Listed below are common problems when viewing online videos:

  1. Streaming quality is poor or video freezes consistently.
    • Refresh your browser
    • Close other applications on your computer to free system resources
  2. Video not loading. Error message – “Flash required for the content”
  3. Audio but no video
    • Update video drivers.
    • Disable Hardware Acceleration for Adobe Flash
      • Right-click on the video player and go to settings.
      • On the first tab, uncheck “Enable Hardware Acceleration”
  4. I’m not getting video from newsmax but can view flash content from other sites
    • Please make sure that firewall or antivirus is not blocking the content.
  5. No video on iphone/ipad. Just audio with Quicktime logo
    • This happens if the available connection is bad and available bandwidth is not enough. The player will automatically start serving the video once the connection is improved.
    • Try restarting the stream to force a re-connection for better quality
  6. Watching live stream on Android devices
    • You need to install flash player to view the video on android devices