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Latest Opinion Posts
Why Herschel Walker Needs to Reach Out to Libertarians
Herschel Walker should meet with the libertarian candidate from November's general election, Chase Oliver, and try to obtain his endorsement.
Two Parties Miles Apart on Equality, Autonomy, Respect
In Republican primary politics, ideologues predominate, and conservative ideologues are not libertarians. They do not believe in civil liberties for everyone.
Legal Pros Experience Vicarious Trauma, So Can Jurors
We owe it to jurors who sacrifice their time, to protect their mental health as well. We continue to explore ways to best care for the brave men and women who step up to ensure that justice is served.
Moral High Ground on War Easy, Unless You're Under Attack
If invaders ever approach the Vatican, the Pope would need a military defense. In that scenario, even the pontiff could find himself grateful that someone has stayed fully invested in the weapons business.
Why We Should Be Thankful for Low-Skilled Labor
I want to give special thanks to those workers we call "low-skilled." They may not have acquired the know-how or years of education possessed by the people you see on TV, or by academics, tech gurus or financial-market whizzes. But low-skilled workers are among the unsung heroes of our lives.
Hollywood at New Lows With Christmas Horror Movies
These flicks will not garner a big audience, but they will feed the sick needs of mostly demented people who get their kicks out of such fare. The obsession with violence at Christmastime tells us a great deal about the mentality of those behind these movies.
GOP Should Unite Against 2-Year American Experience, Not Trump
Whereas it’s understandable why a political backchannel opportunist such as Christie might welcome a circular GOP firing squad among far stronger and more winnable candidates, it’s a losing strategy for advancing conservative values and agendas.
Dershowitz: San Francisco Official Not 'Diverse' Enough?
In the bad old days, race was often used to discriminate against Black applicants. Today race is often used to discriminate in favor of Black applicants. I guess that's some sort of progress. But real progress will be achieved only if and when race is no longer a factor that trumps meritocracy
Save Conservative Spanish Radio From Left Control
Interestingly, the Radio Mambi station has lost some of its biggest stars, perhaps in an unexpected response to the sale.
Send Political Chameleon Romney Back to Blue Mass.
In the halls of Congress, Romney was finally free to reveal his true self: a sanctimonious elitist.
Competing as Counterfeit Sex Will Continue Until Parents Rebel
There are three large groups affected by the transfer portal and all have been affected negatively: girl athletes, parents of female athletes and coaches of competing teams. Not one of them has the courage to go on record and fight this perversion of sport and sex.
By Michael Reagan with Michael R. Shannon
We Can Still Be Thankful
Even in the midst of heated exchanges over the direction of our country, there is much to be thankful for.
Nuclear War Is Averted After Stray Missile Hits Poland
At any rate, it looks like the crisis is over, thankfully.
In Brave New Tech World Freedom, Privacy Vanish
Beijing is working "hand in hand with Big Tech," tracking citizen whereabouts and shutting down cities or districts where COVID is found. In a technocracy, freedom is not a priority. Neither is privacy.
How Is It Dems Have Herd Immunity for Election Denial?
The party that invented election denial enjoys herd immunity against its lethality at the ballot box.
Does Political Gridlock Signal New Order of the Ages?
What if We, The People are signaling our desire for, as the Great Seal of the United States proclaims, a Novus Ordo Seclorum, a New Order of the Ages?
First the War on Christmas, Now Thanksgiving?
The left always pretends to celebrate diversity. But the original Thanksgiving, which they hate, was a celebration involving true diversity.
If Ariz., Ill. GOP Want to See Wins, Leadership Must Change
If Arizona and Illinois Republicans want to start winning again — it's going to take an entirely new leadership team.
26 Percent: Making US Economy Work for All Americans Is Most Important
Given a list of ten policy objectives, 26% of voters think that making the greatest economy in the world work for all Americans is the most important.
Children Victimized by Double-Standard Media Coverage
The death of Palestinians is only a story if Israel is responsible for the deaths.
Newly-Elected Republican Women Strengthen House Majority
Hailing from vastly different backgrounds with a range of expertise, America’s newly-elected representatives, including GOP women, will bring unique perspectives to Washington, D.C.
Time to Push Back Against Hate - All of It
Hate is an ugly thing. But it affects every crime you see.
National Divorce Post-Midterms Not a Bad Thing
The federal government’s top-down, one-size-fits-all solutions are tearing us apart because they effectively reverse what Americans are trying to do via the great decoupling, that is, to get away from government policy and governance they disagree with.
Long Past Time to End Affirmative Action in Education
It’s time to once again even the playing field, live up to our Founding principles and end affirmative action.
Firing Servicemembers Over COVID Shot Threatens Nation's Security
President Biden said it himself: the pandemic is over. So why is his Department of Defense (DoD) willing to look at the brave men and women who volunteered to serve our nation and say, "you're fired" - all because they chose not to get the COVID shot?In the United States,...
Divided Congress Doesn't Have to Mean Gridlock Over Healthcare
A legislative push for more price transparency in healthcare could garner support from both parties. By giving patients more information about the actual price of care, lawmakers could put downward pressure on overall healthcare costs while spurring competition.
We Can Resolve Conflict Between Justice and Social Justice
You are probably in favor of justice and also of social justice. How could anyone not be in favor of all kinds of justice? Unfortunately justice and social justice are not always compatible.
Hesitancy, Complacency Cost GOP in 2022
This was no time for Republicans to go wobbly. They got complacent and reluctant to do what was necessary to close out this election cycle with impressive wins like we did in 1994 and in 2010.
US Treaty Obligations Increase Risk of Going to War
The Polish missile incident, and the noisy clamor that arose against Russia for hitting a NATO country, exposed the risks inherent in our many treaty commitments, where we are obliged to go to war for scores of nations not remotely related to the interests of the United States.
GOP Lost 2022 Midterms Narrative Costing Them Dearly
Ronald Reagan promised to tackle the economy through deregulation and tax cuts. That, along with restoring America’s prestige and strength, were the narratives of his proven, successful campaigns.
Embrace Core Values to Keep Thanksgiving Relevant
A Thanksgiving makeover might include: rekindling a quest for adventure; developing the faith to hold on to a vision of a promised land no matter what; mustering the courage to go against the crowd and defend the truth; gaining the resolve to endure hardship.
Abortion Not to Blame for GOP Losses
The Republicans have had a disappointing performance in the mid-term elections, and some of their pundits, strategists and supporters have a ready-made scapegoat: the anti-abortion cause that has always made many of them uncomfortable.
Fla. Requires IDs, Voter Turnout Expands
This writer doesn't like seeing more Democrats casting ballots than voters in his party. However, as an American, this writer wants to maximize the ability of every American to vote, regardless of the political outcome.
Nothing Private, Autonomous About Abortion
Abortion hurts everyone but as we saw very clearly in last week’s midterm elections, we are still of two minds on this very polarizing issue in our nation.
The FBI's Cell Phone Spying Is Cause to Disband It
Who knows what other liberty-assaulting widgets the FBI has in its unconstitutional toolbox about which Wyden and his investigators have yet to learn?
Buck Stops at White House for Poland Missile Strike
The war rages. Winter sets in. Europeans cannot afford to heat themselves. Lights are going out in the factories. The very dangerous spark witnessed globally this week should be enough of a warning to us all that there is so much more to lose.
GOP Expectations Overlooked Significant Upsides for Their Side
The game of expectations overlooks some important upsides for Republicans.
Moving Past Iran Nuke Deal Means Uniting Against Tyrants
The United States, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and other U.S. allies in the Mideast need a strong front to stand firm against nations determined to foist war and violence on their neighbors. The death of the JCPOA, if it's indeed dead, is good news for Mideast peace.
Student Debt Has Met the Rule of Law
President Joe Biden's $400 billion 2022 election bribe — also known as student loan forgiveness — has been now stopped in its tracks on two fronts.
Cast Fear Aside, Be Thankful - Stay in Faith
America! Vow to cast fear aside while maintaining a steadfast faith in God. My fellow Americans, it's not too late! 
Will Dem 'Rock Stars' Return in '24, Help GOP Again?
Charlie Crist, Beto O'Rourke and Stacey Abrams were all defeated in their gubernatorial bids.
Holding Firm to Right Principles Will Get GOP to 270, 2024
Now is the time to catch the left off guard, and change the entire game plan in the second half. God is in control, and the GOP needs to fully embrace that. We conservatives shall remain humble, in prayer, and doing what is right!
GOP Can Learn From UK's Political Drama
The midterm elections were disappointing. The explanations are annoying and counterproductive.This result was not simply a rejection of former President Trump and abortion. The problems in the Republican Party are much deeper.We don't have all the numbers yet, but it is...
Miami, Tampa Lead 26 Urban School Districts
Ron DeSantis is the first Republican gubernatorial candidate to win Miami-Dade County since Jeb Bush accomplished this electoral breakthrough in 2002. Gov. DeSantis trounced Charlie Crist, 56% to 44%, in Florida's most populous county with 2,663,000 residents.A major...
GOP Must Step Up, Counter Dems Mail Ballot Mastery
Although states such as Arizona and Oregon had been voting by mail forever — and for the most part, they did it quite well — then-President Donald Trump scoffed at it for his voters.
Biden Will Find a Divided World at G20
For the first time since the group was formed in 1999, the event will feature a world divided, because of the war in Ukraine, the renewed belligerence of North Korea, and the lack of cooperation among global leaders.
In Congress, Trump Remains a Powerful Force
Republicans should stop wringing their hands, disband their circular firing squad, get to work, and keep winning.
Biden's 'Food Fight' Over Griner Case Won't Save Her
Our diplomacy is effective when paired with a modicum of humility to current circumstances. Such humility might prompt in others more humanity in the consideration of cases such as that of Ms. Griner.
Our Veterans' Value to America Beyond Priceless
God has blessed America over the years by giving us men and women who put America above self, put on the uniform, and are willing to give their lives for their country.
Veterans Consistently Teach Service, Teamwork and Bravery
Take steps to give back to veterans by supporting an organization or business that invests in them and their families. Pay tribute to a veteran who made the ultimate sacrifice by visiting their gravestone or reaching out to their family to thank them.
Sure Bet for Unhappiness: Seeking What Doesn't Exist
We all want something that doesn’t exist. I do. We all do. Don’t stop eating the spaghetti because you don’t have all the meatballs you want.
Is Pressure Enough to Get Big Tech to Create Safe Internet?
The Biden White House recently unveiled a document that they believe will set the tone for responsible use of one of the more critical technologies that is set to define both the long-term and short-term future of Americans: Artificial Intelligence (AI).
2022 Results: Will We See an End to Left's Boondoggles?
What does it all mean? Assuming the Republicans capture at least the House, the big meaning is the end of Biden’s Build Back Better boondoggles. We’re past the bottom, even if we’re still two years away from a real recovery.
Why We Can Be More Than Proud of Nestor Cortes
It's beautiful to see that a young Yankee can understand the true history and legacy of Lou Gehrig, learning about amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or ALS. Most players today don't understand a lot of the true history of their game.
Remembering Speechwriter Aram Bakshian
Aram was still a genius, only even more literate and witty than ever before. Never a college grad, but the smartest man I ever knew.
War on Plastics Misguided
Neither the federal government nor individual consumers can afford to phase out plastic.
We Face Resurgent Despotism, Not Retreat of Democracy
The problem is not the retreat of democracy, but the resurgence of despotism.
Incoming Congress: Three Simple Tricks for a Good Start
Inflation is out of control and causing harm to the middle class. The Biden Administration seems determined to lead us to a potentially life-ending war with Russia. DHS has turned into a weapon mobilized against the American people and our Constitution.
Red Wave Yes, Tsunami No
The swing voters still clinging onto sanity will add their electoral drops to the wave, but there probably aren’t enough to make a tsunami.
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