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The beauty portrayed by those lovely young people at the Winter Paralympics hides an ugly beast that wields tyrannical control over a captive population. Those who interpret this charade with any reassurance that this regime seeks communion with a peaceful world are deceived.
Whether liberals wish to admit it or not, the country is turning more conservative. With the obvious success of President Trump’s tax cuts and the economy steaming forward, the voting electorate is taking a hard look.
This Russian troll farm is "the equivalent (of) Pearl Harbor," says Cong. Jerrold Nadler, who would head up the House Judiciary Committee, handling any impeachment, if Democrats retake the House.
It’s unfortunate that while many are quick to demand that guns be taken away from peaceful Americans, they don’t seem to have much to say about guns when they’re in the hands of government authorities shooting innocent people.
One could argue that Washington made us what we are and Lincoln saved the union. But Ronald Reagan saved mankind.
On Friday, Special Counsel Robert Mueller indicted 13 Russian nationals and three Russian entities for possible meddling in the 2016 presidential election.
Fox News host Laura Ingraham spent a segment of Friday’s show defending herself against charges of racism. She was just making a joke, a pun, a funny aside, really, when she said that Cavaliers basketball player LeBron James should just “shut up and dribble.”
Evangelist Alveda King announces dedication of the King Family Legacy Library today featuring books, art, music, and more from “the private collections of Naomi and Alveda King.”
There is a downside, though, to this kind of noble lying. Considering that mercenaries like Wagner are a key part of Russia's broader strategy and tactics, it's also important for the U.S. to deny Moscow its plausible deniability.
Maybe the whole idea of administrative law, law different from normal law before independent courts, will be jettisoned. This will be a big day for defendants large and small.
The Opposition Media saves its sympathy for the strangest people.
By Michael Reagan with Michael R. Shannon
Most 16 to 24 year old smartphone users now spend as much time on their mobile device as on all other devices combined.
There are certainly scams in blockchain, as there are in every sector, and the perpetrators should be prosecuted. But to broadly condemn "dabbling" in blockchain activities, as Clayton did, is to condemn the process of innovation itself.
Ever the masters of cheat and retreat, the injection of resources stiffened the conviction of the theocratic regime in Tehran they could manipulate and outmaneuver global powers and inch toward nuclear “sneakout” and breakout.
By Raymond Tanter and Ivan Sascha Sheehan
Nothing will come of nothing. That’s the habitual truth that follows the habitual outrage that follows America’s habitual mass shootings.
60 years ago, when high school gun clubs were as common in rural America as cheer leading squads and nearly every household possessed at least one firearm. So what changed? We did.
After every mass shooting event, before the blood even dries, the debates and arguments begin.
For public figures, camera optics are everything. But for businessmen who must please shareholders, the bottom line is it. Today you produce or perish, even if you are a founder.
It was dicey being Jewish in a Russia that was tolerant of pogroms, and then came the threat of conscription into the 1904-05 Russo-Japanese War, so one of Mayor Eric Garcetti's great-grandfathers headed West to America.
Guns don't kill people; people do. We've heard it time and again, usually after some horrific shooting like the one that occurred in a Florida high school on Wednesday, which left 17 people who had been about to leave school on Valentine's Day dead.
To be fair, National Review has issued stern editorials. But most of the rah-rah nationalists on cable, talk radio and social media have been remarkably blase about it, more interested in Hillary Clinton's misdeeds than those of a contemptuous foreign power.
Remember how they ridiculed Pence for saying he has a rule that he won't dine alone with a woman who's not his wife or attend events where alcohol is served without his wife? Pence didn't originate the rule. I've heard variations of it from Christians, including my pastor, for years.
In the latest issue of Foreign Affairs, the scholar Vali Nasr urges a fundamental rethinking of Washington's Iran policy.
How bizarre that the biggest obstacle to finishing the war against the Islamic State and beginning the stabilization of Syria is America's supposed friend and NATO ally, Turkey.
It turns out that, with apologies to Nancy Pelosi, Republicans really did have to pass the tax bill so people could find out what's in it.
The Olympics is not about being a pundit. If athletes want to make political statements after the games, that's appropriate. Making contentious political statements against one’s own home country while the games are taking place is an insult to our country’s political leadership and one’s teammates.
To lift up these victims and assist the many individuals and organizations courageously working to do that, a new, informal team, of which I am proud to be a part, has launched the Save the Persecuted Christians Coalition.
The recent shoot-up at another school raises the specter of children in rage and out of control.
Even worse, this "spend-o-rama" avoids structural reforms to limit, or even reverse, the damage from this midnight raid on the U.S. Treasury. The good news is that it’s never too late for Republicans to burn their white flags and return to battle.
Despite my credentials as a card-carrying Progressive Democrat who worked in the Clinton White House and supported Hillary Clinton for president, I have written here on about why we Progressives can agree with Conservatives and join forces to push back on Big Media.
It now appears that the FBI knew about Nikolas Cruz, the gunman that murdered seventeen people at the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.
This coming week we recognize the federal holiday celebrating George Washington's birthday. Many states now recognize President Abraham Lincoln's birthday on the same day.
Imagine you open the faucet of your kitchen sink expecting water and instead out comes cash. Now imagine that it comes out at the rate of $1 million a minute.
The work can be grueling in any administration, and people take the jobs anyway because there are also rewards. But working for Trump presents special challenges.
A powerful coalition involving leading faith-based and humanitarian organizations marked Ash Wednesday by launching a major new campaign to spotlight the epidemic, unprecedented persecution of Christians around the world.
As a black American, it was with a great deal of sadness that I said on Newsmax TV’s "America Talks Live" that Barack Obama may go down in history, not only as the first black president, but as the leader of one of the most corrupt administrations in American history!
Benjamin Franklin observed, "Your net worth to the world is usually determined by what remains after your bad habits are subtracted from your good ones." It seems future Americans will be paying for a long time for the bad habits of many of our politicians.
The incumbent is not without his limitations, but a few words from George W. and Justice Ginsburg remind us that the thought of almost any combination of current Bushes, Clintons, and Obamas having another crack at it is both nightmarish and sobering.
In 1986, many conservatives warned President Reagan that the Simpson Mazzoli act was weak on enforcement and that granting amnesty would only to lead to a flood of illegal immigrants. That is precisely what happened.
I have known Goose Gossage for 45 years and have been friends with him for 40 years. To say that he is one of the toughest guys I have ever known would be an understatement.
The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and the Immigration and Naturalization Act of 1965 are Democratic sponsored gushers of unbridled illegal immigrant entry, of new voters; also of fraud, waste, and abuse. These laws have transformed the demographics of the U.S.
Venezuela is poised to implode in 2018. But with limited intervention, the United States has an opportunity to prevent a national security crisis while advancing American interests.
By Christopher Nixon Cox and Michael Schoenleber
Conservatives like myself, who were activists during the Nixon era, thought the media’s bias could not get any worse. Well, we were wrong. The media’s hostility toward the Trump administration takes the cake.
Once again, we hear that some champions will boycott the traditional visit to the White House. How self-defeating, and most of all, sad. Playing football should have nothing to do with politics or who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
With Brexit, Ireland’s closest ally leaves the European Union in 2019. We will learn after March of 2019 whether Brexit leaves Ireland somewhat marginalized within the EU.
Some of Trump’s strongest early successes came through his deregulation victories at the Environmental Protection Agency. But he didn’t do it all on his own. He smartly appointed Scott Pruitt to lead the Agency’s wave of change.
Reach out and touch someone, the neighbor next door, a friend in hospital, an elderly person, someone having a bad day, the poor amongst you, the weak, the vulnerable members of your family or household, your co-workers.
Accepting personal responsibility for our faults is no fun, so, if we’ve been caught doing something regrettable when we should’ve known and done better, many of us tend instead to externalize blame — we point our fingers at everyone and everything but the mirror.
Kim Jong Un did not create the current regime. He stepped into leadership of a going concern and even if inclined to reform his government, he would need to go about doing so slowly and cautiously.
At the height of its power, even the mighty Roman Empire could not stare down a collapsing economy and a burgeoning military. Prolonged periods of war and false economic prosperity largely led to its demise.
Taking up Rep. Gallagher’s challenges, I am looking for dams to build upstream to drain the swamp. And just remember, some groups making secret contributions on both sides do not want solutions or civil discourse — they just want a controversy to drive votes.
There is a lot of speculation about what to look forward to at the polls in November. There are many factors involved. Let me try to lay out the fight as it is shaping up.
America is more attractive because there are shared values. America is the power guaranteeing these values. Mishandling relations could be painfully harmful. The modern Monroe Doctrine should be based on common goals.
I am hoping that you are a huge success in the new job. Partially that’s for selfish reasons. I have a Harvard degree and own a house in Boston, and the value of both those assets may fluctuate depending on your success or failure.
Infrastructure not maintained costs jobs and costs citizens money in the form of lost income and the time wasted repairing vehicles damaged by crumbling roads. Investment in infrastructure is not a want it is a need. That need is now.
It's an election year and Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf is on the ballot. There was no doubt that his annual budget address would reflect that political reality. It certainly did.
New research found that in the five months after comedian Robin Williams had committed suicide, there was a dramatic increase of almost 10 percent in suicide rates across the U.S., and it had a lot to do with how the media communicated the suicide to the public.
Samsung just wants to get its name out of all this political conflict. The company does big business in Iran, as well as other nations friendly to the Mideastern nation, and it certainly does not want to lose business over social miscues.
Casting non-actors to portray themselves in movies isn’t novel but it is rare and something director Clint Eastwood chose to do in “The 15:17 to Paris” (based on the 2015 Thalys Train Attack beginning in Holland and ending in France) which opened last Friday.
We can only hope that with enough time the truth will out, but this will only happen if the press somehow can return to the values of an earlier era, when the search for objective reality was more important than promoting a particular ideology.
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