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The Aegis BMD system is already a very important U.S. Navy capability, now deployed and operating around the world on some 35 U.S. Aegis cruisers and destroyers, including a number near North Korea — and also on several nearby Japanese Aegis BMD ships.
This week Desiree Linden became the first American woman to win the Boston Marathon in 33 years. Running on a rainy, cold day — and not feeling so great herself — Linden, 34, gradually reeled in Ethiopia’s Mamitu Daska who had been leading for much of the race.
By Michael Reagan with Michael R. Shannon
Big numbers are nothing new to the Harry Potter story. More than 500 million books have been sold, and the films have generated nearly $8 billion in revenue.
The endless investigations in Washington are about to get a bit more focused. Now that the Justice Department’s inspector general has become involved, the seriousness level will rise and that was displayed on Thursday.
The April 20 editorial in The New York Times on the Equal Rights Amendment (E.R.A.) is flawed in several ways.
Social Security is structured so that average benefits grow from one class of retirees to the next. We could bring the program a long way toward solvency without cutting benefits from their current levels.
Nothing like that is in the cards for North Korea. After a Trump-Kim summit, North Korea will remain a weak client state. Short of a revolution, its regime will remain a moral stain. And its people will continue to suffer.
So far, Mueller has harpooned a couple of cod and a few salmon. Compared to Watergate’s whale of an inquest, Mueller’s probe is a guppy.
Israeli-born actress Natalie Portman today announced she would not take part in the prize ceremony for the Genesis Prize, slated to be held in Israel in June 2018.
Comey's decision to write a tell-all book about an ongoing investigation on which he was the senior investigator and for which he could be a witness was abominable.
I don't normally watch the GLAAD Media Awards. Not that there's anything wrong with them. GLAAD, by the way, originally stood for "Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation" before the organization declared that GLAAD was its name and not an acronym.
A fortnight ago, Viktor Orban and his Fidesz Party won enough seats in the Hungarian parliament to rewrite his country's constitution. To progressives across the West, this was disturbing news.
The most remarkable parts of James Comey's memoir are not about Donald Trump. We already knew most of the interesting revelations, and some of the others are gossip and color commentary.
"I cannot think of a military mission that does not depend on space," Air Force Secretary Heather Wilson told the symposium, warning that "Russia and China are developing capabilities to disable our satellites."
Dozens of Republicans are leaving the House, and last week Paul Ryan said he is resigning as House speaker at the end of this Congress, and will not even run for his congressional seat again.
Republicans and conservatives have argued that all the country needs to solve its problems is a Republican Congress with a Republican president. So how much of a difference has it made that Republicans control the Congress and the White House? As to Congress, not much.
The importance of advocacy journalism can’t be underestimated. It’s deeply disturbing that a single left-wing business writer and TV host can threaten our liberty by lobbying CEOs through interviews and anti-gun activists.
Dating smart involves gauging chemistry and compatibility, as well as separating the safe from the suspicious.
Senate Democrats decry North Korea’s nuclear threat and Mr. Trump’s bellicosity in countering it. So why would they jeopardize his diplomatic alternative by putting partisanship before national interests?
After four seasons at the center of the beyond-edgy, multi-award-winning Comedy Central skit series “Inside Amy Schumer,” Amy Schumer (second cousin of U.S. Senator Chuck Schumer, D-NY) made the logical step to feature films and thus far has had a rough go at it.
Now that Israel has achieved the ripe age of 70, we have the wisdom and must find the confidence to assume our national role to reach out and teach the Bible to the 70 nations of the world.
After serving eight years as second lady, while Nancy Reagan served as first lady, Bush moved into the White House in 1989 with her husband, then-President George Herbert Walker Bush.
A few weeks ago, President Donald Trump was an outwardly happy man because of the utterance of one solitary word from the lips of special counsel Robert Mueller to one of Trump's lawyers.
Needing a breathing apparatus to navigate through smoke-filled Beijing doesn’t evoke even a remark from activists who are apoplectic about Americans barbecuing in their back yards. A good part of ecology, unfortunately, has been converted to something much closer to politics.
Unfortunately, so many fail to understand the historical truth that the Bible played a unique role in helping to create the U.S. Constitution.
Only when President Trump began decentralizing authority, restoring the rule of law, and defending our fundamental rights did establishment complaints about creeping authoritarianism begin.
It's time to fire Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson. He demonstrated cowardice by abdicating his responsibility. He threw the store manager under the bus, used inflammatory rhetoric, invoked race and discrimination when it wasn’t warranted, before facts were known.
By any standards, Barbara Bush was one of the most extraordinary women who ever lived. Either that or she is one of the luckiest. All around her people succeeded.
For me, as an Israeli, the country’s most impressive achievement as it approaches its 70th birthday is that modern Israel has not only survived attacks by its many Arab and Muslim enemies but has also prospered in roughly the same location and site of the ancient Jewish kingdoms of Israel and Judah.
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan announced on Wednesday that he will not seek reelection in 2018, ending a 20-year-long congressional career from the Wisconsin representative.
With one in three Americans having zero dollars saved for retirement, there’s ample room for growth in this area; almost any technology that makes it easier to save could have an impact on this retirement epidemic.
Now that Speaker Paul Ryan has decided to “call it a day” as Speaker, it is becoming increasingly clear that Majority Leader clear Kevin McCarthy has clear sailing to replace him.
In 1997, New London, Connecticut, was experiencing hard times. Its government decided, as governments always do, that it wanted more revenues.
As a psychologist, whenever people tell me they’re “shocked” by something that hasn’t shocked them in the past, I suspect that there’s more to the story.
Mueller has been given a magic carpet on this disgraceful smear job for almost a year, packing his staff with foaming Trump-haters, who have been exposed as unprofessional; wallowing in the prolonged hallelujah chorus of the fake, Trump-hating national media.
It was April 18, 1942. Led by then-Lieutenant Colonel Jimmy Doolittle, sixteen B-25 bombers took off from the aircraft carrier USS Hornet to launch Doolittle’s Raid on Tokyo and show the Axis powers that America could strike back after Pearl Harbor.
Who gets to decide whether any benefit is produced by a particular organization with which we might be associated? Usually each party decides whether the benefits of the association outweigh the costs. Voluntary associations are created by mutual consent.
During his three years in charge, this “policy wonk” spends as frivolously as any progressive — while piously opining about conservatism.
Ike Eisenhower was a decent man, and stands as a shining example of all that is great about our nation. Eisenhower’s approval rating averaged 65 percent.
Government is big business. And when it comes to size, complexity, and impact on the lives of Americans, few government-run enterprises can top the United States Postal Service.
Over the weekend, President Trump celebrated firing more than 100 missiles into Syria by Tweeting, “Mission Accomplished!” They say if you cannot learn from history you are condemned to repeat it. So I guess we are repeating it.
After the dramatic U.S., British, and French air strikes against Syria’s chemical weapons sites on April 14, worldwide public opinion regarding Syria seems more divided than ever.
The Charles is cleaner than it was 30 or 40 years ago, but it still has challenges. There’s not enough water in the river, in part because rainwater finds its way to the harbor instead through the sewage system and its leaky pipes.
The people need to understand what their government is doing on their behalf. Highly specialized staffers, government lawyers, lobbyists, industry executives, and their lawyers write bills.
Friday’s airstrike on Syria was further proof that President Donald Trump rejected his predecessor's muddled, ineffective “lead from behind” approach to foreign policy. Nonetheless, both liberals and conservatives are screaming foul. They’re all wrong.
This week’s episode of the reality show that the media have made out of the Trump presidency is concerned with the upcoming release of former FBI Director James Comey’s book, “A Higher Loyalty: Truth, Lies, and Leadership.”
To have an effective strategy requires articulation and understanding of how goals and options relate.
Historically, attack ads hurts both the attacker and the attackee. When there are other candidates in the field, they benefit from the back and forth bashing without having to do much on their own.
In the dark of night on May 2, 2011, two black stealth helicopters carried twenty-four U.S. Navy SEALs to a secluded compound in Abbottabad, Pakistan, and just as they were about to land, one of the two choppers crashed into the wall of the compound.
Perhaps when criminal prosecutions begin to take place, persons in positions of power and influence will be deterred from taking advantage of employee hopefuls, vulnerable subordinates, and would-be stars.
We are on the cusp of a fundamental change in our economy and culture, one as profound in its effects as the agricultural revolution of 10,000 B.C. or the industrial revolution of the 19th century.
Expect the airstrike to serve as a convincing message to Moscow, Damascus, Tehran, and Pyongyang that unlike Obama’s faded red line posturing, Trump’s warnings should be taken very seriously.
The raid on President Trump’s lawyer dramatically demonstrates the need for new legislation to assure that no FBI agents or U.S. attorneys ever get to read privileged communications between a lawyer and a client, a doctor and patient, a priest and penitent, or a husband and wife.
With the heated nature of the times, perhaps a necessary reminder is needed for all conservatives to know that we will have to critique, call out, and police our own sometimes.
The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act has warranted entire overhauls of many families’ estate plans and has triggered planning for others. There are provisions in the act that have a significant impact on estate planning.
Giancarlo Stanton asked Reggie Jackson, during a hitting session in spring training, if there was anything that Reggie saw that he felt he should work on. Reggie told me that he told him that his work ethic is so strong and his concentration on the little things is so good
Few individuals would take comfort in Wall Street spearheading an investigation into its own misuse of bailout funds or Congress self-investigating itself for political corruption.
It is time to admit turning the FBI into a security agency was an egregious error, to send that mission to a real intelligence operation, and to return the FBI to following the law.
This morning, I received a phone call. A quick search online told me that this was the phone number of an Apple Store that operates out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. I did not pick up the phone and, eventually, the caller hung up.
While Hezbollah claims to be Lebanon's protector and vanguard, Hezbollah's primary commitment is carrying out Iran's directives, even at the expense of Lebanese domestic interests.
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