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Trump: Obama Is Not a Leader, Fights With Everybody, Gets Nowhere

By Henry J. Reske and Kathleen Walter   |   Tuesday, 11 Oct 2011 11:32 AM

A second term for President Barack Obama would mean four more years of a leaderless ship of state marked by increasing polarization and stagnation, Donald Trump tells Newsmax.TV.

Trump, co-author of a new book entitled, “Midas Touch: Why Some Entrepreneurs Get Rich – And Why Most Don’t,” said in an exclusive interview with Newsmax.TV that Obama’s administration went off the rails from the start and a second term “would be a very sad thing for the country.”

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“We really need a new leader,” the real estate mogul said during the exclusive interview in Trump Tower in New York City. “We don’t have a leader now. We have a man who’s fighting with everybody and getting nowhere. A leader gets everybody into a room and gets them to along with something that’s good for the country. We have a polarizing person. He’s somebody that other people aren’t listening to, including his own party. I wouldn’t be surprised if somebody ran against him, whether in a primary or certainly as a liberal third party.”

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton “would be wonderful to challenge him, and I think she’d win very easily, but she would also feel very disloyal because she’s in the Cabinet,” said Trump, who considered running for the GOP presidential nomination himself and still says he might run if he doesn’t sense the party has chosen the right candidate.

Obama’s mistakes began at the outset of his presidency, with his push for his healthcare legislation, and continued on with his advocacy of rules and regulations that handcuff business, Trump said.

“It starts with Obamacare,” he said. “I mean he put his whole administration on Obamacare, used every single favor he could use to get that passed, and it’s a disaster. And I think it will end fairly quickly. I have people opting out, I have everybody talking about closing up businesses when this thing really kicks in if they are not able to opt out. It’s a real problem. It’s going to be a tremendous cost. It’s going to put our companies at tremendous disadvantages, so Obamacare was a disaster.

“But the rules and regulations, the regulations that we’re passing in Washington and have passed — in all fairness — are so detrimental to this country. You can’t move. You can’t move . . . it’s hard to be an entrepreneur when you have these rules and regs that are just absolutely mindboggling, and they’re horrible and they’re unnecessary.”

Despite the restraints on business, Trump asserted that now is a good time to make money.

“If you’re a really great entrepreneur despite all the horrible rules and regulations that they are putting out in Washington this is a great time to make it,” he said. “You can make great deals in housing; you can buy houses from the banks at numbers you wouldn’t have even believed. You fix them up, you sell them, you make some money. But this is a great time for an entrepreneur, for really good entrepreneurs, you see what is going on in Silicon Valley, if that happens to be your thing. This is a great time for somebody to make a lot of money, to get rich.”

Trump, who had considered running for the Republican nomination this year, said circumstances still might force him to step up.

“If the Republicans pick the wrong candidate — now I’ll define wrong later — but if the Republicans pick the wrong candidate and if the economy continues to be bad, which I think it’ll only get worse because we have absolutely no leadership in Washington . . . If the economy continues to do bad and if the Republicans pick the wrong candidate, which is certainly possible, I will absolutely consider running as a third party.”

The leaders of the GOP field — Texas Gov. Rick Perry, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and businessman Herman Cain — all recently have trooped to New York to meet with Trump. However, he is not ready to make an endorsement, explaining that it is too early.

“But I was impressed in different ways with all of them,” he told Newsmax. “Herman Cain . . . (has) really come from nowhere in terms of the polls and in terms of a lot of different things. And you look at what he’s done and what he’s accomplished, it’s great.

“I was really impressed with Mitt Romney on so many fronts. I think he agrees with me in terms of China, and OPEC, and a lot of the issues that are absolutely destroying this country. I met with Rick Perry. We had a great feeling and a great relationship, as I really did with those three. It was really something special.”

When asked about being a kingmaker, Trump said the reason the candidates have traveled to New York to meet with him was his tough talk about the economy and the countries that are stealing jobs and treasure from the United States.

“Well, I’m very honored that virtually everybody has come to see me in Trump Tower, right here,” he said.

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A second term for President Barack Obama would mean four more years of a leaderless ship of state marked by increasing polarization and stagnation, Donald Trump tells Newsmax.TV. Trump, co-author of a new book entitled, Midas Touch: Why Some Entrepreneurs Get Rich And...

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