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If we are to truly find ways to reduce our healthcare expenditures, we need to support innovation so it manifests in the market, not just clinically. America promotes innovation as our strategic advantage in medical care. The only way we can continue that advantage is if we support innovation.
Open Internet activists are not Marxists and FCC Chairman Ajit Pai is not evil. Activists have legitimate concerns. Unlike starting a war or dropping a nuke, the consequences of a net neutrality policy threatening to go off the rails can be fixed. Let’s quit tearing each other’s heads off.
Only by shining a light of reason on Linda Sarsour's propaganda will her delusional worldview be dispelled. Outlawing her because of her outrageous agenda will only give the darlings of the far left "street cred," making Ms. Sarsour that much more appealing to those confused and uneducated.
The Second Amendment is not a license to kill. It is an affirmation of our right to keep and bear arms for defense from criminals, invaders, and tyrants.
For the French establishment, Sunday's presidential election came close to a near-death experience. As the Duke of Wellington said of Waterloo, it was a "damn near-run thing."
Thousands of demonstrators marched in Washington, D.C., and in cities around the country under the banner of science and in the spirit of the Women's March opposing President Donald Trump back in January.
Senator Bernie Sanders is not usually considered a moderating force within the Democratic Party, but at the moment he is playing that role on abortion policy.
Before Donald Trump won the election in November we were warned: He is a Russian stooge. He is a fascist. He will upend the protocols and traditions that make governing possible. This is not normal.
It's time to see Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for what he is, and protect his neighbors and ourselves from the damage he causes. Removing U.S. nuclear weapons from the Incirlik air base would be one step; even better would be to put Ankara on notice that its active NATO membership is in jeopardy.
Donald Trump's failure to accomplish much or any of his agenda during his first 100 days as president shouldn't blind us to the vast harm he has done in this comparatively short time to our system of government, especially his degradation of the presidency.
Thanks to former Florida State Republican Sen. Frank Artiles, D-Hialeah, the scab covering black-Hispanic tension in South Florida has been ripped off.
Unfortunately ideologues are immune to the settled science of economics. They will continue to feel good about themselves by eliminating the first rung on the ladder of success.
President Obama had a different vision. He turned us into a banana republic, where all the officials and the agencies work for the (Democratic) Party.
Good "cyber hygiene" is integral to effective management of one's identity portfolio. Would you drive a car wrapped with your Social Security number, home address, or personal email address? In the absence of proper security protocols, you may be doing the same every time you hit "send."
Ulrich Baer wrote that efforts to restrict certain speech “should be understood as an attempt to ensure the condition of free speech for a greater group of people rather than censorship.”
There’s good reason why the sun captured our distant ancestors’ awe-struck attention when Homo sapiens first stood upright. Aside from the most insignificant exceptions, all energy, all food, all warmth and sustenance, all life, comes from Sol.
It takes a new administration months before it grasps of policy. Donald Trump is an activist, but he has to learn when his intervention in a policy area is warranted and when it is not. He must lead; he cannot assume his outsized ego can thwart disagreement.
Apple’s strategy is troubling, intimidate a key supplier, alter longstanding market rules for paying fair market value for tech. If Apple succeeds, U.S. companies like Qualcomm can't sustain their traditional role as inventors of wireless tech. A painful loss for workers and American innovation.
Heath Mello has divided the Democratic Party. This is unusual given his low profile. He is running for mayor of Omaha, Neb. What makes him controversial among Democrats are his anti-abortion convictions.
Auto worker wages, once $28 an hour, have declined to $14 for new hires, $10 for some workers working for suppliers on the same factory floor.
Many of the public perceptions on the resistance to immigration period and illegal immigration specifically is couched in terms of us and them not the “global we” that many promoting a New World Order of open borders and population control would like to see.
If President Trump decides to endorse an improved Medicare for all, I recommend he invite Sen.Bernie Sanders to the White House so the two could make a dramatic joint announcement. This could be political theater on a Shakespearean scale, and one of the high points of Trump's presidency.
Barack Obama's IRS Commissioner Koskinen was nearly impeached in September 2016 for misleading Congress on Lerner’s emails. I do not understand why the Trump administration has allowed him to stay in place given his continual track record.
Next Thursday Mr. Trump hosts his counterpart from Argentina, Mauricio Macri, at the White House. This could serve as an excellent opportunity to announce something big with respect to Venezuela, a country facing one of the most tragic humanitarian crises on the globe today.
When President Trump named former ExxonMobil Chief Executive Officer Rex Tillerson his Secretary of State, market watchers said the deal was a shoo-in. But, they should have learned by now, where Trump is involved, you can’t take anything for granted.
As Bill O’Reilly is forced to drop the mike at Fox News, will powerful men stop harassing women and will other men see that it’s wrong to protect them?
“I love Wikileaks,” candidate Donald Trump said on October 10th on the campaign trail.
It's most often leftists who must let others know their outrage, their tears, their worries, their angst and their undying terror that the world might become less socialist. Meanwhile, the rest of us quietly work, produce and take responsibility for ourselves. That’s the divide in the U.S.
Marine Le Pen is running on a strong platform of nationalism, populism and anti-globalism. She is challenging France’s continuation in the European Union and the open borders policy of the EU. She is a strong nationalist and unabashedly French in its grandest traditions.
Hugo Chavez and Nicolas Maduro fans in Hollywood are quiet as news from Venezuela becomes more grim. It's time for the far-left in Hollywood to speak out against the greed and egos of power hungry elites.

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