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Latest Tweet 1h ago

RT @w4djt: #dtmag ICYMI - BBC to Hillary: After Weinstein, Do You Regret Dismissing Bill’s Accusers? (VIDEO) https://t.co/ICbE3RVvxG

Latest Tweet 18h ago

RT @FoxBusiness: .@RandPaul: "I've always been for some variation of compromise on [tax cuts] and on health care." https://t.co/8gyxq3nDPI

Latest Tweet 14h ago

#CruzCrew: Wednesday, October 18th 8pm CT @CNN Tune in! RSVP: https://t.co/zyQs8tSEGp https://t.co/YSIqtuxvBU

Latest Tweet 5h ago

The GOP Establishment hasn't gotten the memo yet--but after @JeffFlake is defeated, maybe they will. @kelliwardaz https://t.co/ydMj2PE04o

Latest Tweet 5h ago

Michaelangelo was attempting to reference God showing Moses his "back parts" in Exodus, just FYI https://t.co/kSTlWEFArz

Latest Tweet 4h ago

I call bullshit. This is hearsay, uncorroborated, and out of context pot-stirring by Dem partisans riding the impea… https://t.co/J3JgRnEjOV

Latest Tweet 8h ago

Thanks for joining! Smart and insightful as always! https://t.co/iFY9TTPDQX

Latest Tweet 6h ago

RT @EricTrump: The "thanks" actually goes the other way! We are so fortunate to have such an incredible team. We appreciate you all so much…

Latest Tweet 6h ago

RT @BigSW1: @DineshDSouza I have finished #TheBigLie. To all of those who cry foul read the sources. I have, well done, and great research.

Latest Tweet 6h ago

I love this so, so much. https://t.co/IsaOfqgw2r

Latest Tweet 34m ago

Soros avoids taxes and funds his hate America causes at the same time. https://t.co/LEqHgGz6NN

Latest Tweet 8h ago

The Harvey Weinstein scandal continues to get worse… @GeraldoRivera & @MonicaCrowley give their take next #Hannity

Latest Tweet 8h ago

[WATCH] Another EXPLOSIVE video from @JamesOKeefeIII blows lid wide open on media bias https://t.co/fSvB0aLWH3https://t.co/UqglMrwJ61

Latest Tweet 5 days ago

RT @MZHemingway: The "anti-hate" group that is a hate group https://t.co/ZeVIPvYMFG

Latest Tweet 22h ago

You can’t buy the presidency for $100,000, says @Mark_Penn https://t.co/fs3XyjH6dp via @WSJOpinion

Latest Tweet 6h ago

Bozell & Graham Column: From Gates to Bezos to Soros, Liberal Billionaires Are Never Villains https://t.co/aq0JBehkhW

Latest Tweet 4 days ago

Trump, Corker And The Circular Firing Squad https://t.co/bZy3xSWjlJ via @KarlRove

Latest Tweet 14h ago

RT @MonicaCrowley: Delighted to join @BillOReilly in studio tonight 7pm ET! https://t.co/EkkMmKGUD2

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