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China Combines Ancient Barbarity With Latest Weapons

By Lev Navrozov   |   Thursday, 01 Jul 2010 10:19 AM

A free society may have enormous advantages over its totalitarian counterpart, since great mental discoveries, including decisive military inventions, such as nuclear weapons, were made in a free country (the U.S.A., prompted by Einstein, a fugitive from Hitler’s Germany).

If the war between Stalin and Hitler were not over in 1945, the United States would have used nuclear weapons against Germany, as it used them against Japan, which surrendered unconditionally after two U.S. bombs had hit Japan.

Newton (1642-1727) is often cited as an English genius of mathematics and physics. His family at one time meant for him to become a farmer. But there was enough freedom for him to become a scientist instead. Yet the university he was sent to was closed for 18 months because of the spread of the Great Plague.

It was during that “interlude of nature” that the 23-year-old Newton developed the basics of his mathematics and physics of genius, remembered so well in 2010, that is, over four centuries later.

Recall the geographic history of great inventions: Athens, Rome, Italy, Britain, the United States . . .

After all, a free society is a garden to raise fruit of human genius — in particular, in science and technology, that is, in defense against totalitarian societies, with their propaganda, obligatory for every human mind on their territory.

In our (thank God) democratic countries, everyone, including a child who has just began to speak, expresses his or her perceptions and understandings of reality as they perceive and understand it.

In a totalitarian society, created to make everyone think alike (to be faithful to Hitler or Stalin) even little children were pulled up if they say something contradicting the propaganda. The result is that even Hitler and Stalin, each of whom created the propaganda in their respective countries, lost some of their own intelligence having been exposed to their propaganda throughout their own lives.

Hitler, for example, lost more than Stalin, or perhaps Hitler was less intelligent than Stalin by nature.

Hitler started the war by invading Russia. The advantages?

In Stalin’s centralized Russia, the country was ruled from Moscow, and the war was being handled from the Kremlin, in Moscow. Hitler did not take Moscow, to say nothing of the Kremlin.

Who was the aggressor and who the victim was decided in the West by answering the question who of the two — Hitler or Stalin — was the first to attack the other side. So Hitler was the enemy and Stalin was the victim, that is, an ally.

As for who had planned the attack earlier was a minor detail: in similar situations, many war plans are hatched by both sides, but the decisive question is not who planned what, but who attacked first without any warning.

Hitler was routed by Stalin in Russia, was thrown out of the country, and committed suicide. He could have accelerated, not decelerated, the development of nuclear weapons in Germany, which could have made Hitler the owner of the world rather than a defeated warrior routed and thrown out of Russia.

Actually, Hitler had slowed down the development of nuclear weapons in Germany, since he needed the money for his war in Russia.

Now, let us compare the intelligence of Hitler and Stalin as regards their propaganda.

Owing to the propaganda in Germany and propaganda in Russia, a human mind in those countries was exposed to safe cliches only. Any other associations were dangerous. To tell Hitler that his invasion of Russia would fail without him having waited for nuclear weapons would have been a high treason.

Of course, our survey of WWII would not be complete without mentioning today’s People’s Republic of China. It was created by Mao in 1949; the size of China’s population is now 1.3 billion people. How will this affect a possible future war, unless today’s U.S. President Obama stops treating China as an eternal peaceful and helpful friend and the People’s Republic of China as having been created with the aim to help the United States financially.

You see, the U.S.A. is poor, and the People’s Republic of China is tremendously rich and wants its yuan, not the dollar, to become the international currency.

In conclusion, let us take a look at a broader picture of the history of mankind.

When the 23-year-old Newton used 18 months of the Great Plague to develop the basics of his mathematics and physics of genius, it was assumed that only “advanced countries” were able to wage wars. But Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, and Mao demonstrated that any country, propagandized against its will into a totalitarian military monster, can wage wars.

This is why the People’s Republic of China can wage wars as once only countries like Britain could. Britain could bring its opponent a quirk of freedom, while these new warriors bring only death, destruction, and annihilation. They combine ancient barbarity, including the conversion of the entire population to slavery, and the latest military technology, capable of inflicting infinite harm to human beings, with their unlimited killings.

In other words, the primitive cave wars of millennia ago are coming back with the latest weapons of today and thus combine the ancient cruelty and today’s technology of annihilation.

That is, we are facing the horrors combining those of antiquity and those of the latest laboratories of death.

Countries such as Stalin’s Russia, Hitler’s Germany, and Mao’s China had not existed before the twentieth century. We are confronting a new epoch, possibly more inhuman than any epoch before.

Lev Navrozov can be reached at levnavrozov@gmail.com

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A free society may have enormous advantages over its totalitarian counterpart, since great mental discoveries, including decisive military inventions, such as nuclear weapons, were made in a free country (the U.S.A., prompted by Einstein, a fugitive from Hitler s...

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