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'Adults Only' Can Fix the Country

By Phil Brennan   |   Friday, 28 Mar 2008 01:21 PM

"Adults Only: For People Who Love Their Country More than Their Party”

Author: Sid Dinerstein

Publisher: Stargoup International

Don’t let the title throw you off. This is not some racy paperback designed to titillate; it’s a serious look at where this country is today and an attempt to make you think about solutions to our problems.

Sid Dinerstein's friends tell him that nobody connects the dots better than he does, and this book proves them correct. He focuses on the state our union, and it’s not a pretty picture. [Editor's Note: Get Sid Dinerstein's book — Go Here Now.]

Writes Dinerstein who’s chairman of the Palm Beach Florida County Republican Committee, “I chose the title ‘Adults Only' because it puts a long message into two simple words. Our lives are a constant stream of denials, ‘whatevers’ and kicking cans down the road instead of tackling today’s problems today. Those problems can be losing weight, paying off credit cards or paying off the national debt . . . they’re all major problems that we are very good at avoiding.”

Dinerstein refuses to avoid them, commenting saying ”it’s all about the children. We need to grow up before they do. And our government needs to grow up while we’re still fat and happy. Nothing lasts forever.”

Growing up, he shows, means facing the nation’s multiple problems, seeing these problems as they really are, and using a little common sense to deal with them while it’s still possible to deal with them.

Arguing that Americans have regressed from being “we the people” to “we the children,” Dinerstein writes that our elected officials have become “they, the parents.”

His solution? Three amendments to the Constitution of the United States that would call for term limits, a balanced budget, and English as our official language.

Dinerstein take a hard look at the nation's need for health insurance and lays out an eight-point program to solve what has become a crisis that now being treated more as a political issue than as the crisis that it is. For example, health insurance should have a $5,000 deductible. “Health insurance is not supposed to cover the routine visits to the doctor because the baby is running a temperature. With a $5,000 deductible in both private and government programs, all patients will price shop, and all prices will fall.”

He takes aim at entitlement programs that are threatening to bankrupt America if they are not addressed. He explains that there is "no money in the so-called Social Security funds, no bank account with your name on it waiting for your retirement, and no earnings on the trillions of Social Security dollars lifted from your paychecks over the past 40 years."

He lays out what he calls his Adults Only Entitlement Reform program, It’s not complicated. It just plain simple common sense. He deals with the Medicare crisis similarly.

Dinerstein also makes the unique suggestion that voters really ought to vote.

Among his other points:

  • The breakup of the American family and how it is destroying the social fabric. “There is not enough money on the planet to save a community without fathers."

  • America’s broken educational system. “A school is as good as the students’ parents.”

  • Crime and the need to get tough on criminals. “There is no such thing as a first offender.”

  • Immigration. “No Policy is enforceable with sieves as borders.”

  • War and foreign policy. “Everybody in Washington puts America second.”

  • The environment. “Rich countries are clean countries — the fastest way to a pristine planet is by making the world wealthy.”

    Dinerstein provides an important service by including a condensed version of documents every American should read and few have ever even looked at — the Constitution of the United States as well as the Bill of Rights, the preamble of the Declaration of Independence and the text of the Declaration itself.

    In his conclusion, Sid Dinerstein writes that “Democracy is not a spectator sport,” and bemoans the fact that “it has become one. We turned our government over to elected officials only to realize that they won’t give it back.

    "Most parents had that argument with their (usually) teenaged children. We gave them everything and they can’t show their appreciation. It's the same in Washington. We gave them a lifestyle they could never dream of, and they are incapable of showing their appreciation.”

    Sid Dinerstein is calling on his fellow Americans take their country back, not by enacting a lot of new programs and regulations, but using a little common sense.

    The book is well and lively written, and his fellow Americans would be well advised to listen to him and act accordingly, the way adults do. Time’s a wastin'.

    [Editor's Note: Get Sid Dinerstein's book — Go Here Now.]

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    "Adults Only: For People Who Love Their Country More than Their Party” Author: Sid Dinerstein Publisher: Stargoup International Don’t let the title throw you off. This is not some racy paperback designed to titillate; it’s a serious look at where this country is today and...

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