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Notably, votes have already begun to be cast in the four states offering the most delegates for Democratic presidential hopefuls.
The consensus is clear.The big loser of the night, other than the Democratic Party, was Mini-Mike and the big winner was Bernie. In the long run the real winner, for the ninth Democratic debate in a row, was Donald Trump.
At least George Soros is putting his money where his political mouth and heart are — supporting black candidates who espouse his left-wing views. The same can’t be said about his counterparts on the right.
Democrats seem incapable of understanding that an appeal to love of country, to our Judeo-Christian traditions, and to our shared constitutional heritage, the real secret to Donald Trump’s attractiveness, is what will win the next election.
Billy Martin, Joe Girardi, Aaron Boone. Common to all three of them, their love of children
As Julian Assange faces extradition to the United States on charges of endangering national security by conspiring to obtain and disclose classified information, his lawyer is offering a bizarre defense.
Fair and honest business practices should not have to be coerced under the threat of governmental intervention.
The unknown in this scenario is Elizabeth Warren. Having revived her candidacy by an outstanding prosecution of Bloomberg in Wednesday’s debate, she stands to pick up a good number of delegates.
The Democratic Party's extreme position on climate change would kill off the very groups they rely on to keep the wheels of commerce running — from the middle class to the super-wealthy.
March 4 could see Sanders with an almost insurmountable lead that could have him enter the Milwaukee convention with a majority of delegates or a plurality so huge as to make it politically impossible for his adversaries to gang up on him and take the nomination away.
America needs equal justice, but neither undue leniency nor undeserved cruelty toward Stone. Roger Stone deserves no less. Given his sentence, McCabe, Comey, Clinton, and Lerner should be locked up.
The reasons for the change in Israel's attitudes towards Iran are obvious. Iran has long been a threat to the region and to the world.
I do understand that it may be difficult to not personalize your beloved’s upset behavior. When we take it personally we do tend to strike back. Nonetheless, I expect a loving adult to work on controlling that reflex.
NWFA is meant to restructure the U.S. immigration system, including breaking the "prison to deportation pipeline" of criminal aliens by doing away with deportation of persons who commit crimes of "moral turpitude." It also lessens the "aggravated felon" category.
The indictment paints a familiar picture of aggressive illegal Chinese activity, accompanied by fraudulent business dealings, cynical lies, and shameless deception.
Roger Stone is entitled to a new trial, no matter what his jury found. Why? Because it is better that a thousand guilty persons go free than one unfairly be punished.
Sanders won the debate, and he won it easily, without the challengers making him work for it. He was one of two presidential candidates to emerge relatively unscathed from Las Vegas. The other one, of course, was Donald Trump.
The new book and series sound suspicious because they apparently highlight the first president’s foibles and negatives without highlighting the positives.
Science isn’t and can’t be settled since dissension is crucial to maintaining a healthy and flourishing scientific community
An estimated 10,000 children are trained in Hamas’ terrorist camps each year, and at least 160 have died digging terror tunnels into Israel.
In the 21st century, millions of people have moved from the deep blue states of Connecticut, Illinois, New Jersey, and New York to the red states of Florida, Arizona, Texas, and North Carolina.
Democrats should respect Sanders’ unique ability to generate passionate support among young people. Now he and all Democrats need to convince these young people to turn out in greater numbers than we have seen so far to defeat Trump.
Stopping both Sanders, the nightmare on the left, and Bloomberg’s Wall Street-style semi-hostile takeover bid from the center will require stronger leadership and greater backroom skill than anyone in the bedraggled and legally handicapped Democratic National Committee appears to possess.
It’s hard to believe that there was a time when rough and tumble politics was the norm and not merely the domain of Donald Trump and his critics.
Among the many problems facing the Puerto Rican government is the inability to cover more than $50 billion in unfunded pension liabilities for public employees.
Is it cool to be vegan?  If you are taking your cue from famous personalities, the answer appears to be yes.  From Paul McCartney to Venus and Serena Williams, Madonna to Megan Markle — at least during the week, many famous people swear by a vegan diet. 
Sessions’s name recognition will give him a crucial competitive advantage over Jones in the general election; a vital opportunity for Republicans to regain a Senate seat and continue their record success in appointing judges to the federal judiciary.
It is a very different Donald Trump now, in public, at least. Under siege and perhaps hurt that so many people demonize him and despise him, he lashes out. It makes me wonder what might have been, had Democrats reached out to him from the start
In recent times, criminal laws have been applied by powerful institutions in a manner that is dramatically unbalanced, and the contrast has been jarring.
Will the voters be bitter toward the billionaire the way that Samuel Adams sometimes was toward Hancock? Or will they appreciate Bloomberg’s willingness, like Hancock’s, to spend his fortune to advance their cause?
Unless we take the time to examine these cases one by one, under a bright light that has the power to bring out flaws and discrepancies, we are no better than the people we accuse of abuse. Because false accusations are as destructive as true crimes.
A prime example of a pseudolaw was the former military draft, which imprisoned (a deprivation of liberty) selected people for refusing to serve.
Is it realistic to think any amount of financial pressure or even the Jan. 3, 2020 targeted assassination of Quds Force commander Gen. Qasem Soleimani can shake this Tehran regime into behavior so inconsistent with the beliefs of its senior leadership?
It's odd that so many on the right ignore the unmistakable data that shows a discrepancy in sentencing for people of color within the criminal justice system.
Both as candidate and as president, Donald John Trump has shown the rest of the party that you do not have to take what the media tries to dish out. Now matter how much they say they represent the feeling of the American people.
Francisco Lotero and Miriam Coletti shot two of their children before killing themselves after making an apparent suicide pact over fears of global warming. Where do these impressionable young people (yes, their parents and teachers too) get such hopelessly depressing "information"?
There was a political and patriotic twist to Valentine's Day. Because President Trump is making us all fall in love with America again. 
Abortion is wrong when a baby is nearing full term; it’s wrong when the nascent human is still that proverbial "clump of cells" immediately following fertilization, and it’s wrong at every point in between.
President Trump came under massive criticism by Democrats and media pundits when, at a rally in New Hampshire, he encouraged fellow Republicans to vote for "the weakest candidate possible of the Democrats" in that state's presidential primary.Critics expressed shock that...
Joe Biden's chances of becoming president took a big hit with his fifth-place finish in New Hampshire. At that moment, Sen. Amy Klobuchar's chances were revived.
While obviously you cannot control the season of chaos that may come your way, preparing ahead of time allows you to be more decisive, intuitive, and effective in solving problems when chaos arises.
Does he have a program? Not as far as I can tell. Yes, he claims to have given a lot of jobs to workers and maybe he did. But how could he have done that and also saved the taxpayers of New York City billions?
Bail isn't useful, it is essential. Society will either warehouse every accused defendant prior to trial (at considerable taxpayer expense) or allow them to post a bond promising to show up for trial.
President Trump’s Ballistic Missile Defense budget request for 2021 omits at least one important initiative key to very effective missile defense systems, especially to support the president’s new Space Force.
Mia was one of the first girls to live at the Freedom Home. Today, Mia works in a hospital saving lives. Instead of selling her body, she is healing others’ bodies.
With the slow passing of Joe Biden, Democrats mark the end of an era. Biden was an old school Democrat who actually had friends who were Republicans. He was even the best man at Republican Senator Alphonse D’Amato’s wedding.
Via a roller-coaster round of 70 that included five birdies, three bogeys, an eagle, and a double, a windblown Nick Taylor stayed upright long enough to win the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am on Sunday. Kevin Streelman finished four strokes back to take second place and Phil Mickelson took third.
He’ll retire and will soon show up on the likes of CNN and MSNBC where Don Lemon and Chris Matthews will venerate him as a hero who stood up to Trump’s corruption
President Xi and the entire Chinese Communist Party face a continued trial against their de facto authority, and the coronavirus may prove to be the pivot point that fractures the party from within and without by further exposing its inner methodologies.
By Lamont Colucci and Kathryn Colucci
Democrats won’t move against Trump for what may be real "high crimes" and “misdemeanors” because they support his overseas aggression. They just wish they were the ones pulling the trigger.
Real capitalism, not socialism, would power your way out of student debt and your childhood bedroom in your parent's house. The cure for your, and our, current doldrums is to replace the current faux capitalism with the real deal.
Now the Democrats have become the "count me in" party, the consequences of which will soon be known.
Our president has threaded the many eyeless needles given to him by the Democrats and their media minions; yet he has used them to stitch a tapestry of remarkable achievements. And, like all hammers, he sees everything else as nails, especially those Democrats’ eyeless needles.
Reagan was never static. He was always dynamic and adept at changing with the times or circumstances. Reagan won the New Hampshire primary because he lost the Iowa Caucuses and in so doing, alter his own future, along with ours.
Starting in 2024, let's hold the first election contest in Florida. Everyone else is moving here (900 new residents a day), so why not move the first stop in the presidential race to Florida, too?
I hope that China and the world will rush to treat the underlying disease of the egoistic nature residing within us and not settle for merely calming the Coronavirus crisis. When we learn to think globally instead of nationally, the world finally will experience stability.
Amidst skipped handshakes and emotional speech rip-ups, America experienced a week of prayer; spearheaded by non-other than our nation's 45th president.
The failure of the Iowa Caucus system to announce a definitive outcome within 60 minutes of the end of the process sparked a massive reaction: The far left media experienced a near emotional breakdown as the clock ticked on with no results. "The left" began questioning why...
A few days before the U.S. Senate impeachment trial wrapped up with only one Republican and one Democrat breaking with their party, three Democrats broke with Party 100 miles South of D.C. to defeat an attempt to basically give Virginia's electoral votes away to big cities like...
There was a sense in Congress that the people’s business required us to look past our differences to work together for the good of the nation. We need to get that spirit back today. President Trump’s third State of the Union address is a good start.
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