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Those who focus on higher values, and put them into practice, will have no time for the dysfunctional behavior of racial superiority or bigotry. The power to change hearts belongs to God, who can see into the heart of man, and raise him up.
Charlottesville was only an excuse for CEOs abandoning the business advisory groups. The real reason is big business is part of the ruling class that despises Trump and the forgotten men and women that elected him.
He quit his job and can’t find another, and Hollywood is calling it racist?
Together, the Adelsons have funded drug addiction clinics in Las Vegas, Macau, and Singapore, and at every point of their journey, they have worked together as partners, in business and in life.
Conservatives face a choice. Will they stand for traditional conservative values? Or will they support, tacitly or otherwise, the Trump administration’s increasingly authoritarian regime? Rise above partisan rancor and support a free press. The future of America’s democracy depends on it.
For anyone not in President Trump’s closest circle, it is hard to figure out where the White House is going. I was very supportive of Trump even before he won the Republican primaries, but currently, it’s hard to see where his presidency is headed.
Donald Trump finally did stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot someone. It turned out to be himself.
For decades, thoughtful observers of American politics have called for downsizing the presidency. Under President Donald Trump, they are getting what they asked for, if not in quite the way they had pictured it.
Trump's marriage of convenience with "legislative mastermind" Mitch McConnell - Curator of the Senate - has produced less than his relationship with Vladimir Putin.
As we've said here before, Donald Trump has to learn to just shut up and let things go.
No matter what the underlying frustrations of the marchers in Charlottesville were, they betrayed their own causes by aligning themselves with the KKK and Nazis. We cannot move forward as a nation until we abandon hatred, returning at once to our principles.
The 10 most popular Android apps were downloaded 354 million times in July.
Her prosecution stems from her failure to disclose her terrorist past to U.S. immigration officials. America has lost a pioneer in Palestinian terrorism.
Fighting Nazis is a good thing, but fighting Nazis doesn't necessarily make you or your cause good. By my lights this is simply an obvious fact.
What has changed is America herself. She is not the same country. We have passed through a great social, cultural and moral revolution that has left us irretrievably divided on separate shores.
The inexhaustible left is perpetually lying in wait to entrap President Donald Trump in some impeachable offense. Sadly, some vocal Trump critics on the right seem just as eager to purge America of Trump.
"When bad men combine, the good must associate; else they will fall, one by one, an unpitied sacrifice in a contemptible struggle." — Edmund Burke, "Thoughts on the Cause of the Present Discontents"
America once did have more public-minded elites. But they came from a small clubby world, the Protestant establishment.
Intelligence officers sometimes talk about "blowback," when covert actions go bad and end up damaging the country that initiated them. A year later, that is surely the case
After the deadly violence of Charlottesville, Va., the amoral man in the White House failed his morality test. And in doing so, he gave the left a powerful weapon.
Charlottesville has been a diminishing event for President Trump. He has been unable to summon the moral authority of his office, even though this wasn't a difficult test.
To the Jewish people, Israel is not just another country, it is our homeland. When American Jews move to Israel, as 233 did this week, we are not turning our back on America, but turning towards our heritage.
The facts of Charlottesville, Viriginia should be ascertained by impartial investigation, prosecution, and exposure, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions has promised they will be.
The events in Charlottesville this past weekend raise some critical questions, and to me the most important is, “Who Are We?”
The continued whitewashing of American history, in which all-things-Confederate are being dumped in the garbage, came to Charlottesville when officials decided to remove a statue of Robert E. Lee.
For Trump to take on the mainstream media and say the Constitution is above the networks and the major newspapers makes him a hero.
The federal government, under Democratic and Republican administrations, is at fault for failures in education. The American people know its takes two to tango, regardless of the national news media's obvious bias.
The now iconic photograph of White House Chief of Staff John F. Kelly, head bowed, arms folded, in front of a blue curtain in the lobby of Trump Tower will be an enduring and indelible image difficult to shake.
But if these and other Trump haters were outraged at Trump’s comments, where was their anger when the reliably liberal ACLU described the situation as it unfolded?
There is no question that President Donald Trump's shifting reactions to the domestic terrorism in Charlottesville, Virginia, has been odious.
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