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Obama's Hope for China Partnership Shows Naivety

By Lev Navrozov   |   Thursday, 13 Aug 2009 12:01 PM

In my column of Aug. 6, I described a two-day meeting in Washington that President Barack Obama hosted for Chinese top officials, at which he addressed diplomats and correspondents from both countries. Obama announced that “U.S.-China relations will shape the 21st century.” Or: “I believe that [the U.S. and the People’s Republic of China] are poised to make steady progress in some of the most important issues of our times.”

Was the meeting a happy accident? The Jamestown Foundation sends me its interesting periodical reports (in particular, from China), and the report of Feb. 20 (only a month after Obama was sworn into office) starts as follows:

“Beijing has unleashed an unprecedented diplomatic blitz. . . . For the first time, both Chinese State President Hu Jintao and Vice President Xi Jinping were on trips abroad earlier this month. . . .”

So the U.S. and the People’s Republic of China will be helping each other and the rest of the world to “make steady progress in some of the most important issues of our time.”

Coincidentally, on July 29, I saw Obama on CNN explaining the innovations he proposes in American healthcare.

The principle of healthcare in ancient Athens or in the U.S. today is basically the same. An Athenian is ill and sees a doctor of her or his choice. In countries such as post-1949 China, those who actually own the country determine who will be treated medically by whom.

Since Obama expects the “partnership” between the U.S. and China to help each other and the rest of the world to “make steady progress in some of the most important issues of our time” (such as healthcare), it is appropriate to ask whether Obama understands how different post-1949 China is from the U.S.

The goal of the owners of China is to cure sick people at a cost lower than their scientific, technological, and hence military value to the owners of China. Such people, highly valuable to the owners of China, are few. Most people are replaceable. Mao used to say that if 400 million Chinese die in the fight for communism, the survivors will be able to build communism.

The goal of the owners of China is to become the owners of the world. If they do, they will be at the peak of their power, glory, and wealth, and their children will follow suit. If they fail, they may be killed, as they killed. . . . About a decade ago, the owners of China showed the Falun Gong practitioners as Chinese exotica. But then the owners of China decided that they should be put to death.

The only way for the owners of China to own the world is to put to death the U.S. before the latter does this to the People’s Republic of China (see the declarations to this effect by General Chi Haotian, the minister of national defense of China from 1995 to 2003).

The owners of China will gain a lot from China and the U.S. being “partners.”

This is why the owners of China are so eager for “partnership” between the U.S. and China, which that same Chi Haotian extolled as a country populated by a race superior to the German Nazis.

While the “partnership” with the U.S. (which is, after all, a democracy, not a slave state) will add enormous prestige to China, will this “partnership” gain the U.S. any prestige of the outside world?

Read what Obama has been saying. He may have a sharp sense of how a medical service is and should be paid for. On the other hand, he possibly has never ever heard that Mao and Stalin killed (counting them together) one hundred million people without any legal formalities. But to the sociopolitically mature section of mankind, it is of paramount importance whether everyone in a country under discussion has legal defense or whether any number of its inhabitants can be killed by the owners of the country like so many flies.

In front of me is the prepared statement of C. Richard D’Amato, chairman of the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission, before the Canada Institute, at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars on June 10, 2005.

In the first paragraph of this 12-page speech, we learn that “China rise accelerates from a backward third-world nation — which was its status only half a century ago — to a world economic and political super-power.”

This reflects a common attitude, according to which all countries are divided into “backward third-world nations” and “economic and political superpowers.” Even after the appearance of Stalin’s Russia and Hitler’s Germany, it was not generally understood that a country may be a military (and hence economic, scientific, and technological) superpower, but its inhabitants may have human rights no more than did the slaves owned by some governments thousands of years ago.

As of 1933, Germany was no less developed than England economically, scientifically, and technologically. Yet its human rights were gone. Politically, it was a slave state of antiquity, and Jews disappeared in it as could “aliens” in an ancient autocracy, while the German science and technology merely helped to accelerate the mass murder.

In other words, China’s rulers’ perception of Obama and the U.S. is realistic: The “partnership” between Obama and China is necessary for China’s rulers to demolish the U.S., the need for which Haotian so ruthlessly proclaimed years ago. Now, Obama’s view of this “partnership” is an infantile utopia, based on his childish ignorance of what the People’s Republic of China is.

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