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Sen. Jim DeMint: Stop America's Slide Into Socialism

By    |   Wednesday, 01 July 2009 03:12 PM

Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., is sounding an alarm for all Americans amidst worries that the “land of the free” and “home of the brave” is turning to socialism. In his new book, “Saving Freedom,” he urges Americans to reclaim their freedom and outlines a plan to return America to its founding principles.

“It’s become more and more apparent to me that too many Americans don’t understand why we have been exceptional as a country, why we’ve been prosperous, and why we’ve been good as a nation,” DeMint tells Newsmax.TV.

Editor's Note: See the full interview with Sen. Jim DeMint - Click Here Now

DeMint, who’s new book has been compared to a new Declaration of Independence, says he decided to write it because the concept of freedom has been a part of America since the very beginning.

“Now the lines between what we do as a free society and what the government should do have been so blurred that people seem willing to accept government intervention into almost every area of our lives,” he says.

DeMint wants Americans to once again understand what freedom is, how it works, and how government has never been further from it.

“The basic idea of constitutional government has been abandoned,” he says. “The Constitution limits what the federal government can do, but we ignore that every day and start new programs that have nothing to do with those powers that were given to the federal government in the Constitution.”

DeMint says America is moving away from the rule of law and that some of the laws passed recently are, in effect, retroactive. He notes government is going back and changing laws that were in place for years.

“We are drifting as the government takes over more and more areas of our economy. We know they run education; they’re trying to take over health care; they’re in the banking and finance business now’ they control our energy; and they want to take over more and more almost every day.”

DeMint’s new books describes a socialist movement underway in the United States that is happening so slowly that most Americans don’t recognize it. He says the signs toward socialism have been going on since the ink on the Constitution dried, but it really started in full force with FDR and the New Deal after World War II.

“Americans were looking for some security from government, and that’s when we began to expand the entitlement programs of Social Security and later got to Medicare,” he explains.

“We expanded protections of unions and a lot of things that are collectivist. But we’ve seen since the Great Depression an expanding role of the federal government that continues to this day.”

DeMint likens the erosion of freedom and, subsequently, the economic and political strength that came with it, to the story he tells in the book about the gingerbread man who trusts the fox to take him across the river. At first the gingerbread man sits on the fox’s back, but when the fox begins to sink, he moves to the neck, then the tip of the nose, and then the fox eats him.

“It’s a pretty good analogy as far as what we’re doing as a people,” DeMint says about allowing the government to do more and more to the point where the American people are too dependent to do things themselves.

“This is the eleventh hour,” he warns. “And I’m afraid if Americans don’t stand up now, this congress and this president are going to move us to the left of Europe to more of a socialized economy and culture.”

DeMint says the dangers that look with a move toward socialism include chronically high unemployment and an economy that does not grow at nearly the pace it has in the past. He notes how the big government approach that took hold in Europe and other countries has paralyzed the growth of their economies.

“We’re going to move more towards these other countries if we’re not careful,” DeMint tells Newsmax. “We just need to recognize what makes America work – and that is freedom. It’s not government. Government did not make our country great and I’m afraid it’s going to sink us if we don’t stop government’s growth right now!”

DeMint notes that today a lot of young Americans are raised in government schools and liberal universities, and unless they’ve actually had the chance to participate in a free market economy as he did for years, more people will see government as the center of the American culture and economics.

“That’s not the way it works,” he says. “I’m afraid a lot of people just don’t understand where we are.”

In the closing chapter of “Saving Freedom,” DeMint outlines an action plant that starts with the individual. It encourages every individual to take responsibility for themselves.

“As we look at the health care of our nation, we’ve got to look at our own health care and the health care of family –– what we can do to lower the cost of health care just by taking care of ourselves; what we can do by volunteering in the community and doing things that help people who are poor so government doesn’t have to do it; what we can insist our state governments do to take back control of education and health care and energy; and then what we can expect our federal politicians to do.”

DeMint recommends more education choice. He is convinced that if America allows its children to continue to be educated in government schools, it will cease to be a free nation.

“I propose and promote the idea of this road map to the future that Congressman Paul Ryan [R-Wisc.] has put together which reforms our tax code, social security and our health care system. It keeps the promise of Medicare and social security, but it gives people a lot more choices – and the government spends less money to do it.”

Editor's Note: See the full interview with Sen. Jim DeMint - Click Here Now

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Sen. Jim DeMint, R-S.C., is sounding an alarm for all Americans amidst worries that the “land of the free” and “home of the brave” is turning to socialism. In his new book, “Saving Freedom,” he urges Americans to reclaim their freedom and outlines a plan to return America...
Wednesday, 01 July 2009 03:12 PM
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