country need a secretary like this and it's about time.
The war in Afghanistan, which began in 2001, is already the longest military operation in U.S. history. Our involvement there cannot be compared to the U.S. military presence in Germany, Japan or South Korea.
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